Blockchain-based management information system

㈠ What are the blockchain system development platforms

How many stages are there in the blockchain? 

There are 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in the blockchain, and Bitcoin is the main one The digital currency is blockchain 1.0; the Ethereum-centric smart contract platform is blockchain 2.0; the high-performance blockchain application scenarios and platforms are blockchain 3.0. A brief summary is that 1.0 is mining and currency speculation; 2.0 is ICO and currency issuance; 3.0 is the landing of the project. The real landing projects are still far away from us. Most projects take the 2.0 stage as the entry point for industry solutions. The combination of blockchain and industry allows blockchain to be applied in a certain industry.  

What is a qualified blockchain project? 

Potential blockchain projects have different evaluation criteria and different periods. The outbreak of digital currency in 2017 was mainly due to the promotion of ICO and Ethereum smart contracts. A project that could meet these two conditions in the past was considered a good project. The current project’s measurement standard is: 

(1) There are application scenarios. The project itself has teams, goals, and real-world applications. Because some teams or enterprises are not suitable for blockchain applications, it is a relatively blunt approach to establish a connection between the two.      

(2) Multiple parties involved in the blockchain can generate transactions 

(3) The blockchain has a large number of communities and users. In conclusion, a good blockchain project can be applied to the ground.

For details, please refer to the case of Henan Keduoduo Information Technology Co., Ltd.

(ii) What are the blockchain community management platforms

There is a BEECOOL in this regard.

(iii) What are the blockchain vehicle management system development companies?

Blockchain has different characteristics, including security, transparency and any attempt to forge, delete, tamper with information can be traced back.
Integrating blockchain technology into vehicle management systems can have many applications. For example, Yingtang Zhongchuang’s plan to apply blockchain technology to vehicle management systems points out that an open distributed Car registration system, this system can record and track all the records of the vehicle (ownership change, insurance status, vehicle condition history, etc.), thus preventing fraud. And some other application ideas, such as recording the location of the car according to the blockchain, judging the traffic congestion, and intelligently combing the traffic.

㈣ What are the blockchain platforms?

Does the blockchain platform depend on the blockchain information? Here is Amway Crypto Finance, general chain circle currency circle dapp and other information can see.

(v) What is the website of the State Internet Information Office’s blockchain information service filing management system

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October 19th, The Cyberspace Administration of China (hereinafter referred to as the “Cyber ​​Information Office”) issued a notice for public consultation on the “Regulations on the Administration of Blockchain Information Services (Draft for Comment)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Draft for Comment”). In order to standardize blockchain information service activities, promote the healthy and orderly development of blockchain information services, protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, legal persons and other organizations, and safeguard national security and public interests, our office has formulated the “Draft for Comments”, which is now submitted to The public solicits opinions.

The “Draft for Comments” has a total of 23 articles. It defines the blockchain information service, which refers to “providing information services to the public based on blockchain technology or systems through Internet sites, applications, etc.” Supervision, management and law enforcement of blockchain information services”; clarified the filing mechanism: “The filing blockchain information service provider shall fill in the filing through the blockchain information service filing management system of the State Internet Information Office within ten working days from the date of providing the service. “Blockchain Information Service Filing Registration Form”.

㈥ Which of the blockchain financial system development platforms in China are well-known

I don’t know. At present, it has not been rolled out on a large scale, but the concept is only very popular.

㈦ Does the RMB number have a special blockchain management system?

Yes, led by the People’s Bank of China, The serial number transfer platform based on blockchain technology developed by Jiangsu Rongze Information Technology Co., Ltd. can manage the serial number generated by the inter-bank payment business of various financial institutions, and realize the synchronous flow of number information and things, that is to say, there is this After the management system, where the RMB circulates, is there a risk of money laundering, crackdown on illegal activities of RMB, and the risk of counterfeit currency have been well guarded, everything is under the information record of the blockchain system, which cannot be tampered with, and is practical and convenient. , reducing 70% of the repeated sorting of cash and physical objects.

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