Blockchain and Financial Services Platform

Ⅰ What are the current domestic blockchain technology application development platforms

The so-called blockchain technology, referred to as BT (Blockchain technology), also known as distributed ledger technology, is an Internet database Technology, which is characterized by decentralization, openness and transparency, allowing everyone to participate in database records.

ⅡIs the grid of financial services related to blockchain

Blockchain open source project? Now is an era of technology-driven financial development, and the driving factors of technology have developed from the earliest Internet information to big data, cloud computing, and mobile Internet in recent years. However, technological innovation is never-ending, and blockchain, as a technological driving force, has shown a vigorous development trend.

Before the advent of blockchain, financial flows were tightly restricted within national borders. Most people have financial relationships with only a few banking institutions that have branches in their area. It takes a great deal of effort and cost for a person to cross a border and open a bank account abroad—perhaps because of lower taxes abroad, or because there are more investment opportunities abroad. However, for an ordinary person, the cost of opening a foreign bank account is high, and more importantly, he may not even know that it is possible to open a foreign bank account.

In the future, anyone anywhere in the world can easily access financial products and services provided by any financial institution. People no longer rely on traditional banks or intermediaries to carry out economic activities. Instead, it is a universal medium of exchange based on blockchain technology. In the future, anyone anywhere in the world will be able to send money peer-to-peer with a handheld device in their pocket.

Before the advent of blockchain, there were many restrictions on creating new financial products or companies. Receiving, managing and distributing large amounts of cash is difficult and expensive, and requires specialized talent, a large number of employees, and good business relationships with existing large financial institutions.

In the future, the cost of receiving and distributing large amounts of cash or managing large transfers will be greatly reduced, and the entire process can be almost entirely controlled automatically by programs. The threshold for entrepreneurship in the financial sector will also be greatly lowered, which will also allow a large number of financial companies to continue to emerge and continue to participate in the financial industry originally controlled by only a handful of financial institutions to compete with these original giants.

Brief Blockchain Introduction

Bubbie Blockchain has been focusing on the research and development and innovation of blockchain technology and products since its establishment, with a number of core technologies, Substantial innovation has been achieved in many aspects, and a number of core technical achievements have been formed, such as: distributed consensus technology that can be mathematically proven, fast large-scale ledger access technology, multi-chain general ledger technology that supports business form expansion, heterogeneous Interconnection technology between blockchains, etc. On April 25th, “Gege Points” introduced the point system into the concept of blockchain, which was jointly opened by multiple parties, and points were issued and exchanged to promote the circulation of points. All cooperative institutions can jointly participate in transaction verification, ledger storage, and real-time settlement; the third-party payment platform of the issuer of corporate points makes the in and out of points more flexible. Bubi has developed its own blockchain basic service platform, which has been applied in the fields of equity, supply chain, points, and credit. Bubi has been committed to building an open value circulation network with de- (multi-) central trust as the core, allowing digital assets to flow freely.

Blockchain Technology Miners? Comparing blockchain technology to the Internet is not 100% accurate, but it is a good angle to understand blockchain technology. We have seen that all industries involved in moving information from point A to point B have been transformed by Internet technology. And blockchain technology, despite constant controversy and doubts, is likely to have a huge impact on all industries involved in the transfer of property. If your business needs to use property transfer services for which you will most likely need to pay, then blockchain technology has the potential to significantly cut your costs and expand the boundaries of possible business models. And if you’re a provider of financial property transfer services, then maybe you should give your CTO a call.

Blockchain open source project? Blockchain technology miners?

Many people believe that based on blockchain technology, we can create new things that are more complex than existing things like currencies, stocks, and points. For example, we can write software that can independently control currency, stocks, and points, and such software operates like independent economic entities. They “live” on the blockchain, and their functions are no longer limited to sending, receiving and storing property, in fact what it does depends on how you write your code. They can even provide paid services autonomously, regardless of theWhether the service object is human or other software.

Ⅲ What is the cross-border financial blockchain service platform of the foreign exchange bureau?

The positioning of the cross-border blockchain platform is to serve the real economy, especially the service objects such as banks and enterprises. Focusing on “blockchain + cross-border financial services”, we will promote the exploration of the integration of blockchain and the real economy. Now the project of blockchain + service platform is very popular. Changsha High-tech Zone now has a SMIC blockchain service platform project, which is a blockchain + public service model, and is soliciting companies to put it on the chain. In the future, related corporate affairs and government affairs can be cooperated on the chain, and there are also state-owned assets background.

