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1. Why does the Wang Binggan model use the blockchain?

Voice of the Century Group and Jiajin Hezhi Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated to complete the research on Wang Binggan Golden Wine, Wang Binggan Red Wine, and Wang Binggan Blue Wine. Development and application of the latest global traceability tracking system. The application is linked to the Ant Financial Blockchain, which can be tracked and inquired globally. Just pick up the mobile phone and get close to the sealing chip of the wine box, and all the information of Wang Bing dry wine will automatically pop up. From the Moutai town winery to the packaging workshop in Guiyang, to the distribution center and logistics routes, everything is at a glance. The blockchain traceability technology ensures that all information is safe and effective, and no one can tamper with it, ensuring the absolute authenticity of each bottle of wine.

2. Is there a good blockchain mining machine to recommend?

Recommend GYM mining machine, the world’s first smart mining machine with titanium chips, specifically for Internet mining needs Design, upgraded products of traditional mining machines, more perfect in all aspects.

3. Which of the private enterprises in the military industry include electronic blockchain chips?

There should be several connected to the electronic area with free shipping, you can search on the Internet .

4. What are the famous blockchain public chains in China

Little Yi Blockchain, Laikelib, etc., it seems to be very interesting.

5. What is the core technology of the DMTC agricultural traceability blockchain

The core technology of the agricultural traceability blockchain is: one is the decentralization of the blockchain (distributed in the network Medium), non-tampering and other features ensure the safety and reliability of data. The second is to directly communicate with the node through the intelligent monitoring device in real time, store the relevant data in the node, and broadcast it to the whole chain. The traceability of blockchain establishes a traceability mechanism for agricultural products

6. Blockchain plus Internet of Things, direct service and tobacco group, which stock is the money printing factory

Everything In the era of interconnection, the value of data is becoming more and more important, and the integration and innovation of IoT + blockchain will become a new industry trend. Using the secure and trusted execution environment of IoT terminal devices, IoT devices can be trusted on the chain, so as to solve the problems of IoT terminal identity confirmation and data right confirmation, and ensure that the data on the chain is deeply bound to the application scenarios. The blockchain can ensure data security and privacy protection. The IoT network completes identity verification and access authorization, and has the characteristics of non-tampering and traceability of data on the chain. Taking the blockchain operation mechanism as the market rule for data market right confirmation and transaction can solve the “pain point” of data privacy and make standardized transactions in the data market possible, which is the basis for the deep integration of IoT from data collection to scenario application.

Blockchain + Internet of Things has a broad space for development
Blockchain + Internet of Things industry and global economic development complement each other, and intelligent application scenarios are increasingly rich. The application of the Internet of Things industry is mainly divided into three main lines: industry, consumption and people’s livelihood. The impact on the global economy is increasing and the development prospects are broad. Among them, the industrial and consumer Internet of Things are basically developing at the same time, working together from the supply side and the demand side to help various industries to achieve comprehensive transformation and upgrading. The Internet of Civil Affairs starts from the fields of security, fire protection, and public utilities, and deploys Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IOT) technology nationwide to support applications such as smart cities, shared bicycles, and smart agriculture, and build a three-dimensional city based on the Internet of Things. information collection system. Blockchain empowers a variety of industry applications, making the Internet of Things further develop towards the in-depth integration of scene applications.

With the help of blockchain service infrastructure, enterprise blockchain module alliance, etc., it combines blockchain with AIoT and TEE technologies to create an Internet of Things with distributed intelligence. The blockchain integrates technologies such as AIoT and TEE to provide a trust mechanism and privacy guarantee for distributed intelligent networks, promote the deep integration of online and offline, and spawn a large number of related basic network services.

