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❶ Is Wua Zhilian Asset Coin a pyramid scheme?

It is a brainless thing done by a brainless person, and now it has changed its name to make a Ping An Token.

❷ What are digital assets

Digital assets are owned or controlled by enterprises or individuals, exist in the form of electronic data, and are held in daily activities for future use. Non-monetary assets sold or in the process of production. The generation of digital assets benefits from office automation. The development of digital assets relies on electronic payment systems, and its prospects are foreseeable.

The network accounting, office automation, electronic payment system platform, etc. in the network age make the current production methods have the incomparable advantages of traditional production methods, but in real life, they only rely on magnetic media to exist A sequence of “0” and “1” codes. Although they are digital commodities, they reflect the nature of assets, so they might as well be called digital assets.

Extension information:

Characteristics of digital assets:

1. Expensive. Since these special-purpose application software is specially developed for a specific job, its cost is relatively high, and the price is not lower than the price of a fixed asset such as a factory building.

2. Strong attachment. Application software must be supported by computer hardware and system software before it can function, but cannot exist and function independently.

3. Strong interaction. Even the simplest application software has certain interactive functions, such as prompts for operator errors, which is the most basic manifestation of the superiority of products in the IT industry.

4. The number is unlimited. Digital assets as assets are scarce (because not all businesses or individuals can create digital assets), but its supply can be infinite. Tangible assets are always limited due to the limitations of the company’s property and storage space.

5. Decreasing costs. The production cost of tangible assets increases in direct proportion to the production quantity. The cost of digital assets is mainly in the early stage of research and development and the sales expenses and other operating expenses incurred during the sales process. Due to the unlimited output of digital products, the development cost is allocated to the output according to the traditional financial accounting method. Therefore, The cost of digital products is getting lower and lower as the sales volume continues to expand.

Factors affecting the future returns of digital assets:

(1) Macroeconomic environment. If the entire social environment is stable, the economy is prosperous, the degree of information industrialization is high, the enterprise development space is large, and the sales channels are wide, then the development and sales of digital assets will have a good environment guarantee.

(2) The market share of the enterprise. If an enterprise already occupies a certain market share in its industry, the enterprise has a good market reputation, a stable consumer group, and the launch of digital assets is more easily accepted by consumers, thereby increasing the possibility of obtaining benefits.

(3) Human factors. From the perspective of the enterprise itself, digital assets belong to the intellectual achievements of human beings. Talents with comprehensive technology, innovative awareness and development ability are the key to ensuring the competitiveness of enterprises in the digital asset market. From the perspective of consumers, their expectations for commodity returns , estimates of application scope, and risk appetite will all affect the sale of digital assets and their earnings.

(4) The management level of the enterprise itself.

Reference: Network–Digital Assets

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