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Ⅰ What are the conditions for the large-scale commercial application of the blockchain

One of the three conditions for realizing the large-scale commercial application of the blockchain is the blockchain 3.0 technology, which can improve the application of the blockchain. Performance, improving ease of use, operability, and scalability, involving new sidechains, subchains, cross-chains, layering, sharding, partitioning and other technologies. According to Xiao Feng’s observation, most of these technologies will mature in 2019, and the mainnet will be launched. The launch of these new technologies is the premise for the large-scale commercial application of blockchain. Therefore, from a technical point of view, after 2019, the large-scale commercial application of blockchain can already be expected.
The second is that only the maturity of the technology is not enough. To truly realize a large number of Dapps and a large number of commercial applications on the blockchain, one must be prepared: that is, it can be used as a payment tool, exchange Medium, value scale, digital currency of value store. Xiao Feng said that everyone thinks that Bitcoin is a payment system, but the real Bitcoin cannot meet our demand for payment because its currency value fluctuates too much.
He gave an example of a shopping mall that sold a bottle of water and accepted bitcoin for payment. When he woke up the next morning, he found that 20% of the value was gone. So it can’t be accepted. After the Japanese parliament made it clear that bitcoin can be used as a payment tool, some Japanese merchants announced that they would accept bitcoin payments. But it later turned out that it was causing a lot of trouble for the stability of the company’s balance sheet. Whether it goes up or down, your balance sheet is unstable. This affects not only the value of what is being sold, but also the credit assessment of businesses and the services banks provide to companies.
The third condition is the construction of laws and regulations and the construction of the supervision system. The digital economy on the blockchain must be legally guaranteed and must be compliant. Xiao Feng emphasized that in this regard, there can be no decentralization.
The difference between the blockchain and the Internet gives its own point of view. He believes that the core difference between the two is that the Internet is a centralized trust mechanism, while the blockchain is a decentralized trust mechanism that does not require trust in a third party.
The second core difference between the Internet and the blockchain is the incentive mechanism, not digital currency or the ability to issue coins. Economics has been discussing the problem of incentive incompatibility. Under the corporate system, on the Internet, the incompatibility of incentives is not resolved. However, on the decentralized blockchain, the blockchain has achieved complete incentive compatibility. Without shareholders, no board of directors, and no employees, conflicts of interest between these roles will no longer occur.

Ⅱ How to quickly implement blockchain applications in blockchain

Renren Chain is based on the underlying technology of blockchain, provides customized development services for smart contracts, and can implement corresponding blockchain applications landing. According to your different business needs, write smart contracts that fit the required application scenarios, and build blockchain applications that execute certain business logic through smart contracts. Help you quickly deploy smart contracts and develop blockchain-based applications more conveniently.

Ⅲ What are the practical applications of blockchain technology

Answer: The practical application of blockchain technology

I. Financial field

Blockchain has potential huge application value in financial fields such as international exchange, letter of credit, equity registration and stock exchange.

The application of blockchain technology in the financial industry can eliminate the need for third-party intermediaries and achieve point-to-point direct connection, thereby greatly reducing costs and completing transaction payments quickly.

Second, the field of Internet of Things and logistics

Blockchain can also be naturally combined in the field of Internet of Things and logistics. Through blockchain, logistics costs can be reduced, the production and delivery process of items can be traced, and the efficiency of supply chain management can be improved. This field is considered to be a promising application direction of blockchain.

III. Public service field

Blockchain is closely related to people’s production and life in public management, energy, transportation and other fields, but the centralized nature of these fields also brings Some problems can be transformed with blockchain.

Fourth, the field of digital copyright

Through blockchain technology, works can be authenticated to prove the existence of text, video, audio and other works, and to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of ownership sex.

V. Insurance field

In terms of insurance claims, insurance institutions are responsible for fund collection, investment, and claims, often with high management and operating costs.

VI. Public welfare field

The data stored on the blockchain is highly reliable and cannot be tampered with, and is naturally suitable for use in social welfare scenarios.

IV How to implement the blockchain application

The application of the former blockchain technology is in an exploratory period, there are more conceptual things, and the actual implementation The real deal, real project may be less. However, now some industries have begun to try blockchain technology, Jinwowo Network Technology analysis believes that:Within three years, blockchain technology can be deeply integrated with the industry, and blockchain may be implemented in the three fields of sharing economy, supply chain management, and digital asset management.