ⅣHow to build a blockchain platform

In many cases of blockchain business applications, we can always see the word BaaS, BaaS is the abbreviation of Blockchain as a Service , translated into Chinese as “blockchain as a service”. So what exactly is blockchain-as-a-service BaaS? We will take this question and follow Xiao Wang of the Renren Blockchain Technology Team to discuss it carefully.
According to Xiao Wang: Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a concept proposed by Microsoft and IBM. To put it bluntly, it is actually a new type of cloud service, a cloud service that combines blockchain technology. . For example, Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and IBM’s Bluemix Garage cloud platform both provide blockchain-as-a-service BaaS.
Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is a space created by companies such as Microsoft and IBM from their own cloud service networks to run a blockchain node. Compared with ordinary nodes and exchange nodes, the main purpose of BaaS nodes is to quickly establish their own development environment and provide a series of operational services such as blockchain-based search query, transaction submission, and data analysis. It can be centralized or decentralized to help developers verify their concepts and models faster. The serviceability of BaaS nodes is reflected in: stronger tools, easy to create, deploy, run and monitor blockchains.

Ⅳ What are the reliable platforms for blockchain finance?

Changsha has a public service platform for SMIC blockchain, which is a government-led blockchain platform project, and then local Changsha Bank also provides small and micro loans, which is a relatively reliable one.

Ⅵ Which platforms is the blockchain applied to?

The blockchain is applied to the agricultural product industry, such as Ji Minsheng Mall

Ⅶ Blockchain + Finance and Internet + What is the difference between finance

In addition to issuing coins, blockchain + finance can also be applied to fields such as supply chain finance, small, medium and micro loans, etc. The essence of Internet + finance is that it can be used in value exchange. Reduce costs and improve efficiency: Many audit information can be traced back, and the efficiency of coordination between many organizations can be improved.
Now there is a good application of blockchain + finance, which is the SMIC blockchain public service platform. They directly cooperate with Changsha Bank in the business of small, medium and micro loans.
I hope the answer is helpful to you. If you don’t understand anything, you can continue to ask.

VIII What is blockchain finance? What does blockchain finance mean

Blockchain finance is actually the application of blockchain technology in the financial field.

Blockchain is an underlying technology based on Bitcoin, which is essentially a decentralized trust mechanism. By sharing in distributed nodes to collectively maintain a sustainable growing database, the security and accuracy of information is achieved. The application of this technology can solve the problems of trust and security in transactions. Blockchain technology has become an optional direction for the future upgrade of the financial industry. Through blockchain, both parties to the transaction can carry out economic development without the need for a third-party credit intermediary. activities, thereby reducing the cost of assets being able to move around the world.

(8) Extended reading of blockchain and financial service platforms:

Since 2016, major financial giants have also followed the news and launched blockchain projects one after another. Chain innovation project to explore the possibility of applying blockchain technology in various financial scenarios. In particular, Puyin Group pioneered the “blockchain +” standard digital currency. Standard digital currency is an asset that has been authenticated, evaluated, confirmed, insurance and other processes completed by a third-party organization, and written into the blockchain through a careful digital algorithm to form a standard correspondence between assets and digital currency, which is called the standard system. digital currency.

In order to realize the great leap-forward development of blockchain finance, in order to promote the new development of China’s economy, accelerate the circulation of global assets, and realize the dream of rejuvenation that generations of people have been fighting for, Puyin Group will launch an event in December 2016. On the 9th, the Puyin Blockchain Finance Guiyang Strategy Release Ceremony was held in Guizhou. At the meeting, the digital circulation of assets realized by the blockchain, the financial transaction mode of the blockchain, and the application of blockchain services and social public industries will be launched. Explore.

IX What is the relationship between blockchain technology and the financial industry

Blockchain technology?�It has the advantages of being difficult to tamper with and easy to trace, and can play a role in the management of identity information, the construction of trust mechanisms, and the on-chainization of credit information for small and micro enterprises.

Here is an example of a bank in Nanping:

Due to the outbreak of online business, the original offline signing method can no longer satisfy the bank With the needs of rapid business changes, the digital construction of banks is imminent, but the bank’s risk control department has strict compliance requirements:

  • Online business data is sensitive to privacy, is the transmission safe?

  • Is an electronic signature legally binding?

  • Is the court admissible for electronic evidence?

These concerns have become obstacles for banks to introduce electronic contracts and digitally transform their businesses.

After adopting the unique ENA active evidence collection patent technology of the “Real Hammer” trusted electronic evidence platform, a bank in Nanping cleans the server through the notary office, and online real-time preservation and storage of the electronic data of the target system And issuing, recording the whole process of electronic data from generation, transmission to storage, and finally the notary office will issue a forensic preservation report with the official seal. Compared with the self-certification of third-party electronic contract platforms, it is more credible, and solves the concerns of the bank’s risk control department in one fell swoop, and the entire process is online and automated, and front-end customer operations are not perceived.

At the same time, combined with the mid- and back-end similar case system and outsourced execution service of “Real Hammer”, the bank has realized rapid dispute resolution for Internet business. It not only guarantees the compliance and effectiveness of the electronic contract signing process, but also solves the problems that bank cases are scattered all over the country, the cost of legal travel is high, the litigation cycle is long, and there is no efficient disposal channel.


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