Blockchain education is a mixed bag

⑴As a hot basic technology in the future, how to correctly view the blockchain industry, what should be done in the face of today’s mixed situation in the blockchain industry

First of all, the blockchain industry is mixed with third-party certification There is an urgent need for relevant departments to formulate relevant regulatory requirements for this industry in order to guide the correct development of the industry

2 What is the definition of blockchain education? What is the future development of blockchain education

Decentralization must be the trend of future development, and the blockchain must also have great potential

⑶What is blockchain education

In 2020, the blockchain industry is surging and driving on the fast train of development road. Since the beginning of the year, major positive news has continued. Blockchain has played an important role in epidemic prevention and control. In the first half of the year, as a key field in the new generation of information technology, blockchain firmly occupies the air, bringing new hope to all walks of life. With the accelerated development of the blockchain industry, the deepening of technological innovation, and the rapid implementation of applications, more and more attention has been paid to blockchain talents, and there has been a blowout in demand for blockchain-related jobs.

The Xueshuo Innovation Block Chain Technology Workstation under Lianqiao Education Online is the only approved “blockchain” “Smart Learning Workshop 2020-Xueshuo Innovation Workstation” carried out by the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China “Technology Professional” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

⑷ What problems can be solved by the combination of blockchain + education?

This distributed storage ledger technology mainly establishes a peer-to-peer trust mechanism, which can transmit information at the same time. Has the role of value transfer. Therefore, blockchain is mainly used in industries where information is opaque due to its strong centralization characteristics, and the education industry is one of them. Therefore, the education industry is also a very suitable industry for blockchain entrepreneurship.

Because it has many participants (content creators, educational institutions, learning groups, consumers), there are also many problems, such as uneven content quality, implied charges, etc. Educational institutions have to bear high marketing costs, and parents have to bear unbearable tuition fees.

In specific application fields, Internet technology has spawned online learning, live video broadcasts and other means of reaching and interacting. The blockchain can record and formulate a mechanism for the knowledge content producers in the community, the participation of learners, the promotion effect of promoters, etc., so that each participant can be motivated. For details, you can refer to the two projects LiveEDU (online learning) in the United States and EKT (education public chain and education marketing related) released by the Singapore ECare Foundation. Different entrepreneurs have different entry points.

In short, the education industry is a long-tail industry that requires in-depth research and solid implementation.

⑸ Why many people choose Hashton blockchain education and training

Because they are an institution specializing in blockchain education and training, with more than 20 provinces across the country. 30,000 students, they still have rich experience in technology development and training

⑹ Is blockchain training really that important? Why are so many people learning the concept of blockchain

Like the clouds in the cloud, in the fog, if you don’t learn the blockchain, you will become illiterate in this area. Only after you learn can you know the truth. Central News has released 9 new occupations, 2 of which are about blockchain. If you don’t want to be scouted, get to know it well. Haston is to focus on education and training in this area, and can also issue certificates through exams, you can pay attention.

⑺ What is the prospect of blockchain

The application of blockchain has been extended to medical and health, education, charity, social management, finance and other fields. The biggest advantage of the blockchain is that it has truly completed the credit construction in an anonymous society, bringing new opportunities to many fields, thus making various innovative applications possible. . The current blockchain, equivalent to the Internet 20 years ago, is in its initial stage, and will definitely become a major part of the social economy in the future to benefit the common people and society. Please wait and see!
Blockchain is an intelligent peer-to-peer network that uses distributed databases to identify, disseminate and record information, also known as the Internet of Value. The concept of blockchain was first proposed in the paper “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” published by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin Forum in late 2008.
It is a chain data structure that combines data blocks in a sequential manner according to time sequence, and is a cryptographically guaranteed untamperable and unforgeable distributed ledger.
In a broad sense, blockchain technologyThe technology is to use block chain data structure to verify and store data, use distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, use smart contracts composed of automated script codes to program And a new distributed infrastructure and computing way to manipulate data.
Blockchain investment
Blockchain investment is indeed one of the hottest investment methods in today’s society. Although the blockchain seems to be just starting now, as such a novel existence, it It is indeed very characteristic. Many people do not know what a blockchain is. They only know that blockchain mining can make money. Get a good understanding first, prepare well before you start, and don’t fight unprepared battles.
Blockchain technology does have huge room for growth in the future. Many people believe that it will be able to subvert many existing industries in the future. This is very important. This is the source of all your confidence. If you If you don’t recognize the value of the blockchain in your heart, then you are likely to be affected by some negative comments, or even doubt the entire industry, which will affect your entire decision-making and judgment.
If you just want to play around or try the water, the chances of success like this are slim.
When you’re ready, get ready and devote your precious energy to research. Investing is a must! Don’t put money into it and don’t know what the project is for.
Finally, blockchain is a new industry after all. It is currently in a mixed situation. Of course, there are always scammers. So when we invest, we must be careful and don’t say what others say. Bright eyes.
In addition, I have to say that investing has risks, so be careful!

