Blockchain technology and quiz industry

① The blockchain technology is so powerful, are there any practical examples, or applications under development?

There are many application scenarios of blockchain, of course, the biggest application scenario Or Bitcoin.
The application of blockchain to the quiz industry is also very good.
Blockchain + quiz industry brings radical changes

Blockchain is no longer just a conceptual term in 2017, but is slowly landing to provide more convenient and advanced services for the public . Blockchain has quickly gained public attention with its features of decentralization, distributed accounting, and immutability. It is well known that the role of blockchain in “trust” is just like the role of the Internet in information. The most missing element of the Internet is the “credit protocol” to determine that each transaction is approved and valid, and blockchain technology can provide the basis for solving this problem, optimizing the way people deal with trust, security and privacy issues.

Based on its ability to improve transparency and protect privacy, blockchain technology can lead to a fairer, more efficient and more accessible global financial system for traditional manufacturing and financial industries. , government departments, and even human society have brought great changes.

Based on the technical characteristics and advantages of blockchain, the WaykiChain team has developed a decentralized quiz application platform – WaykiChain.

② Which industries are blockchain technology mainly used in

Blockchain technology is mainly used in the following industries:
1. Healthcare industry
2. Telecommunications Industry
3. Network security

③ In which industries can blockchain technology be used

Jinwowo Network believes that the main advantage of blockchain is that it does not require intermediary participation, The process is efficient and transparent, the cost is low, and the data is highly secure. So if there is any demand in any of these three areas, there is an opportunity to use blockchain technology.

In the future, Jinwowo will continue to explore the value of blockchain technology in the commercial field, give full play to the advantages of big data services, and add value to user behavior

④ Blockchain technology What are the application industries

Original title: Analysis of the market status and development trend of China’s blockchain industry in 2019, the application is widely implemented to accelerate the construction of digital China

The blockchain industry is entering 3.0 as a whole Accelerating the process of digital China has made great contributions in stages

my country’s blockchain industry has developed over ten years. Basically, a relatively mature industrial chain has been formed. Under the conditions of national policy promotion and increasing demand in downstream application fields, the market scale of my country’s blockchain industry continues to develop, with high geographical concentration and obvious industrial cluster effect. With the increasing maturity of blockchain technology, the blockchain industry is entering the 3.0 stage as a whole. It has performed well in the fields of finance, logistics, copyright protection, etc. It has contributed greatly to promoting my country’s digital construction and accelerating the process of digital China. the power of.

Analysis of the blockchain industry industry chain: many downstream application fields have great potential for development

From the perspective of the industry chain, my country’s blockchain industry includes upstream hardware, technology and infrastructure; Blockchain applications and technical services;

downstream blockchain applications and other links. Upstream hardware, technology and infrastructure mainly provide the necessary hardware, technology and infrastructure support for blockchain applications. Among them, hardware equipment includes mining machines, mining pools, chip manufacturers, etc.; general technologies include distributed storage, decentralization technology, such as transaction, data service, distributed computing, etc.

Downstream application areas include the combination of blockchain technology and existing industries, mainly including financial industry, logistics industry, copyright protection, medical health, industrial energy and many other fields. As an emerging technology, blockchain, There are many downstream application fields and huge development potential.

Midstream blockchain applications and services include basic platform construction and the provision of technical service support, in which basic platform construction is divided into general basic chain and vertical field basic chain; technical service support includes technical support and service support, technical support Support is similar to upstream related technologies, and is responsible for providing buyers with technical support for a series of blockchain-based products such as blockchain security protection; service support includes a series of services such as digital asset trading venues, digital asset storage, and media communities.

Analysis of the industry chain of the blockchain industry

Source: Compiled by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute


my country’s Internet giants have also deployed the blockchain industry one after another. The main entry point is the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. Alibaba, Internet, Tencent, Jingdong, 360 and other companies mostly use their own financial companies. Apply blockchain technology to launch a new model of blockchain + finance to broaden the application scenarios of blockchain technology.

Analysis of the development trend of my country’s blockchain industry

1. With the continuous development of my country’s blockchain technology and the continuous expansion of blockchain application fields,In the future, my country’s blockchain industry will show that blockchain will become the forefront of global technological development, opening up a new track for international competition;

2. The blockchain field will become a new hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship, and technological integration will expand New space for application;

3. The blockchain will be widely implemented in the real economy in the next three years, becoming an important support for the construction of digital China;

4. The blockchain will create a new platform economy, opening a new era of sharing economy;

5. Blockchain accelerates the process of “trusted digitization”, and drives the financial “from virtual to real” to serve the real economy;

6. District The blockchain supervision and standard system will be further improved, and the industrial development foundation will continue to consolidate the six major development trends.

