Blockchain Talent Training and Industrial Integration Development Summit

⑴What is the impact and significance of blockchain technology on society

On the morning of November 8, 2019, the 2019 Trusted Blockchain Summit opened in Beijing. Wang Xinzhe, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Shang Bing, Chairman of the Internet Society of China, attended the opening ceremony of the summit and delivered speeches.

Wang Xinzhe pointed out that a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, characterized by the accelerated innovation and integration and penetration of information technology, is booming. The modernization level of governance capacity is of great significance.

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Wang Xinzhe emphasized that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to blockchain The development of the technology industry supports the development of the blockchain technology industry by creating a good development environment, guiding local governments to speed up the pace of exploration, supporting breakthroughs in key core technologies, promoting the implementation of industry applications, and building a perfect standard system, which has consolidated the development of the blockchain technology industry in China. Chain field development foundation.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will accelerate the innovation and development of the blockchain technology industry, vigorously promote the deep integration of blockchain and the economy and society, and give full play to the role of blockchain technology in driving technological breakthroughs, driving economic development, and promoting The strategic role of improving people’s livelihood and promoting social progress has made positive contributions to the realization of the “two centenary goals” and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

2 How to participate in the 2018 Blockchain New Economy Hangzhou Summit

For the G20 mechanism, the Hangzhou Summit is a transition from crisis response to long-term governance. The mechanism of the G20 Leaders’ Summit originally emerged due to the urgent need to deal with the crisis, and the mission of achieving sustainable development in 2030 requires the G20 to shift to long-term governance. This year, the G20 has further improved its governance structure and established more ministerial-level meeting mechanisms to strengthen its long-term governance capabilities. In order to achieve global development, the G20 Hangzhou Summit also invited the ASEAN presidency, the African Union presidency, the NEPAD presidency and the G77 presidency to participate in the meeting, which better reflects the theme of “inclusiveness”.
At present, all countries are in a community with a shared future for mankind, where “you have me, I have you”, and it is impossible for any country to get out of the economic crisis and achieve sustainable development alone. Common prosperity can only be achieved through inclusiveness.

⑶Why Xu Mingxing attaches so much importance to blockchain talents

As a veteran of the blockchain industry, Xu Mingxing has a very forward-looking vision and has experienced the entire blockchain industry. During the development process, Xu Mingxing realized that many domestic cutting-edge industry products still rely on the introduction of foreign technology or direct import. As an emerging industry in the blockchain field, if talents are equally important, but the cultivation of talents is not emphasized, the future of blockchain will be restricted by developed countries due to talent problems like many traditional industries.

⑷ The social or economic significance of the blockchain

First, the blockchain will play the role of “reducing costs for the real economy”. At present, the real economy has high costs and thin profits, resulting in insufficient capital support for the real economy. Among the operating costs, management costs and financial costs account for a large proportion. Blockchain technology can effectively help companies reduce the costs of these two parts.
Second, the blockchain will play the role of “improving the synergy efficiency of the industrial chain”. Enhancing industrial synergy is an important way to promote Chinese manufacturing to the mid-to-high end. However, in many industries, the efficiency of industrial chain synergy is still not high, especially in the field of international trade.
Third, the blockchain will play the role of “building an honest industrial environment”. At present, the construction of my country’s social credit system is accelerating, but in some cases, the process of building trust between partners is still slow, it is difficult to obtain various credit information, and it is difficult for small, medium and micro enterprises to obtain credit loans from financial institutions. Through “transaction on the chain”, all parties can more conveniently check the accurate historical credit situation of the counterparty, and can establish a cooperation mechanism more quickly; banks can also more safely grant credit to enterprises based on transaction records, and promote the resolution of credit management issues. Small and medium-sized enterprises have problems such as “financing difficulties, expensive financing, and slow financing”.
In addition, the blockchain can use smart contracts to avoid default and fraud to a large extent, and can also be combined with blockchain asset wallets for efficient and convenient payment scenarios. As early as in the blockchain circle, there have been many innovation forums and industry summits aiming at the direction of blockchain empowerment of the real economy, and optimizing the implementation in combination with local economic industries. To do a deep integration of the economic industry, use and popularize blockchain assets with the payment method of the magic chain wallet.

⑸ Does the Yuelu Summit help the Loudi blockchain?

That’s a great help.�The Yuelu Summit is undoubtedly the “wind maker” for the rapid development of Hunan’s Internet industry, and it is also a new driving force and new engine to promote the high-quality development of Hunan’s economy. Moreover, the 2021 Yuelu Summit will be held in Loudi from April 16th to 17th.