⑻ How does the blockchain land in the education industry

As we all know, the important features of the blockchain are decentralization, openness, information immutability, timestamp, anonymity, All are methods and blockchain features to effectively solve the above problems.
01. Student status problem

The entry system constructed by the top-level application requires human operation, that is, the entry of information. Each entry terminal is equivalent to each node, and the confirmation of entry requires It is verified on the blockchain, and the proof mechanism of the timestamp will also be added.

Ensure that each student status information cannot be tampered with. All information of each person is stored in each node, and information cannot be lost due to the damage or loss of any data. Each corresponding person has a complete information system on the blockchain to ensure that all data coexist on a chain basis, and on this basis, the location can be queried to identify the authenticity at any time.

02. The problem of educational resources

The problem of educational resources can be distributed data storage in the structure of the blockchain. Each structure as a node allows individual teachers to publish their own relevant teaching application courseware and multimedia courses on it. The publication is distributed in multiple nodes at the same time, which can ensure information sharing and data query.

Each piece of information is verified by an independent timestamp, which ensures that the rights and interests of the publisher are not infringed. Original teachers not only enjoy rich educational resources to carry out related teaching work, but also can publish their own original works to gain corresponding popularity and benefits.

03. Problems in the academic field

Imagine whether the release time can eliminate this problem if the blockchain technology is used to record each implementation process and step. Any process, the time of each process, and the time of the final result are stored on the blockchain. Anonymous confidentiality measures and an immutable encryption foundation can ensure the authenticity of the published information and are not controlled by anyone.

Blockchain is the core supporting technology of the digital cryptocurrency system represented by Bitcoin. The core advantage of blockchain technology is decentralization. It can realize point-to-point transactions based on decentralized credit in a distributed system where nodes do not need to trust each other by using data encryption, timestamps, distributed consensus and economic incentives. Coordination and collaboration, thus providing solutions to the problems of high cost, inefficiency and insecure data storage that are common in centralized institutions.

The application fields of blockchain include digital currency, token, finance, anti-counterfeiting traceability, privacy protection, supply chain, entertainment, etc. The popularity of blockchain and Bitcoin, many related top Domain names are all registered, which has a relatively large impact on the domain name industry.

⑼ What are the applications of blockchain education

There are many directions in which education combines blockchain.”Book” and the European Commission’s report “Blockchain in the Education Industry” both conducted preliminary discussions on the application model of blockchain in the field of education.
The application modes of blockchain in the field of education mainly include:
Intelligent transactions build an education Taobao platform based on smart contracts, build communities to realize the true “self-organization” operation of online learning communities, and join non-school educational institutions The market has participated in the formulation of educational content with multiple subjects and established an accessible individual credit database to solve the global academic fraud problem.
The branches of online education are very extensive, and the ecological structure applied to each branch is also different. Existing online platforms should seize the opportunity of ecological optimization, not only to seize the opportunity in their own market segments, but also to achieve continuous optimization in the entire online education market.

The Xueshuo Innovation Block Chain Technology Workstation under Lianqiao Education Online is the only approved “blockchain” “Smart Learning Workshop 2020-Xueshuo Innovation Workstation” carried out by the School Planning, Construction and Development Center of the Ministry of Education of China “Technology Professional” pilot workstation. The professional station is based on providing students with diversified growth paths, promotes the reform of the combination of professional degree research, production, study and research, and builds an applied and compound talent training system.

⑽ Regarding blockchain, how to implement it in the education industry

Blockchain technology is regarded as another disruptive technology after cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data. In traditional agriculture, such as the domestic Vonetracer traceability system of Wanglian Technology, it can directly trace all aspects of agricultural production.
In the education industry, it seems that no one has done it yet, but in foreign countries, schools have issued diplomas based on blockchain technology to schools. This directly avoids the possibility of forgery.


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