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⑴ “Detailed Explanation and Practice of Ethereum Technology” pdf download to read the full text online, ask Baidu network disk cloud resources

“Detailed explanation and actual combat of Ethereum technology” (Yan Ying) e-book online disk download free online Read

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Book title: Detailed explanation and actual combat of Ethereum technology

Author : Yan Ying

Douban Score: 7.7

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

Publication Year: 2018-4-3

Pages: 226


Recommended by Vitalik Buterin, the founder and chief scientist of Ethereum, co-authored by blockchain experts in industry and academia, authoritative and practical Sex without a doubt. This book deeply analyzes key technologies such as Ethereum architecture, core components, smart contract writing and development cases, and covers cutting-edge practices and progress such as Ethereum data analysis, performance optimization, privacy and data security.

About the author:

Yan Ying (Ph.D.), researcher in charge of Microsoft Research Asia, head of the blockchain field, and head of the Microsoft Coco blockchain platform in China. Expert of China Software Association Blockchain Entrepreneurship Academy and Blockchain Special Committee, and member of China Electronics Association Blockchain Expert Committee. Focus on the research of blockchain technology, big data analysis, database and cloud computing. He has obtained a number of international patents in the field of blockchain, and published more than 30 papers in top international conferences and journals in the field of database and cloud computing. Participated in the translation of the “Blockchain Project Development Guide”.

Zheng Kai (Ph.D.), professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, doctoral supervisor, Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Queensland, Australia. The main research areas are blockchain data management, as well as spatiotemporal data mining, uncertain database, memory database, graph database, etc. He has published more than 100 papers in important conferences and journals in the fields of database and data mining, and has been cited more than 1,500 times. In 2013, he won the Australian Outstanding Youth Fund, and in 2015, he won the Best Paper Award of ICDE, a top database conference. Served as the program chairman and co-executive chairman of well-known international conferences in the field of databases, guest editorial board members of international SCI journals, and program members of dozens of international conferences.

Guo Zhongxin, R&D engineer of Microsoft Research Asia, core developer of Microsoft Coco blockchain platform. Focus on the research and development of blockchain technology, big data analysis, distributed systems, etc.

2 Which direction is better for blockchain and artificial intelligence training? Does Chinasoft International have a blockchain business?

Compared with artificial intelligence To be more pragmatic, Chinasoft International has no blockchain business.

⑶ How to apply blockchain technology to actual scenarios

Wangchain Technology uses blockchain technology to record the entire process data of products from production to reaching users, ensuring information transparency , Reality cannot be tampered with, allowing information sharing in the production and circulation links.

⑷ Which institution is better for the actual training of blockchain technology in Hubei

There are very few blockchain trainings in Hubei.

⑸ What courses are there about the blockchain technology architecture?

Currently, the blockchain training courses on the market span a wide range, and the content and teaching forms of the courses are also varied.


1, Introduction to Programming Fundamentals

Computer Software and Hardware Fundamentals, Character Sets and Characters Coding, HTML+CSS (including HTML5+CSS3), ECMA + BOM + DOM, jQuery, node.js, Ajax and Express

2, Go programming language

Go basic syntax, Process control, functions and data, error handling, Go object-oriented programming, Go concurrent programming, Go network programming, Go security programming, Go advanced programming (goroutine, channel), database MySQL, LevelDB

3, Blockchain 1.0——Bitcoin Bitcoin

Bitcoin principle, Bitcoin system architecture, cryptographic algorithm (implemented in Go language), consensus algorithm (implemented in Go language), Bitcoin transaction principle and transaction script, Bitcoin Coin RPC programming (node.js implementation), Bitcoin source code analysis

4, Blockchain 2.0 – Ethereum

Ethereum working principle and infrastructure, Ethereum basics Concept (account, transaction, Gas), Ethereum wallet Mist and Metamask, Ethereum transaction, ERC20 standard Token development and deployment, Ethereum development IDE – remix-ide, smart contract and Solidity, Solidity deployment, backup and call, framework technology : truffle and web3, DApp development practice, Geth

5, Blockchain 3.0 – Fabric of Hyperledger

Hyperledger project introduction, Fabric deployment and use, Fabric configuration management, Fabric architecture design, Fabric CA application and configuration, application development practice.

