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⑴Some people want to enter the pit of blockchain mining.

The more popular ones are Wankeyun and newifi. The difficulty factor of bitcoin mining in those days is getting higher and higher, and now router mining In response, pigs can go to the sky, 360 routers, and Gehualink routers.
Blockchain has become a trend this year. As long as you take advantage of this trend, don’t be jealous of the fish in the ocean.

2 What does blockchain mining mean

2009 In the year, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, and set that there are only 21 million Bitcoins. By joining the Bitcoin network, by participating in the production of blocks and providing proof of work (PoW), the Bitcoin network can be obtained. award. This process is called mining.

The concept of “mining” is taken from the existing concepts in our real economic life, such as gold mining, silver mining, etc. Because minerals are valuable, it drives people to pay labor. dig.

Another important point in bitcoin mining is that the miners involved in mining recognize the value of bitcoin, and there are people willing to spend money on the bitcoin market they mine. So, Bitcoin mining makes sense.

(2) Extended reading of blockchain mining groups

The currency characteristics of Bitcoin

1, decentralization

Bitcoin is the first distributed virtual currency, the entire network is composed of users, and there is no central bank. Decentralization is the guarantee of Bitcoin’s security and freedom.

2, circulated around the world

Bitcoin can be managed on any computer connected to the Internet. Anyone can mine, buy, sell, or receive bitcoin, no matter where they are.

3, Exclusive Ownership

Manipulating Bitcoin requires a private key, which can be isolated and stored on any storage medium. No one can get it except the user himself.

4, low transaction fees

It is possible to remit bitcoins for free, but eventually a transaction fee of about 1 bit cent will be charged for each transaction to ensure faster execution of the transaction.

5, no hidden costs

As a payment method from A to B, Bitcoin does not have cumbersome quotas and procedures. You can pay by knowing the bitcoin address of the other party.

6, cross-platform mining

Users can explore the computing power of different hardware on many platforms.

⑶ What is blockchain mining? How does blockchain mine?

What is blockchain mining? How does blockchain mining
In blockchain Before the rise, miners specifically referred to the workers digging coal mines. The group impression was that they were covered with coal dust and dark-skinned men except for their clothes. After the birth of the blockchain, miners are no longer just short for coal miners, but have a whole new meaning: those who engage in virtual currency mining.
For those who have not participated in mining, it may be difficult to understand blockchain mining, so today we will start with the most basic question: what is blockchain mining? How does blockchain mining?
What is blockchain mining?
There are two types of mining in the new era, the first is to mine Bitcoin. After each transaction occurs, it is not considered completed. The transaction data must be written into the database to be considered established, and the other party can really receive the money. First, all transaction data will be sent to miners, who are responsible for writing these transactions into the blockchain and completing mining to obtain revenue.
The second is to dig a cottage. Various “altcoins” such as Zerocoin, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitShares, etc. After assembling a mining machine, connect to the designated mining pool, start full-load operation according to a specific algorithm, and complete one calculation cycle to obtain “one” virtual currency. Then put the “this” currency on the online trading platform to cash out.

How to mine the blockchain?
In the beginning, it was possible to mine bitcoins with a computer CPU. The founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, used his computer CPU to mine them. The world’s first genesis block. However, the era of CPU mining is long gone, and the current Bitcoin mining is the era of ASIC mining and large-scale cluster mining.
If you want to become a miner, it’s actually relatively simple. You can start mining by purchasing a dedicated mining equipment. You don’t need to do mining yourself. In fact, the computer performs specific operations. For miners, it is enough to ensure the power supply and network connection of the mining machine.
Can blockchain mining still make money?
In the beginning, some people did get rich through blockchain mining, but as the number of miners increased, there was also a lot of competition among miners , the profit margin is getting smaller and smaller, plus a machine that mines bitcoins costs 10,000 yuan, and cannot mine a single coin a year, the input cost is high, and the output is small. If the market is unfavorable again, miners will Basically lose money.

Therefore, in addition to mining, more and more investors choose to invest in foreign exchange to make money. Unlike mining, the investment cost of foreign exchange is extremely low.Easy, long and short two-way operation, whether it is up or down, investors can trade profitably. It is also very convenient for people who are busy with time and want to invest and make money. Download the MT4 trading software of Juhui ggfx to your mobile phone, you can know the latest market conditions and participate in transactions through your mobile phone at any time, and you can complete orders in seconds, which is simple and fast , the efficiency of making money is extremely high, so in addition to mining, this is also a good way to get rich.
Mining is not an easy task. Mining is very resource-intensive, because the calculation difficulty of virtual currency generation is very high, and it is constantly changing. After every 2016 data blocks are generated globally, mining virtual currency The difficulty of the currency will increase once, so ordinary people should consider all aspects before joining the ranks of miners.

