Blockchain Marketing Promotion Program

“One” What is the blockchain + marketing solution of Wanglian Technology

Build a new marketing and incentive model based on the blockchain, and build an electronic sales mall with the blockchain as the bottom layer. The open blockchain marketing platform ensures open and transparent data, establishes trust channels for enterprises, community members and consumers, enhances brand endorsement, and stimulates sales growth.

『細』 What are the best planning and promotion of blockchain business projects in Shenzhen? Do you recommend?

There are many network promotion companies, and there is no specific measurement standard. But you can choose from several aspects:
1. There are many smart cases.
2. The cases are all verifiable methods.
3. Only do network promotion and do not do other things.
4. It has been done for a long time.

『Three』 Regarding the promotion and registration of blockchain, virtual currency, and bitcoin, is there any promotion method of blockchain?

The outer circle of the city can focus on your marketing goals from Building a brand from zero to ten thousand, real-time tuning of the execution process, and maximizing the value of advertising is the best choice for promoting blockchain projects.

What are the reliable marketing and promotion methods for the “4” blockchain, or an intelligent marketing platform?

Blockchain marketing and promotion in the outer circle of the city:
When the blockchain project is just launched, it is a good time for brand promotion. The project is promoted together with the brand, which can enhance the brand awareness of the blockchain and at the same time greatly attract users to pay attention to the project application.
There are currently 10,000+ blockchain people in the outer circle of the city. If you want to do blockchain advertising, try the outer circle!

『Wu』 What I want to promote is that the blockchain can make Xiaobai become a rich person and a chance for the poor to turn over. So I’m going to promote

Currently, blockchain technology has become a national strategy. As the blockchain has become the focus of social attention, the popularity of blockchain in the investment and financing field has continued to heat up, and it has also attracted the hype of social capital. As long as the stock is related to the concept of blockchain, the stock price can gain several daily limits.
While the listed companies are hyping the concept of blockchain, some signs of using blockchain to defraud and illegally issue coins have also begun to appear. , and began to advocate token trading, enticing some investors to buy coins and recharge.
The most common sales method is to promote ultra-high returns, such as under the banner of 100 times coins and 1000 times coins, and lure investors to buy by pulling disks. As a result, the project party ran away with the money, which caused investors to suffer losses.
It should be reminded that the current blockchain technology in my country is still in its infancy, the application is not yet mature, and the security needs to be strengthened. If you really want to invest in the blockchain, the most important thing is to learn the relevant knowledge of the blockchain, improve your cognitive level and ability to distinguish, enhance your risk awareness, and avoid capital losses caused by being fooled. At the same time, do not do marketing promotion in this area, so as not to fall into pyramid schemes.

How to promote the “Lu” blockchain more effectively

Pull disk is the best promotion. . .

『柒』 After reading the previous content of blockchain three plus one, what are the methods of blockchain promotion?

From traditional promotion to offline and online methods , mainly about the different ways of promotion in entities and on the Internet. The main promotion of blockchain is in e-commerce network promotion channels (database marketing, social media marketing, online advertising, mobile client, distribution platform, search engine marketing, resource cooperative marketing, classified information, etc.). Models are always changing, but they remain the same, regardless of those promotion channels, all for a common goal: profit.
The above are purely personal thoughts.

『摌』How to promote the current blockchain games

1. Zombie group

The so-called bomb group is constantly in various social media Post the news of your own game in the group, with the entry link attached. This is the dumbest way, but in fact, the most effective. According to reports from multiple teams, their earliest source of traffic was pulling people through the community.

Breaking a group is very simple to operate, as long as you have the ability to execute it tirelessly and have enough thick skin. But there are also some tips and precautions that can help fry the group to be more effective.

2. Ranking

Ranking is a very important means of early mobile game promotion, and it can also be used in blockchain games. However, there is a big difference in the specific operation.

Mobile games are listed because many users decide which games to download through the list, which is a huge source of traffic. But at present, there is no such influential list in the field of blockchain. The only well-known one is This list will count the current popularity of various applications on Ethereum, and has a certain popularity and reference value.

3. Press releases

Press releases are really a very old form of marketing.It has been so long that it is getting less and less attention in the marketing system. But if it can exist for a long time, it means that its effect is still there. Especially in the initial stage of blockchain games, a good press release is likely to bring surprises.

4. Navigation website

There are already navigation websites for blockchain games. As far as I know, there are two, one is NetEase The blockchain game column of the game channel includes all chains; the other is a personal website, which only includes games in the Linke ecosystem. It is not known how effective the diversion of these navigation stations is, but if the cost is not high, you can try it.

As for how to promote the current blockchain games, Qingteng will share with you here. If you have a strong interest in game modeling, I hope this article can help you. If you want to learn more about game modeling skills and materials, you can click on other articles on this site to learn.

『玖』 If you want to do blockchain advertising promotion, is there any precision marketing platform?

You can consider the outer circle of the city, there are special blockchain industry promotion solutions, Integrate more than 10 categories and more than 300W media relations resources, and it is good to have accurate advertising.


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