⑹ During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Chongqing will make efforts in four aspects to build a block chain industry highland

Recently, the reporter from the first meeting of the city’s block chain development management overall coordination mechanism It was learned from the above that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, our city will accelerate the cultivation and innovative application of the blockchain industry in terms of planning layout, industrial ecology, technological breakthroughs, and application integration.
In recent years, the city’s blockchain industry cultivation and innovative application have achieved remarkable results. First of all, the development of industrial agglomeration has accelerated. The Chongqing Blockchain Industrial Park has signed contracts to settle in more than 60 well-known enterprises such as Qulian, Deakin, Jinwowo, and Inspur Cloud Chain, and the industrial agglomeration area has initially formed. There are also bright spots in the demonstration of blockchain applications. The country’s first blockchain government service platform was launched in Chongqing, and the first electronic business license based on blockchain technology was issued. The “Xinghuo Chain Network” super node settled in Chongqing, and Yibaoquan “blockchain + judicial + electronic data storage” “Certificate” system was awarded the Industrial Internet Pilot Demonstration Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
The person in charge of the Municipal Party Committee’s Network Information Office introduced that during the “14th Five-Year Plan”, our city will make efforts in four aspects, vigorously promote the development and management of the blockchain industry to a new level, and build a “smart city” for our city. “The “Smart City” injects new kinetic energy.
In terms of industrial ecosystem, our city will focus on major scientific frontier issues of blockchain, plan to promote a number of major projects of technology application and industrial development, and build a complete blockchain industrial ecosystem. For example, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission will support key blockchain enterprises to carry out key core technology research. The Municipal Big Data Development Bureau will push the city’s blockchain industry into the fast lane with high standards.
In terms of industrial layout, it will rely on Yuzhong District and Liangjiang New District to attract a group of blockchain companies with strong innovation capabilities and great development potential to set up R&D centers and corporate headquarters. Relying on the high-tech zone and the Western (Chongqing) Science City to build the Chengdu-Chongqing Blockchain Technology Innovation Corridor, and promote the pilot application of “blockchain + professional fields” in various districts and counties.
In terms of independent innovation, we will focus on improving the continuous innovation capability of blockchain technology and build an open, inclusive and dynamic blockchain innovation environment. For example, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will continue to strengthen scientific and technological support and promote the establishment of blockchain innovation service agencies. Yubei District will strengthen government planning and guide market players to switch from “Internet thinking” to “blockchain thinking”.
In terms of integrated application development, our city will focus on promoting the deep integration of blockchain with the real economy, in-depth application in the financial field, and extensive application in public services and people’s livelihood. For example, the Municipal Commission of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will accelerate the innovation and development of blockchain + smart agriculture and boost the high-quality development of digital agriculture in the city. The Chongqing Business Management Department of the People’s Bank of China will explore and carry out more pilot application scenarios to serve cross-border settlement and investment and financing facilitation.

⑺ Where is the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit” held

On the 19th of 2018, the “Global Media Blockchain Summit” was held in the Financial Hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The summit gathered more than 100 media and dozens of top industry experts from around the world. At the meeting, everyone witnessed the establishment of the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) and the release of the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative”, and conducted in-depth discussions on the development prospects of the blockchain, industry trends and other topics.

Professor Yu Guoming, member of the Journalism and Communication Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and Executive Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Beijing Normal University, delivered a speech at the “2018 Global Media Blockchain Summit” For the keynote speech on “The Value of Mainstream Media in the Technological Tide”

Yu Guoming said: “For the entire social communication in China and other major countries and regions in the world, including the construction process of blockchain In terms of the communication ecology in the process of development and evolution, the value of traditional mainstream media should also be indispensable. Although its share has really declined worrisomely, such responsibility and value Responsibility should be said to be very important.”

Yu Guoming further pointed out that the traditional mainstream media’s professional adherence, social status granting function and local advantages are its huge advantages. At the same time, with the development of society and Internet technology, blockchain is not only a technology, but also a way of reorganizing society to a greater extent. Yu Guoming said: “In Marx’s words a hundred years ago, it is a technological form based on a new Internet technology such as the ‘Freedom of Free People’. To a large extent, it is a new technology after the Internet technology activates individuals. A new form of upgrading and upgrading of social evolution. Such a new form requires the mainstream media to play an important role in it, because in the regionIn the development process of a new social evolution such as the Chain, it is reflected in the so-called emergent evolution in systems science, that is to say, the micro-power and micro-value released by Internet technology, in the development process and direction A qualitative change is a qualitative turning point in social development, field development, industrial development and market development. ”

Under the witness of all the guests, the Global Media Blockchain Alliance (BIMG) was officially established at the meeting. Ding Laibin, secretary general of the alliance, pointed out in his speech that the blockchain really uses a mechanism to let people see the future Some changes that may occur, and these changes may subvert the current state and make a great leap forward in social efficiency. In this process, the function of the media cannot be absent, it should play a supervisory role, exert a strong role of media public opinion supervision, and allow investment Ding Laibin said: “The media is the public knowledge and conscience of the society, and it is the supervisor of the development of the industry. If we want to fulfill this role, we must be close to the game and stand where the cannons can be heard. So if there was still a little distance between traditional media and blockchain in the past, let us eliminate this distance with today’s summit. The listing of any company is not the end, but the starting point. The same is true for many blockchain projects. From the beginning to the development, a lot of disclosure and planning are required, so that the company can be presented to all the public and investors without reservation. Only in this way can the industry grow healthily and rapidly by being transparent and having a beginning and an end. “