Lianqiao Education Online’s Xueshuo Innovative Blockchain Technology Workstation is the only approved “Blockchain Technology Workstation” carried out by the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China. “Professional” pilot work�. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

⑹ “Blockchain Core Technology and Application” pdf download to read the full text online, ask for Baidu network disk cloud resources

“Blockchain Core Technology and Application” (Zou Jun) Electronics Book online disk download for free online reading

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Book Title: Blockchain Core Technology and Application

Author: Zou Jun

Douban Score: 8.6

Publisher: Machinery Industry Press

Publication Year: 2018-8-1

Pages: 388


Recommended by well-known experts, co-authored by powerful experts, there is no doubt about its authority, comprehensiveness and thoroughness. In-depth explanation of blockchain core technology, platform and application development, covering architecture, consensus, encryption, P2P, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, potential framework, questions and evaluation, etc. This book is divided into three parts, the content is explained as follows.

Basic chapters (Chapters 1 to 6), focusing on the technical ideas, general architecture and core technologies of blockchain. When writing this part, pay attention to being easy to understand and taking into account the overall situation. It is the cornerstone and blueprint of learning, covering blockchain ideas and values, general architectural models, basic concepts and core technologies (encryption, consensus, P2P network, etc.).

Practical chapters (Chapters 7-9), explain the core mechanisms and technical details of the mainstream blockchain development platforms Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric, and give point-to-point electronic cash systems, intelligent There are three cases of contract development, complete Fabric network construction and application development.

Advanced (Chapters 10-12), in order to further improve readers’ development ability, vision and research direction, it covers three aspects: ① Possible development directions, and some potential and characteristic blockchains Platform (EOS, Cardano, IOTA, etc.); ② Various issues that need to be considered in blockchain development, including technical limitations, various security issues and vulnerabilities, and countermeasures; ③ Blockchain evaluation, from 6 levels and 8 categories Quality indicators to design blockchain project evaluation points and test cases.

About the author:

Zou Jun, Yu Bin, Zhuang Peng, Xing Chunxiao, etc.: Zou Jun, CEO of Guangdian Express Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., Deputy Secretary General of Zhongguancun Blockchain Alliance. Editor-in-chief of the best-selling technology book “Blockchain Technology Guide”, published more than 20 papers in leading international conferences and journals, of which the blockchain paper won the IEEE ICWS Best Paper Award, and the consensus algorithm paper was published by the top international journal “Transaction on Service” Computing” included and published. He has won the “Outstanding Alumni Award” of the Australia-China Alumni Association and the “President’s Award” of Macquarie University.

Yu Bin is currently the President of Beiyou Online Education Investment Group, a member of the Blockchain Special Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, and an expert of the Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance. He is the chief editor of 4 monographs including “Introduction to Financial Technology” and has won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of the Ministry of Education. Experts in online education, financial technology, blockchain and other fields.

Zhuang Peng, Senior Consultant Manager and Senior Architect of IBM Global Services Financial Services Department. 14 years of experience in financial industry architecture design and strategic consulting planning. He has rich implementation experience in service transformation, large-scale enterprise-level distributed system architecture design, big data analysis, and financial payment. In the past three years, he has focused on blockchain and distributed ledger architecture research, blockchain-related applications and digital currency consulting research, and has served as a lecturer and training expert for blockchain summits for many times.

Xing Chunxiao, Deputy Dean of Tsinghua University Information Technology Research Institute and Internet Industry Research Institute, main research areas: computer software and theory, database and data warehouse, big data management and analysis, knowledge engineering and software engineering , blockchain and digital economy, smart city (government, business, culture and health care) and other fields. He has published more than 350 academic papers, including more than 40 SCI papers, more than 150 EI papers, and 40 invention patents.

⑺ Which institution is better for practical training of blockchain technology in Ningxia

Zhongcheng Zhiyuan is a good institution and is committed to becoming the largest IT company in the country training institutions.

⑻ I would like to know the actual blockchain training institution in Shenzhen, which one is better.

Hashton blockchain training institution is not bad. They are based on the actual operation of the client enterprise. Demand customization can really improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.


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