Blockchain 1B and 1MB

1. What does blockchain mean? In plain language, thank you

Simply put, blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger database . Decentralization, that is, different from the traditional centralized method, there is no center, or everyone is a center; distributed ledger database means that the recording method is not only to store the ledger data in each node, but also each node. Data that replicates the entire ledger will be shared synchronously. At the same time, blockchain also has the characteristics of disintermediation and information transparency.

Extension information:

The so-called blockchain technology, referred to as BT (Blockchain technology), also known as distributed ledger technology, is a Internet database technology, which is characterized by decentralization, openness and transparency, allows everyone to participate in database records.

In a broad sense, blockchain technology is the use of block chain data structures to verify and store data, the use of distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, and the use of cryptography to ensure data transmission and access. A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses smart contracts composed of automated script code to program and manipulate data.

Recently, the blockchain is very popular, and it just became popular again at the National People’s Congress. The reason for this is that the blockchain is not only a brand-new technical solution, transaction model and business logic, but also a brand-new institutional mechanism. The “Internet celebrity effect” of the blockchain has just begun.

2. An easy-to-understand introduction to what a blockchain is

Blockchain is a chronological order of data A chained data structure in which blocks are sequentially connected, and a cryptographically guaranteed immutable and unforgeable distributed ledger. Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is the use of blockchain data structures to verify and store data, the use of distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, the use of cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and the use of automated scripts. A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm for programming and manipulating data using smart contracts composed of code.
The underlying technologies of digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Putin, and Ethereum are all blockchains, and they are all just an application of blockchains.

3. What is the legal currency of the blockchain

The legal currency in the currency circle refers to the legal currency of the country. India’s rupee is the currency issued by the country and the government, and only the government’s credit is guaranteed.
French currency On November 4, 1935, the National Government of the Republic of China stipulated that the central bank, the Bank of China, and the Bank of Communications (later added the Chinese Farmer Bank), the banknotes issued by these four major banks were legal currency, and silver was prohibited. Circulation, the issuance of national credit legal tender, to replace the silver-based silver dollar, and the legal tender to be pegged to the British pound and the US dollar.
The currency reform of the National Government in 1935 promoted the development of China’s commodity economy and the formation of a unified domestic market, ended the state of China’s currency chaos, realized the unity of the currency system, and played a huge role in promoting economic development. Modern China The economy and finance were unified.
Response time: 2020-07-20, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank for the latest business changes.

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4. How about Baikeyun (Beijing) Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

Introduction: Baikeyun Blockchain is a developer of blockchain technology and wearable products. The company will set up a blockchain research laboratory, which will promote the application of blockchain technology in chronic diseases, sports, and health management. The research and development and application in the field make its technology applicable to smart wearable devices and medical equipment.
Legal representative: Tan Yi
Establishment time: 2011-07-06
Registered capital: RMB 15.19188 million
Business registration number: 110000450177219
Enterprise type: limited liability Company (sole proprietorship by natural person)
Company address: 18-19C (residential), Block B, Floor 18-19, Building 1, No. 48, Beisanhuan West Road, Haidian District, Beijing.

5. Is there a scam in the blockchain?

99% are deceitful, and it is deceptive to say how much it appreciates. This is just a technology, and its application is valuable.

6. Is the blockchain deceptive?

“Blockchain” is an important concept in the new era, which is essentially a centralized The database is also the underlying technology such as digital currency. According to our popular explanation, “blockchain” can be regarded as a ledger, eachThe order is each block, but this ledger is centralized, and it can be said that no company or team has jurisdiction over it. “Blockchain” technology is a unique information technology that is centralized and information cannot be changed. Now this technology has been applied to a series of applications such as electronic invoices and payment codes.
In today’s life, many people use this guise to defraud, direct selling, capital, technology and other names attract people to make money and then run away, many people lose their funds and have nowhere to defend their rights. In the end, it can only be said that “blockchain” is a lie. There is no right or wrong in technology, it is people who are at fault.
With the progress of the times and the progress of society, the application of any technology will be subject to positive and negative doubts. This kind of application will continue to improve, I believe that in the near future, these doubts will slowly dissipate.
The following is a summary of some blockchain scams around you!
Trap 1: The blockchain is to make money by issuing coins
Trap 2: Conduct virtual currency transactions and promise low investment and high returns
Trap 3: Decentralization can solve all problems
Trap 4: The extension product of the blockchain can make money lying down with a mining machine
Trap 5: Transactions conducted by WeChat and Alipay to buy and sell virtual currencies
In short, the tricks of liars are also advancing with the times. Through our “special eyes” to improve and enhance our resilience, to discover and alert ourselves, to prevent being deceived, investors must be vigilant about various deceptive methods with low investment and high returns.


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