Blockchain Brawlers Takes the WAX Network by Storm

High-octane wrestling NFT game, Blockchain Brawlers, has caused a major commotion on the WAX network. Consequently, turning over an incredible $431 million in volume in its first 2 weeks of operations.

The title, still in its beta phase of launch, has attracted legions of fans thanks to its unique style of gameplay which allows players to earn $BRWL tokens for their exploits in the ring. Valuable assets which they can then reinvest in healing their characters, upgrading rings and purchasing weapons. Or, alternatively, cash out and add to the Lambo fund.

Blockchain Brawlers represents the first title developed by WAX studios, the gaming arm of the WAX blockchain. To get involved, players must first obtain one Brawler and one Ring NFT, following which, they can do battle. As a consequence of displaying prowess in the arena, gamers will earn tokens for their exploits, which then have major utility within the Blockchain Brawlers universe.

During its first two weeks on the blockchain, gamers have earned on average 5,000 in $BRWL tokens per day. However, as word gets around, and more gamers get on board, that number will only increase. As a result, the self-styled ‘rowdiest play-to-earn game in the metaverse’ will only become more chaotic.

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