7. What is the blockchain and its application in the automotive field

1. The decentralization, transparency and trust of blockchain technology is to solve the problem of current automotive Problems such as industry user privacy leakage, poor maintenance service dispersion, and irregularities have brought opportunities. The key to the application of blockchain in the automotive field lies in the construction and integration of the car identity and user credit system to create car logos, to completely record key information in the process of car manufacturing and use, to promote the standardization of the traditional automotive industry chain, and to establish a reliable system for car companies. The service platform quality control system and optimized inventory dynamic management provide users with better repair, maintenance and used car transaction services. Combined with car identity and personal credit, it is connected to the blockchain system, which can transform the original car sharing business process. In the future, as the underlying technology, blockchain will be combined with edge technologies such as the Internet of Things and big data to realize the secure interconnection of different smart devices, continuously improve the processing capability of blockchain technology, and accelerate its application in the field of autonomous driving and intelligence. application.


3. Blockchain system information is transparent, tamper-proof, and can be forged. This can effectively solve this problem, which will have a profound impact on the financial Internet of Things, supply chain, government services and other fields. Due to its transparent, reliable and traceable characteristics, blockchain technology can build car identity, completely record the source of auto parts and production processes, sales channels, use and maintenance, vehicle positioning and other data to promote into the traditional automotive industry chain “Research Production, supply and marketing after the market” standard. At the same time, a tamper-proof and secure encryption user credit system can be constructed through the blockchain to record the information, storage and integration of online transaction information and credit evaluation of users such as asset information, user information, and user behavior. Because the application of car retailing, leasing, sharing and other scenarios is essentially an extension of the personal credit system, the blockchain system will eventually bring information such as identity, user credit and service history to the owner and correlate with the car’s identity to improve the security of interconnection. It can realize the application of blockchain automatic driving in the fields of car networking and vehicle sharing.

8. The world’s first Internet of Vehicles blockchain, IOV Blockchain, was officially opened to the world in Huangpu, China

Beijing time on January 14, 2020, Guangdong Zhongke Intelligent Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the global open source of the underlying technology of the Internet of Vehicles blockchain and the launch of the ecological service system in Huangpu, Guangzhou, and released the underlying technology platform of the Internet of Vehicles blockchain IOVBlockchain to the world. With the MDPoS algorithm and cross-chain technology, it officially became the fourth The representative platform of the blockchain algorithm technology, ranks among the top ten blockchain underlying technology platforms in the world. In just two months after the company settled in Huangpu, the number of blockchain technology patent applications has reached 11.2% of the number of applications from the People’s Bank of China, and 1.3% of the world’s largest blockchain technology patent application company Alibaba, becoming Guangzhou The Huangpu blockchain industry has been successfully incubated and is the backbone of the global blockchain technology competition. Zhongke Company, Guangzhou Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone Operation Center, and Zhenbao Bus Group signed a tripartite agreement on blockchain technology application cooperation at the press conference, which has become another important scenario for the application of blockchain technology in Huangpu District.

The technical infrastructure route in the development process of the blockchain industry is particularly important, including core content such as underlying algorithm capabilities, open source service capabilities, ecosystem development capabilities, industry standardization processes, and digital chip industry applications. After long-term scientific research incubation, Zhongke Company has completed the open source of the underlying blockchain algorithm and launched the ecological service system. In 2020, it will start the standardized construction of the Internet of Vehicles blockchain and the design and development of digital chips. The launch of IOVBlockchain’s open source and ecological services marks that the underlying technical strength of China’s blockchain is changing the global competition for a new generation of information technology. In terms of underlying technology and business ecology, as one of the core technology representatives of blockchain, it leads China’s blockchain industry and become a Chinese force participating in global competition.

The conference was guided by Guangzhou Huangpu District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Guangzhou Blockchain Industry Association, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Blockchain Alliance, BLOCKCHAIN728, and Guangdong Auto Supplies With the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the Internet of Vehicles Branch and other units, more than 100 representatives from industry organizations and blockchain core enterprises attended the press conference and participated in technology docking activities.

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9. At present, in addition to virtual currency, is there any specific application of blockchain technology in other fields?

For example, the multi-party secure computing of light tree technology based on blockchain technology The platform has achieved financial-grade deployment. , their “Tianji” trusted data collaboration framework comprehensively utilizes multiple technologies such as blockchain, TEE, zero-knowledge proof, data encryption and other technologies to achieve complete implementation.


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