⑤ What are the current application industries of blockchain technology?

Finance, logistics, copyright protection, etc. For more exciting application issues, you can pay attention to the SMIC blockchain service platform for real-time Understand

⑥ Which industries can the blockchain technology be mainly used in

Jinwowo network analysis believes that the application of blockchain technology can be considered from these aspects:
District The main advantages of blockchain are that it does not require intermediary participation, the process is efficient and transparent, the cost is low, and the data is highly secure. So if there is any demand in any of these three areas, there is an opportunity to use blockchain technology.

⑦ What is the difference between WaykiChain and traditional quiz platforms

Compared with traditional quiz platforms, WaykiChain decentralized quiz applications will stand out in this industry.
Centralization VS Decentralization
Traditional quiz platforms are all centralized business models, operated by institutions or a company. When the institution or company runs away due to operational problems or the actual controller’s personal reasons, the participating users will have to bear the losses caused by it. Therefore, when users participate in such a centralized quiz platform, their funds are not protected.
WaykiChain quiz application adopts blockchain technology, inherits the characteristics and advantages of blockchain technology, and is a decentralized platform. Therefore it is not controlled by any direct stakeholder group. WaykiChain quiz application uses distributed ledgers to record quiz information, so no one can tamper with the quiz records on the application, and it is even more impossible to manipulate false quiz results. So there will be no bookmakers to control the rate of return or deliberately manipulate the market, and there will be no bookmakers running away. Users who participate in the quiz on WaykiChain will have no worries. This makes the results of the quiz more fair and just. This is also the benefit of adopting blockchain technology.
Insecure VS Safe
Traditional betting activities are regulated in some countries, so many betting platforms are hidden underground. These platforms are not protected by the law, which not only brings a lot of insecurity to the guessers, but also puts the guessers in a weaker position. And in this case, platform operators will have a greater bargaining power, which will further squeeze investors.
When building a quiz application on WaykiChain, legal supervision will be largely avoided. Because WaykiChain uses the digital currency issued by WaykiChain to participate in the quiz instead of legal currency. In this way, legal supervision is reasonably avoided. Moreover, WaykiChain will spread out multiple nodes around the world, so that the network will not be destroyed and cannot be captured. The anonymity function brought by the blockchain will also help users to play games more safely.
Low rate of return VS high rate of return
Because the traditional quiz event is operated by a third party, the operator will extract a certain high fee. Regardless of whether the participants agree or not, this part of the fee needs to be borne by the participants. And the return on the final guess is usually around 70% through this traditional platform, which is very unfair to investors.

The WaykiChain quiz application puts the interests of users first, and the quiz return rate can be as high as 99%. This is because WaykiChain is jointly run by all nodes and users, so there is no organization similar to traditional operators to divide up the benefits that quiz participants should obtain. Therefore, participants can obtain the highest rate of return in the whole network on WaykiChain quiz application. And the quiz released through smart contracts will fundamentally solve the problem of trust between participants, allowing more people to participate.

⑧ What are the main application fields of blockchain technology

Answer: The main application fields of blockchain technology include the financial field, the Internet of Things and logistics, the field of public services, and the field of digital copyright , insurance and public welfare.

First, the financial field

Blockchain has potential huge application value in financial fields such as international exchange, letter of credit, equity registration and stock exchange.

Second, the field of Internet of Things and logistics

Blockchain can also be naturally combined in the field of Internet of Things and logistics. Through blockchain, logistics costs can be reduced, the production and delivery process of items can be traced, and the efficiency of supply chain management can be improved.

3. Public service fields

Blockchain is closely related to people’s production and life in public management, energy, transportation and other fields, but the centralized nature of these fields also brings some problems. Blockchain to transform.

Fourth, the field of digital copyright

Through blockchain technology, works can be authenticated to prove the existence of text, video, audio and other works, and to ensure the authenticity and uniqueness of ownership sex.

V. Insurance field

In terms of insurance claims, insurance institutions are responsible for fund collection, investment, and claims, often with high management and operating costs.

VI. Public welfare field

The data stored on the blockchain is highly reliable and cannot be tampered with, and is naturally suitable for use in social welfare scenarios. Relevant information in the public welfare process, such as donation projects, fundraising details, fund flow, recipient feedback, etc., can be stored on the blockchain, and conditionally transparent and publicized to facilitate social supervision.

⑨ Which industries can blockchain technology be applied to?

Blockchain technology can be applied to many fields and scenarios, including some social management fields It is necessary to further broaden the horizons of research and development of blockchain technology.
In the future, Jinwowo Network Technology will focus on promoting the legal circulation and commercial application of big data with blockchain technology.


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