In the “BIMG Hong Kong Initiative” released at the event, Ding Laibin called on the media to join hands and make joint efforts to create a fair and just, legal and honest, vibrant, harmonious and orderly industry public opinion environment; At the same time, the media is encouraged to be open, inclusive, advanced in dissemination, and ecological innovation in the information dissemination in the blockchain field, so as to continuously provide high-quality, high-style, and high-quality information and services.

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⑻ WBFex co-hosted Asia Thousand People Blockchain Summit, do you know where?

Sheraton Shenzhen Grand China Hotel

⑼ Blockchain What is the future prospect of the industry?

The blockchain industry has great growth potential. Five aspects promote the healthy development of technology

Basic overview of blockchain

Blockchain ( Blockchain) technology, as a technical solution to collectively maintain a reliable database in a decentralized manner, has the characteristics of decentralization, tamper resistance, and high scalability. An emerging technology that will have a significant impact on the future, it is expected to push human beings from the information Internet era to the value Internet era.

Some countries and regions in the United States, Japan and the European Union have promoted the development of blockchain to a national level.

It is an important development strategy to vigorously promote the research and development and application promotion of blockchain technology. China also attaches great importance to blockchain technology innovation and industrial development. With the joint participation of IT and other enterprises, a large number of new enterprises, new products and new models have emerged. , new applications, the application of blockchain in finance, government affairs, energy, medical and other industries is gradually expanding, and it is becoming an important force driving technological product innovation and industrial transformation in various industries.

Blockchain development points It is divided into three stages, namely the blockchain 1.0 represented by Bitcoin and related financial infrastructure applications, and the blockchain 2.0 represented by smart contracts. It is the blockchain 3.0 stage for the in-depth application of complex smart contracts.

Statistical analysis of blockchain investment and financing in the first half of the year

Since 2016, the frequency and The amount has increased sharply. According to the statistics of the “In-depth Analysis Report on Business Model Innovation and Investment Opportunities in the Blockchain Industry” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in the first half of 2018, the amount of financing in the blockchain field was about 10.7 billion, a year-on-year comparison with the same period in 2017. The growth rate is 1426%; the number of investment and financing events in the blockchain field has reached 205, and it is expected that the investment in the blockchain field will usher in another peak this year.

Investment and financing rounds from the Chinese blockchain field In terms of time distribution, the investment rounds in the start-up period (before the B round) accounted for more than 95%, and many industry pioneers participated in the investment together, and most companies were still staking their fields.

2014-2018 Half-year block chain block chain investment and financing statistics and growth

Data source: collated by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute

my country attaches great importance to the development and application of blockchain technology. Driven by multiple forces such as policies, technologies, and markets, the pace of blockchain innovation has been accelerating, and it has been deeply integrated with technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things. The scope of exploration and application has also shifted from digital assets to supply chain management, intelligent manufacturing, The industrial Internet, social welfare, copyright protection and other fields are extended and expanded.

Five aspects strive to promote the healthy development of blockchain technology and promote the high-quality development of the digital economy


1. In-depth research and grasp of blockchain technology and industrial development trends. Pay close attention to the frontier trends of international development, jointly promote research on blockchain-related technologies and industries, promote the standardization of industry behaviors for blockchain development, and create a favorable development environment.

2. Strengthen the construction of blockchain core technology capabilities.

Establish and improve the collaborative promotion mechanism between key enterprises, colleges and universities, and research institutions, guide IT enterprises to strengthen technical reserves, accelerate breakthroughs in key core technologies, and improve blockchain performance, efficiency, and security.

3. Support entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of blockchain

Encourage blockchain enterprises and user units to carry out cross-border integration, guide industry organizations to establish public service platforms, and support third-party institutions Carry out evaluation and testing of blockchain services, promote the enrichment of industry applications of blockchain, and serve the transformation and upgrading of the real economy.

4. Actively build and improve the blockchain standard system

Accelerate the development and application of key standards, and gradually build a perfect standard system. Actively connect with international standards organizations such as ITU and ISO, substantially participate in more international standardization work, and actively contribute more “Chinese power”.

