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① Can Bitcoin virus be detected and killed? How to prevent Bitcoin virus?

This virus uses ports to attack, it cannot be detected and killed, but it can be prevented
It is mentioned in the computer steward security report
Open the toolbox of the computer manager, you can see that the ransomware immune tool can be used directly

② How to check the bitcoin computer ransomware

The bitcoin virus is a virus using Microsoft The virus spread by the “Eternal Blue” vulnerability in windows for the purpose of extorting bitcoins. The most important thing without viruses is to prevent viruses. You can close port 445, apply windows patches, install immune tools, and use anti-virus software to completely scan and kill viruses. Deal with it; it has been infected with a virus, and the most important thing is to recover the encrypted files. I personally tested the data recovery software to be effective, and released a video of virus-infected data recovery. You can search for “recover files encrypted by wantancry ransomware virus” on Youku Watch, although the file encryption cannot be recovered without a key and an algorithm, the source files deleted by the virus in the disk can be recovered. It is recommended to use Master Tu data recovery software for recovery. The official provides a free registration code for the students who are recruited by the ransomware virus. : TUDRZYUJT5H8CBWT5WLZ Hope to help more people

③ Which great god has Microsoft’s official Bitcoin ransomware patch Win7 version software Baidu cloud resources

Link: https://pan. .com/s/1XhHbUP9EP9DDv01sMXB9mQ
Extraction code: idki
Software name: Microsoft official Bitcoin ransomware patch Win7 version
Language: Simplified Chinese
Size: 33.18MB
Category: System Tools
Introduction: Microsoft’s official Bitcoin ransomware virus patch Win7 version, KB4012212 patch is suitable for Win7 32-bit and 64-bit systems, if the Win7 system user has been attacked by a virus, it is best to unplug the network cable and turn it on again, and then exploit the vulnerability Fix, patch!
You can download the Bitcoin ransomware patch Win7 version from this site, and you can also use the 360 ​​”NSA arsenal immunity tool” to detect whether there are loopholes in the system, and close the ports affected by the loopholes to avoid ransomware and other viruses infringement. This site provides a free download of Microsoft’s official Bitcoin ransomware patch for Win7.

④ How can I check and kill the Bitcoin virus and what antivirus software can I use to kill it

Kingsoft Duba official website has this special killing program!

⑤ How to detect and kill bitcoin ransomware virus introduction

1. Win10 prevention process
Win10 platform is relatively simple, because Microsoft has already The relevant patches for this virus vulnerability have been released, so as long as your Win10 has turned on automatic updates and has been upgraded to the latest version (version number higher than 1511), you can successfully defend against the Wannacrypt virus.
Operation steps:
1. “Settings”→”Update and Security”→”Windows Update”, check that this item is on;
2. Click the Cortana search box on the taskbar, enter ” Winver” and press Enter, and confirm that the version number is higher than 1511;

Win10 users can directly upgrade the latest version
2. Win7, Win8.1, WinXP processing flow
For non-Win10 Platform computers, most of which have exceeded the service period, or have not been updated to receive security patches for various reasons, are the hardest hit areas of this attack. The solution is to manually download the ms17-010 patch. At present, Microsoft has urgently released the ms17-010 patch for different platforms. The direct link address is as follows:
Windows XP (KB4012598)
Windows 7 (KB4012212, KB4012215)
http :// (KB4012212) /msdownload/update/software/secu/2017/03/windows6.1-kb4012215-x86_.msu (KB4012215)
64-bit: update/software/secu/2017/02/windows6.1-kb4012212-x64_.msu (KB4012212) windows6.1-kb4012215-x64_.msu (KB4012215)
Windows 8.1 (KB4012213, KB4012216)
32-bit: software/secu/2017/02/windows 8.1-kb4012213-x86_.msu (KB4012213) (KB4012216)
64-bit: (KB4012213) (KB4012216)
Other platforms or �For the server version, please download the corresponding patch file directly from

Search for your own Windows platform, pay attention to the number of versions (such as 32-bit/64-bit)

