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⑴The World Blockchain Organization will issue several types of licenses

Zheng Xiaojun, Chief Economist of the World Blockchain Organization and President of the Caribbean Blockchain Research Institute, introduced at the TokenSky Blockchain Conference in South Korea today World Blockchain Organization. He mentioned that the Caribbean region is the largest offshore region in the world, and many international re-export trade relies on the Caribbean to operate. However, 80% of the population in the region does not have a bank account, and the financial infrastructure cannot be solved by traditional financial tools. The development and cooperation of blockchain in the world is very necessary.

2 The reason why the World Blockchain Organization is not authorized to issue ICO licenses and exchange licenses

But the WBO related page It shows, “This organization is not in consultative status with ECOSOC”, which means that the WBO has no affiliation with the United Nations.

The above-mentioned industry insiders said that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are non-governmental and autonomous, which means that such organizations are institutionally independent from the government, and they are not part of the government’s establishment. The licensing business is unheard of in the industry. The person said that in terms of the type and content of services provided by WBO, there is a big gap with NGOs, and it is more like a government regulatory department.

He said that the threshold for NGO registration in the United Nations is actually very low, but there are some requirements in terms of organizational form. According to the United Nations Resolution 1296, if an NGO wants to register in the United Nations, its members must be democratically organized. Participating in organizational activities should have a democratic decision-making mechanism, should have the arrangement of the accountability mechanism and the transparency of the decision-making process, and submit information on its budget and funding sources to the United Nations.

The industry insider said that NGOs are still on the fringes of the existing international system, and their influence on major decisions is limited, but it is precisely because they can be registered with the United Nations that they are used as endorsement tools by many organizations and individuals.

It is understood that a similar NGO appeared in China as early as 2017. The organization is called the Global Asset Digital Encryption Committee (WADCC), which claims to be an international organization at the United Nations level and has become a subsidiary of the Economic and Social Commission. It is the first global super-sovereign third-party financial supervision and management organization (NGO non-governmental organization) under the Council. However, according to Synchronized Financial Inquiry, WADCC, like WBO, has no affiliation with the United Nations and is only registered with the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs.

⑶ Global bank’s entry into blockchain, does it mean that digital currency will become a new mainstream currency?

Global bank’s entry into blockchain, does this mean that digital currency has gradually become a new mainstream currency , This is difficult, because digital currency is a new type of technology in the final analysis. Even if it combines the noise reduction technology of blockchain, it still cannot be said that it will become a mainstream currency. This is too far.

There may be more and more such electronic currencies with the gradual progress of the proposal, but it is one thing to appear, and it is one thing to become mainstream, and there may be more and more currencies in the future Form, more and more choices of transaction settlement methods, but it does not mean the disappearance of the original currency system, just like people now use electronic payment and mobile payment, but paper money still exists, but not as high as before of influence.

⑷ Logo of Blockchain 5.0

Blockchain, simply put, is a decentralized distributed database system with the participation of various nodes. It can be understood as a mechanism (technical solution) for public accounting. It is not a specific product. Its basic idea and core concept is to establish a set of public ledgers on the Internet, and all users in the network jointly record and check accounts on the ledger to ensure the authenticity of information and Immutable. This technology or model is called blockchain because it is a series of data blocks associated with cryptographic methods, and each data block contains all transaction information in the past period of time, which is used to verify its validity of the information and generate the next block. As the name suggests, blockchain is composed of “block + chain”. Block(block

⑸ What is the difference between the food anti-counterfeiting signs we usually see and the blockchain traceability?

Anti-counterfeiting research is the question of ‘who am I’ , relying on fingerprint recognition, iris recognition and other methods to identify the unique attributes of items to ensure their authenticity and uniqueness. The problem solved by blockchain product traceability is “where does the product come from? Where does it go?” VoneTracer, after users get the product, they can scan the code to see the whole process.

⑹ Why do some blockchain miners have the Huawei logo on them?

This should be their casual The logo posted is actually not made by Huawei.

⑺ I wonder why ShumaiChain is a unicorn in the blockchain project

In order to make CyberVein more international , with 2 brand upgrades: the first time CyberVein is defined as Interconnecting the data thatruns the world. At the same time, the logo was changed to purple, becoming a clear banner in the big wave of blockchain; the second time the brand slogan was changed to “From now on, data becomes valuable”, and shouted the loud Decentralized power for data. International slogan!

⑻ is not a sign of blockchain 5.+0 is

⑼ can blockchain be used for service transactions

A: Blockchain facts should be available for service transactions.

⑽ is not a sign of blockchain 5.+0 is


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