IV What blockchain applications are on the ground

I don’t know anywhere else, but there is a SMIC blockchain service platform project initiated by Changsha High-tech Zone, which is already in the It is in the official operation stage, and it has also been selected as a key blockchain project. The next step is to solicit companies to go on the chain.

Ⅵ What are the applications of the blockchain

Triporg travel: a blockchain + travel service platform that can provide people with travel services such as train tickets.

Ⅶ What are the applications of blockchain that have been implemented

As far as I know, blockchain has been implemented in social banking, environmental protection technology and other industries. Take social banking, for example.

GSN Social Bank – Establishment of Decentralized Credit
Theoretically, the credit establishment mechanism of blockchain is likely to be more expensive than centralized credit in terms of global cost. The establishment cost is even lower, which is in line with the trend of global market evolution!

The significance of GSN social bank lies in the establishment of a distributed, peer-to-peer, open and transparent trust system with technical assurance. As a global distributed database, GSN stores data blocks generated by association using cryptographic methods. Each data block contains the information of each network transaction to verify the validity and authenticity of its information.

GSN transmits value through technical architecture, so that every recorded transaction is absolutely credible and cannot be tampered with. From this point of view, the subversive significance of GSN lies in the establishment of a decentralized, open and transparent trust system with technical assurance. GSN no longer relies on the central node, but automatically realizes trust and transmits value through the technical architecture, which is the advantage of GSN.

Four advantages of GSN’s social banking user credit system
1. GSN reduces the cost of credit investigation, so that trust data can be used and shared indefinitely. GSN can greatly reduce the false problem of massive data, so that data collection, processing and use can be more convenient.

2. GSN expands the coverage of credit assessment, expands the scale of the community, and uses distributed technology to collect data and information on user groups that cannot be considered through surveys and other methods in the traditional model. At the same time, GSN can carry out credit evaluation for special groups, that is, those who do not have registered bank accounts but have access to the Internet, so that the scope of credit products and services can be well expanded.

3. GSN reduces the cost of credit product management, enabling the automatic execution and management of credit evaluation, pricing, contracts, etc. without additional manual participation, which greatly reduces the cost of credit product management At the same time, it can greatly increase the scale of the bank’s credit business processing.

4. GSN improves the value creation capability of credit. Through the trust mechanism on the chain, the entire process of credit products can be dynamically programmed, which effectively expands the value creation capability of credit products. space.
Distributed peer-to-peer technology will redefine the financial ecology.

The business model of GSN Social Bank can flatten the existing business model, so the role of “middleman” is no longer needed.
GSN’s peer-to-peer technology allows users to verify and execute transactions without the need for intermediaries. This has a disruptive impact on financial business, and some roles in many financial ecosystems will also be re-engineered. definition.

VIII What are the applications of blockchain

In essence, blockchain is a distributed database system that applies cryptography, multi-party participation, joint maintenance and continuous growth , also known as a distributed shared ledger. Its features such as anonymity, decentralization, openness and transparency, and immutability make blockchain technology favored by enterprises.
What are the landing applications of blockchain?
1. Medical
In the medical field, data sharing between hospitals and hospitals means more accurate diagnosis, more effective treatment, and also promotes the improvement of the medical system. overall service capability. However, the sharing of data also means that the privacy of doctors and patients is exposed. Blockchain technology allows hospitals, patients and all parties in the medical interest chain to share data in the blockchain network without worrying about the security and integrity of the data. sex.
2. Logistics
At present, the most criticized problem in logistics is the loss of missing parts and the damage of express shipments, and blockchain technology can record all the links in the process of goods from sending to receiving, through network consensus , directly locate the problem in the intermediate link of express delivery, and ensure the traceability of information, so as to avoid the occurrence of problems such as loss of packages in the express delivery warehouse, and wrong receipt by mistake.
3. Big data
Big data is an indispensable part of the development of modern enterprises, and the blockchain�� has the security and immutability, which can liberate more data safely. Based on the consensus of the whole network, the trusted blockchain data is based on the data of Micro V-BQ Erwuba Scar Y. It is immutable and safe, and it also enables the quality of the data to obtain an unprecedented strong trust endorsement, and also enables the development of the database. Enter a new era.
4. Distributed business platform
Combining the advantages of blockchain technology, such as decentralization and distributed ledger, there are many points of integration between this technology and business platforms that deserve attention. Blockchain technology is the core supporting technology. In the field of commodity trading, we research and develop transaction models and trading systems based on blockchain technology, and conduct direct transactions. In this way, producers can obtain greater benefits and consumers can also obtain lower The cost of the product can be described as the best of both worlds.


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