⑷ How to invest in blockchain mining

The best way to invest in blockchain is to find a platform that can provide one-stop service, you can contact NB Cloud Mining, mining machine suppliers , mine supplier, maintenance team, technical team in one, good reputation, good service, stable profit.

⑸ How is blockchain mining better

NB cloud mining provides mining machine agents

⑹ What are the blockchain mining games

Since the beginning of this year, the word “blockchain” has become the most popular in the technology world. From the Internet giant BAT to the unknown passers-by A and B, they all talk about the blockchain. The former is intended for industrial layout, while the latter is more focused on return on investment. Although different people have different expectations for blockchain technology, when it comes to blockchain, there is an important topic – the application of blockchain technology. It is undeniable that the birth and development of any technology must serve the progress of social production and life. Even if some cutting-edge technologies have not developed very suitable application scenarios at this stage, their development direction is oriented to be suitable for future application scenarios. Technology that is completely divorced from application requirements will not be viable.

Blockchain is widely used in various fields such as finance and logistics due to its features such as decentralization of accounting methods, open and traceable data, and smart contracts to ensure credible transactions. A natural match. However, due to the low acceptance of blockchain technology by the market, and the incomplete development and basic conditions of related industries, the technology has not yet been applied on a large scale in related industries, but some industries with concentrated individual users are ahead. Among them, the game industry has huge demand for users to buy and sell game equipment, and game equipment is a digital asset, and the transaction has financial attributes, which is also an ideal scenario for applying blockchain technology.

Together, there have been dozens of blockchain games in China in the past six months, but most of them are pet development games that use pictures and text to explain the rules, and have little entertainment value. There are also online reports that it only takes about five days to copy a blockchain pet game. It is conceivable that the blockchain game copied by such a simple method is difficult to have a sophisticated design, and it is even less attractive to players. There are also other categories in the subdivision of blockchain games, such as real estate games. Users can use tokens in game scenarios to purchase land, services and products in the virtual world, obtain property rights, and stamp on their own land. Building buildings, etc. However, it is rare for such games to be more influential in China.

The combination of blockchain and games was originally supposed to use blockchain technology to improve the convenience and effectiveness of digital asset management in games, thereby improving the overall experience of players, but the current domestic mainstream practice In order to find suitable landing applications for blockchain technology, it is reluctant to implant blockchain technology with simple and rough games. This “blockchain for blockchain” approach will undoubtedly avoid deviating from the game itself from the source. The design intent is actually the pain point of the domestic blockchain game industry.

In fact, many popular games on the market do not have very complicated design ideas. As long as they are extremely simple, they can help white-collar office workers relieve the pressure of intense work. Simple and not sloppy. Games that are simple for users to play tend to put more thought into the game development stage. For example, an Auckland miner game that has recently become popular in New Zealand, uses the mutual assistance of humans and elves in the magical world to connect simple story clues, and uses the beautiful natural scenery in different geographical environments such as forests, caves, and glaciers in Auckland Island as the game art design. The base, although the gameplay is simple, but the picture is beautiful. Players can use game tokens to “hire” miners to mine gold coins. Of course, different miners have different levels of gold mining capacity, and different mining tools will also affect the gold mining effect. The game also has a “stealing” gold coin mechanism, that is, players can invite friends to participate in the game, and when friends are “not in the mine”, they can take the opportunity to steal the gold coins produced by the other party, so as to rapidly increaseIncrease your wealth. Of course, “stealing” also has its own way. As long as the player requisitions a “watchdog” to guard the “mine”, the loss of theft can be avoided. This game segment is very similar to the popular “stealing vegetables” game in the past few years. Although it is not innovative, it caters to the interactive nature of social media, which is also one of the reasons why the game can rapidly expand the overseas Chinese circle. For game users, this kind of game is no-brainer, and you don’t have to pay attention to gain something. Gamers can “steal” people’s gold coins while chatting with people. I believe that this kind of “happiness” is also a lot of players who play this game. A small sense of achievement.

Of course, as a blockchain game, Oakland Miners also provide players with a channel for game profit, that is, while playing the game, players can earn tokens through mining, and at the cost of time and get an appropriate return. This is one of the important reasons why many blockchain games can attract a large fan base.

A brief analysis of the success factors of the Oakland Miner game, including simple game logic, interactive social attributes, token profit mechanism, and finally the art design of the game itself should be mentioned. The original intention of players to participate in the game is to get entertainment and relaxation from the game, so the pleasing art design and the game interface are also the key to the success of any game. At this point, the Auckland Miner game is based on the beautiful natural environment of New Zealand, which has natural advantages and will also help this game to become popular quickly.

⑺ Ready to invest in blockchain mining, seeking platform

NB cloud mine, which is relatively stable.


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