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❶ I want to know how to invest in the blockchain

To put it bluntly, the first round of the bull market has passed by the end of 2017. At that time, people who entered Bitcoin could make money almost lying down. Now this The industry has higher requirements for investment. It is recommended that you understand this industry first to avoid being harvested. It is recommended to join some official communities of the Huo Chain Blockchain Academy or some other highly active currency circle communities. There will be many professional tutors in Huo Chain to provide one-on-one guidance, and the services are more professional, but they need to be paid. If it’s free, you can go to the “Duck Talking Blockchain”, “Salvation Talking Coin” and leave a message to apply for joining the group. They will regularly release some high-quality projects, hoping to help you.

❷ Which are the better blockchain operating systems/public chains in China?

The most powerful technology is BOSCore. It is very powerful. The 3-second transaction speed is the fastest in the world. You can go to the official website to learn more about it and see the white paper. It is my honor to accept my suggestion, thank you, I wish you a happy life!

❸ Deloitte, how the technology giants of ZhongAn Insurance do blockchain

Deloitte 24 months ago, he started to do research on blockchain technology, developed his own blockchain development platform, and provided customers with technical services and technical solutions of blockchain technology. In 2015, Deloitte achieved a turnover of more than $100 million in blockchain consulting alone. In the past two years, many multinational companies in Europe and the United States have been very interested in blockchain technology, and they are already ahead of China.
How did the technology giants of ZhongAn Insurance do blockchain? (They didn’t do it, it was Ant Jinfu does the blockchain, which is used for the certification of online charity). The essence of the operation of insurance is to put the funds of the policyholders together to form a fund pool. Once the policyholder is unfortunate, the fund pool will be Part of the funds will be given to the policyholder as agreed. This operation itself can be realized through the programming of blockchain technology, which has the advantage of greatly reducing the cost of insurance. The cost of insurance is very high, mainly in the sales and overhead of the insurance company. As long as it is believed that blockchain technology cannot cheat, it can greatly reduce the cost of credibility in the insurance industry, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the insurance industry.

Extended reading: [Insurance] How to buy, which one is better, and teach you how to avoid these “pits” of insurance.

❹ Is blockchain a disguised pyramid scheme

It’s not obvious, it must be.
You think if I print 10 billion worth of counterfeit banknotes one day, and then tell others that this is better than RMB, everyone come and buy it, after our currency appreciates Everyone gets rich together. As a result, various Moments, Weibo, and Internet media began to hype our counterfeit currency, and more and more people took rmb to return our counterfeit currency, so the first batch of people who bought it had more and more money.
Blockchain is the printing of counterfeit money in a high-tech veneer. However, if counterfeit banknotes are used, they would have been caught by the relevant departments, and the blockchain is distributed. Simply put, it is cancer. Even the person who created it can’t turn it off.. So the relevant departments can only turn a blind eye.
In addition, I would like to say that counterfeiting is more honest than this. Counterfeit banknotes also need at least one set of equipment, which shows how many companies still have a little profit. Many projects in the blockchain are done by one or two people with many famous titans. Before there was ppt car making, the existing white paper was minted. Such a team is first-class in making money but has no development ability

❺ At the two sessions recently, the blockchain has become popular again, and I am looking for a list of blockchain giants

After all, it is now With the development of digitalization, as the infrastructure of the digital economy, it is reasonable to cause heated discussions in the two sessions. Like Hangzhou’s Qulian Technology, which specializes in blockchain, and has been focusing on blockchain technology products and application solutions for many years, its products have been widely used in finance, people’s livelihood, government affairs, justice, energy, manufacturing and other key areas.

