Blockchain voting system

“One” What is the nature of the blockchain system?

In the blockchain system, it is necessary to describe ownership, protect ownership, store transaction data, and distribute the ledger to an untrusted environment , add transaction records to the ledger, and decide which ledgers determine the truth.
Bitcoin is a typical blockchain system, you can study it carefully to understand which one is better

“II” blockchain system is better

It is recommended to choose micro three The cloud block chain points system, using Tencent block chain as the underlying technology is guaranteed, and has many application scenarios such as e-commerce, knowledge payment, content payment, online education, cloud platform, etc., which has been recognized by many enterprises

『Three』What are the components of the blockchain system

Generally speaking, the blockchain system consists of data layer, network layer, consensus layer, incentive layer, contract layer and application layer.
Among them, the data layer encapsulates the underlying data blocks and related technologies such as data encryption and time stamping; the network layer includes distributed networking mechanisms, data dissemination mechanisms, and data verification mechanisms; the consensus layer mainly encapsulates network nodes The incentive layer integrates economic factors into the blockchain technology system, mainly including the issuance mechanism and distribution mechanism of economic incentives, etc. The contract layer mainly encapsulates various scripts, algorithms and smart contracts, which is a blockchain The basis of programmable features; the application layer encapsulates various application scenarios and cases of the blockchain. In this model, the timestamp-based chain block structure, the consensus mechanism of distributed nodes, the economic incentives based on consensus computing power, and flexible and programmable smart contracts are the most representative innovations of blockchain technology.

『4』 The purpose of voting by the city of Moscow using the Ethereum blockchain technology

The first real milestone should be a local election, The ultimate goal is national elections.

At a time when public trust in government agencies in Western countries is declining at an alarming rate, Russia’s government under Putin is taking steps to try to strengthen popular trust in its systems.

Russia’s democratic system has a long history, but the legacy of corruption left over from the disintegration of the Soviet Union and subsequent plundering by the Western world during the Yeltsin era is still a big problem.

Russia’s rollout of the system coincided with the “global sensation that US Special Counsel Mueller formally indicted 13 Russians and 3 Russian entities for meddling in the 2016 US presidential election”. when. To anti-democratic forces, the incident made Mueller look more like an exploitable fool.

While Washington’s bigwigs are still unhappy and complaining about an election result they don’t like, Russia is moving to ensure that one of Joseph Stalin’s most frequently quoted maxims – “the one who votes” The people decide nothing, the people who count the votes decide everything” does not apply to Russia.

『Wu』Which company is more familiar with the blockchain system

Shengshi Huacai company is more familiar with the blockchain system,
This company has patient service and good technology

『Lu』 What are the better blockchain operating systems/public chains in China?

Nowadays, the most powerful technology should be BOSCore, which was done by technical experts in the EOS community before. , the technology is very powerful, the 3-second transaction speed is the fastest in the world, you can go to the official website to learn more about it and see the white paper. It is my honor to accept my suggestion, thank you, I wish you a happy life!

『柒』 Excuse me, what does the blockchain system do

Blockchain is for everyone to come together Maintaining a “decentralized” ledger This ledger is a logical concept, each node independently maintains its own ledger data, and the so-called public ledger means that their respective ledger data must be consistent and consistent. It’s the public ledger. I recommend Shengshi Huacai, which is a professional financial IT solution and technical service provider, and has done a relatively good job in blockchain.

『渌』What is the blockchain point system

Many malls will have a point system, and consumption of points has become a very common marketing method. The application of the blockchain is derived from the point system. Through the blockchain point system, 1. The credit issuance process of the points can be built to increase the credit, which lays the foundation for circulation; 2. The security deposit paid by the bank and customs of the blockchain points is endorsed by the exchange; 3 , From service-oriented to user-oriented, users can transfer and exchange independently, blockchain is responsible for matching, and points act as market decisions; 4. Realize traffic exchange; 5. Import ecological incentive mechanism. At present, the most powerful technology developers in the domestic blockchain point system technology development are Weisanyun and other technology developers.

『玖』Does anyone know how to conduct online voting through the Shenzhen Stock Exchange trading system?

Weichen Software shared five tips on the development of the blockchain exchange system for you mode. For different companies�The blockchain exchange systems to be developed are different, and we can provide customized services for you according to your specific requirements, and the price is also quite favorable. If necessary, you can contact us through the contact information. The first time to give you a briefing and business introduction.

『Pickup』 Which voting software uses blockchain technology now?

I have also used some voting software, but I have not seen what technology the software uses, look upstairs The introduction feels quite good, and I will learn about blockchain-related things later.


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