Reconfirm the platform version number and click the Download button of the corresponding version

Click the link to directly download the patch of this platform. It should be noted that some platforms (such as Win7) will contain two patches, please download and install them in sequence
Three. Temporary disposal method
If If the computer is inconvenient to install the patch, or the downloaded patch file is not available, consider the following temporary disposal methods. The temporary disposal method is to immunize by closing the corresponding port number of the system. It is effective for the current version of the virus, but it does not rule out the possibility of breaking the virus after the virus appears. The specific methods are as follows:
1. Download the 360 ​​NSA immunization tool
NSA arsenal immune tool
Software version: XP version
Software size: 125.34MB
Software license: Free
Applicable platform: WinXP Vista Win8 Win7
Download address :
Download immediately
The NSA immune tool released by 360 Company at the first time has the characteristics of saving time and effort and low operation difficulty. The entire toolkit is 125MB, double-click to automatically decompress, and you will enter a main interface later, just follow the on-screen prompts. When the interface is green, it means the system is safe!

NSA immunity tool released by 360 company
2. Manually close Windows 445, 135, 137, 138, 139 ports 135, 137, 138, and 139 port numbers to defend against virus attacks. The specific operation steps are as follows:
2.1 Close ports 135, 137, and 138
1. Run and input “dcomcnfg”;
2. On the right side of the “Computer” option, right-click “My Computer” , select “Properties”;
3. In the “Default Properties” tab of the “My Computer Properties” dialog box that appears, remove the check box in front of “Enable distributed COM on this computer”;
4. Select the “Default Protocol” tab, select “Connection-Oriented TCP/IP”, and click the “Delete” button;
5. Right-click on the Network Neighborhood and select Properties, then right-click the Network tab , remove the check boxes of file and printer sharing of Microsoft network and Microsoft network client, you can close ports 135, 137 and 138 of the shared end;

Close ports manually
2.2 Close port 139
Open “Network and Dial-Up Connections” → “Local Area Connection”, select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” properties, enter “Advanced TCP/IP Settings” → “WINS Settings”, there is an item “Disable TCP/IP”. NETBIOS”, check to close port 139;
2.3 Close port 445
“Start”→”Run”, enter “regedit” to confirm and navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ NetBT\Parameters”, create a new DWORD value named “SMBDeviceEnabled”, and set it to 0, then port 445 can be closed;
Note: After manually closing the port number, some intranet services (such as files and Printer sharing) failure, please choose carefully
Written at the end
Wannacrypt is one of the most harmful viruses in recent years, second only to the shock wave of the year. The most important thing is that this virus will affect the hard disk data, and it is almost impossible to crack at present. The current method is that Wannacrypt will automatically delete the original file before encryption, so you can use some professional data recovery software to try to restore it. In short, keeping the system up-to-date at all times is the best way to defend against viruses.

⑥ What software can prevent bitcoin ransomware

1, close port 445, install the released system patches in time, and then install protection software.

2, Windows users can completely eliminate the wanacry ransomware virus on the device by formatting all hard drives.
Individual users can contact security centers at home and abroad such as Qihoo 360, Kingsoft Internet Security, Kaspersky, McPhail, Tencent Security Manager and other security centers for assistance in recovering important data.
Repair using “ransomware immune tool”. The user downloads the offline version of Tencent Computer Manager’s “Ransomware Immune Tool” from other computers, and copies the files to a safe, non-toxic U disk; then turn off the WiFi, unplug the network cable, and turn on the designated computer in a disconnected state. Back up important files; then use the offline version of “Ransomware Immunity Tool” through the U disk to repair vulnerabilities with one click; the computer can be used normally when connected to the Internet.
Recover using “File Recovery Tool”. Users who have been infected by the virus can use the computer housekeeper-file recovery tool to recover files, and there is a certain probability to recover your documents.
Note: You can also continue to pay attention to the solutions of relevant security vendors, and wait for betterThe more perfect unlock.

⑦ What are the Bitcoin virus file recovery tools

360 ransomware worm file recovery tool


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