❻ How to invest in blockchain and want to know

Brothers should have just entered the pit, right? At the beginning, it is recommended to first understand the concept of blockchain technology and industry development, so that investment choices will have an intuitive and rational judgment. If you are too lazy to study in depth (like me), you can join some communities in the circle to communicate together. Like me, add the official community of the Huo Chain Blockchain Academy (or some other highly active currency circle communities) , because there are many professional tutors in the Fire Chain who provide one-on-one guidance, and the service is more professional, but it needs to be paid. If it is free, you can go to “Duck Talking Blockchain”, “Salvation Talking Coins” and leave a message under the investment big cow columns to apply to join the group. They will regularly put up some high-quality projects, but this requires accumulation at ordinary times. Accurate investment judgment To rely on the usual accumulation.

❼ What stocks are in the blockchain te

Hello, after seeing your question, useThe stock software helped you to check, the listed companies involved in the blockchain include the following stocks: Tianguang Zhongmao, Hengyin Finance, Annie Shares, Gao Weida, Xinguodu and so on. But it is not limited to these stocks. The following can also be used for reference. The stock market is risky, and investment should be cautious!

You can also log in to the stock software to view the blockchain section. I hope I can help you.

❽ What are the leading stocks of blockchain concept stocks

1.002657 Zhongke Jincai

2.300663 Kelan Software

3.002152 Radio and Television Express

4.300079 Digital Technology

5.300542 Xinchen Technology

6.600570 Hang Seng Electronics

7.300561 Huijin Technology

8.002063 Yuanguang Software

9.603106 Hengyin Financial

Blockchain concept stocks may become leading stocks as follows:

1. Block chain concept stock 1: Yijian shares (600093.SH) concept stock index

The company was mainly engaged in supply chain management in recent years, and it has been actively transforming in recent years. Business scale of supply chain management and commercial factoring.

On the other hand, with the realization of financial technology transformation as the center and the application of blockchain technology in supply chain finance as the breakthrough point, the whole strategy will fully promote the development of the “Easy Block” system, in the first half of 2017 Having successfully completed the development of the “Easy Block” system 1.0 and commercialized it in the fields of medicine and commodities, Yijian is obviously a practitioner of the blockchain concept.

2. Block chain concept stock 2: Gao Weida

A leading domestic financial informatization manufacturer, relying on its own bank IT solution advantages and bank customer resources to provide bank IT system cloud Serve.

3. Block chain concept stock 3: Xinchen Technology

The company is now mainly engaged in application software development business, software and hardware system integration business and professional technical service business. In recent years, Xinchen Technology has made bold attempts in innovation. The company has made certain progress in the application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial industry.

The domestic letter of credit business system based on blockchain technology has been successfully launched in the bank, and is expected to gradually become a new growth point for the company’s software solution business.

(8) Blockchain Daniel Anne extended reading:

The leading stock index refers to the hype in the stock market during a certain period of time to the same industry sector Other stocks with influence and appeal, its rise and fall often guide and demonstrate the rise and fall of other stocks in the same industry.

The leading stock is not static, and its status is often only maintained for a period of time. The basis for being a leader is that any information about a stock is immediately reflected in the share price.

Conditions for leading stocks:

1. Leading stocks must start from the daily limit. The daily limit is the most accurate attack signal for both long and short sides. Individual stocks that cannot reach the daily limit cannot be the leader.

2. Leading stocks are the best low-priced stocks, and low-priced stocks are sought after by many investors, because high-priced stocks are more difficult to hype, and it is relatively difficult.

3. The circulation market of leading stocks should be moderate, which is suitable for large capital operation and retail investors chasing up and down. Neither large-cap stocks nor small-cap stocks can act as leaders.

4. The leading stocks satisfy the daily KDJ, weekly KDJ, and monthly KDJ at the same time.

5. Leading stocks are usually at the end of the market decline. When the market panics, they go against the market and reach the bottom in advance, or start before the broader market, and undergo a round of decline in the market.

The leading stock index refers to the stocks that have influence and appeal to other stocks in the same industry sector during the hype in the stock market during a certain period, and its rise and fall often affect the rise and fall of other stocks in the same industry sector. Guidance and demonstration. Leading stocks are not static, and their status often only lasts for a period of time.

Reference: Network – Leading Shares


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