5. Accelerate the improvement of the blockchain development policy environment

Support qualified enterprises to carry out application innovation and model innovation, and guide and encourage enterprises, universities and research institutes to jointly cultivate blockchain Professional talents needed for chain development. Support eligible blockchain enterprises to enjoy preferential tax policies for the development of the software industry and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The industry scale is small but the growth potential is huge

The blockchain economy is currently on the eve of the outbreak. The financial industry has a relatively wide range of applications, and applications in other industries have also entered the stage of exploration and development. It is estimated that between 2017 and 2022, the direct market value of blockchain will increase from US$410 million to US$7.68 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 79.6%.

Continuous expansion of industry application fields

The financial industry took the lead in applying blockchain technology, and many financial applications have been implemented; the medical industry is an important field of blockchain application, which can be more It is good to protect privacy, improve service quality and management efficiency; the demand for blockchain in social authentication is rapidly rising to solve the certification problem caused by information asymmetry; the application of blockchain technology in other fields such as communication and supply chain is rapidly expanding .

⑽ Does blockchain really have development prospects?

There is no doubt that blockchain has development prospects, and the necessary condition for development prospects is to enter the mainstream market.

Mat Spoke, founder and CEO of North American blockchain infrastructure The OAN (former Aion Network), published an article on Forbes on July 24 entitled “In order to successfully enter the mainstream market, blockchain projects must In the article “Eat Dog Food”, Matt mentioned his views on how the blockchain should enter the mainstream market – “Eat Dog Food”.

In the technology circle, there is a jargon called “dogfooding” (also known as eating your own dog food), which refers to a company using its own products to become users of its own products. Many high-growth companies (such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) also “eat dog food” for product testing or to help build product credibility. While “dog food” is often used to find and fix bugs, it has another value: creating solid use cases for a company’s product.

This is worth learning from blockchain projects, because blockchain projects often hold the idea of ​​”when they are built, they (users) will come naturally”, and habitually create fresh and interesting The responsibility of the blockchain application is handed over to a third party.

This kind of attitude is so common that even the well-known blockchain summit Consensus 2019 (2019 Consensus Conference) also held an event entitled “Once it’s built, they (users) will come naturally: building a global Blockchain Center” roundtable discussion on how governments around the world can make efforts to attract blockchain projects while balancing regulatory, investment and innovation needs.

In all fairness, this strategy may be effective for blockchains that only target crypto-influencers. This makes even more sense for security tokens, especially exchanges represented by transactions – “supply creates demand” is the norm here, especially given the complex infrastructure required to implement these transactions .

In contrast, “eat dog food” is more likely to be embraced by blockchain project developers seeking mainstream audiences such as those in the financial industry, manufacturing and supply chain, identity management, etc. use. For blockchain technology to enter these mainstream fields, blockchain companies must first “eat dog food”. Not only does this clearly demonstrate that blockchain technology is feasible outside the cryptosphere, it also highlights that blockchain can not only optimize existing use cases, but also create new ones.

And The OAN team is a…�� Upholding this philosophy, and relying on the technology stack of The OAN and Aion built over the years, developed Moves, a fintech platform for independent workers.

Matt said that when developing and developing the Moves product, the team hoped that the relevant functions of The OAN blockchain network can be fully utilized, so the focus will be considered from the following three aspects:


1. How to use The OAN blockchain network to improve the credit efficiency of products.

There are two main considerations for improving credit efficiency: 1) Can we learn from the mechanism of the DeFi market to reduce capital costs; 2) Can we use blockchain technology to increase the trust of the outside world in the credit process of Moves. Here, Moves will form a mechanism that “pools the wisdom of the people”, allowing everyone to contribute to reducing credit risk and increasing the credibility of the credit granting process, possibly even developing a micro-guarantee mechanism in the future. Therefore, users will be able to participate in the market established by the platform as a borrower, lender or guarantor.

2. How to align the interests of products and users.

Specifically, by connecting Moves to The OAN network, with the help of digital asset Aion, a relationship of interests is formed between products and users, so that users can experience Moves personally Whether the product is successful or not, it can also directly participate in the blockchain network that supports Moves – The OAN.

3. How to use Moves to create a precedent for an open system of financial reputation data.

This open system could be a substitute for traditional credit scores or related mechanisms. Banks and financial institutions have been using Equifax, FICO or other similar institutions’ scores as risk indicators for years, and the Moves team believes the product it is building will be a great start – a better, more modern financial The beginning of the reputation system. This is a long-term goal.

Moves supports North American mainstream carpooling, takeaway and other gig economy platforms, and will be the flagship open application developed by The OAN on its blockchain network. In June, Moves has expanded its business operations from its original Ontario to two more locations – Alberta and British Columbia – into western Canada.

The various initiatives of The OAN team adhere to the spirit of “eating dog food” and strive to make blockchain technology enter the mainstream market as soon as possible. Blockchain is not for the niche, but for the mainstream. In addition to The OAN team, many projects and institutions in the blockchain industry are also aiming at this goal. With such an excellent and targeted blockchain, you can Are you saying there is no future?


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