bitcvonnect ico price

bitcvonnect ico price?

The Bitconnect Coin was among the world’s top 20 most successful cryptocurrency tokens until its price collapsed after traders began losing confidence. BCC rose from a post ICO price of $0.17 to an all-time high of US$463 in December 2017; it declined to US$0.40 as of March 11, 2019.Code: BCCOriginal author(s): Satish KumbhaniTimestamping scheme: Proof of stakeBlock time: 60 seconds

Beside above,How much does BitConnect cost?

A federal grand jury in San Diego returned an indictment today charging the founder of BitConnect with orchestrating a global Ponzi scheme. BitConnect is an alleged fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platform that reached a peak market capitalization of $3.4 billion.

In this way,How much money did BitConnect get away with?

BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani was indicted by a US grand jury on charges he orchestrated a global Ponzi scheme that raised $2.4 billion from investors in a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platform, according to a Justice Department statement.

Subsequently, question is,Who went to jail for BitConnect?

BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani, charged criminally in the US last week with a $2.4 billion Ponzi scheme, has vanished from his native India, officials said.

Thereof,Can you still buy BitConnect?

On January 17, 2018, Bitconnect shut down, and BCC prices crashed by 92% immediately after. Bitconnect announced it would refund its loans. However, the Bitconnect X website remained open and operational, having just begun its ICO and allowing users to purchase BCCX coins with their BCC coins.

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What happened to BitConnect Co?

BitConnect was ultimately shut down because the platform turned out to be a Ponzi scheme and thus wasn’t able to repay its investors. In essence, the company took someone’s Bitcoin and allowed investors to retrieve their money in BCC, the platform’s native token.

How much does a Dogecoin cost?

Dogecoin Price Update

Dogecoin Price Value
Today/Current/Last 9.0017
1 Day Return -1.14%
7 Day Return -14.54%

Who is Carlos Matos?

Carlos Matos, better known online as Partner With Carlos Matos, is an American YouTuber and vlogger.

Is BitConnect a cryptocurrency?

BitConnect was a fraudulent cryptocurrency investment platform launched in 2016 that the DOJ said reached a peak market capitalization of $3.4 billion.

Does BitConnect exist?

BitConnect shuttered its exchange in January 2018 after North Carolina and Texas issued cease-and-desist orders to the company over unregistered securities. Last September, the SEC charged Kumbhani over his role in the $2 billion fraud.

Who is the Bitconnect guy?

MICAH LOEWINGER These massive returns were exactly what Bitconnect, an anonymously run service had promised its investors. But Carlos didn’t understand how his money was growing so fast. How it worked, as Bitconnect described it. Was that first he deposited his investment $25000 worth of bitcoin on the Bitconnect app.

Who made Bitconnect?

BitConnect founder Satish Kumbhani, charged criminally in the U.S. last week with a $2.4 billion Ponzi scheme, has vanished from his native India, officials said.

What is NFT in Crypto?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s generally built using the same kind of programming as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but that’s where the similarity ends. Physical money and cryptocurrencies are “fungible,” meaning they can be traded or exchanged for one another.

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