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A. Blockchain will have a sexual impact on our daily lives

Blockchain will have a sexual impact on our daily lives
Distributed ledger enthusiasts have long ago This claim was made to people, but blockchain still affects every aspect of our lives. After all, this is the biggest innovation in computer science, and while it faces a lot of opposition, there are plenty of opportunities for exploration.
Blockchain does not only exist in Bitcoin and finance
In order to make more people in the world understand the concept of blockchain, one of the ways is to write a book to explain its concept and impact. There is a new book called “Blockchain” that touches on this issue and will be released on May 5th.
As one would expect to learn about blockchain from this book, one can refer to the best-known example of blockchain as the basis for the Bitcoin protocol. However, based on the source nature of distributed ledgers, there is a lot of room for innovation, and companies can explore how distributed ledgers affect our daily lives.
From 2015 to 2016, with all the venture capital pouring into the blockchain market, it was only a matter of time before the distributed ledger project came to fruition. However, there is still the question of when blockchain will become a global trend and not just a small market where players are not sure what they are going to do with it.
Most people are aware of the impact blockchain has on the banking industry, through faster and cheaper means of transferring funds. Some blockchain enthusiasts even believe that distributed ledgers will usher in cashless in the next few years, that is, pairing cash with a digital copy. Whether this will happen remains to be seen, but it’s very likely.
Let’s look further, this technology will impact some recent sex business models. Airbnb hired ChangeTip employees for its blockchain initiative. However, as we often see, the company has no plans to use Bitcoin in the near future.
But content creators can profit from this technology, just as they can attract fans around the world and make money with their creativity. Bitcoin may have played a role in this process, but as the only global payment solution available today, it does not require the involvement of banks or participation in financial services.
Last but not least, it’s about data privacy. Distributed ledgers are inherently transparent, and solutions must allow users to reveal or hide as much or as little data as possible. One possible outcome is giving users complete control over their data, enabling it to be sold to the highest bidder, rather than letting companies collect it for free.

B. What should be paid attention to in the selection of blockchain projects

In the bear market of blockchain, how to find truly valuable blockchain projects? It will be explained from the following aspects:

1. Use the blockchain security technology testing center to see if it is a pyramid scheme currency, air currency

Any project no matter how advanced the concept is boasted , How exaggerated the propaganda slogan is, it still depends on technology to return to the essence. A blockchain project without technology is like the emperor’s new clothes, and needs a mirror that reflects the emperor’s new clothes – blockchain security technology Testing Center.

Ulord public chain technology provider Tianhe Guoyun is one of the important sponsors of the Blockchain Security Technology Testing Center. The code auditing function it provides is the identification of blockchain projects by the Blockchain Security Technology Testing Center Good and bad weapon. Code auditing is a knowledge base for automatic auditing of blockchain codes with the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which can improve the efficiency of code auditing and solve the security problems of smart contracts. The blockchain code audit business prevents digital asset security accidents by evaluating the quality of blockchain projects, exchanges, wallets and smart contract codes, and provides services such as code revision measures and security protection deployment. It is reported that in addition to automatic auditing, Tianhe Guoyun blockchain code audit can also customize expert team projects to conduct comprehensive audits to help investors identify “fake projects” to a greater extent.

2. Look at the team of the blockchain project

The blockchain field can be regarded as a comprehensive field, involving cryptography, mathematics, economics and even social management. Subject. We have a reliable team. I also mentioned above that the Ulord project has gathered a large number of high-level R&D and operation personnel.

3. Not just hype the concept, but also apply it to the ground.

There are many start-up companies in the blockchain field. If you want to become a few high-quality projects that are widely recognized, it is not feasible to speculate on concepts or theoretical sets. Only projects with hematopoietic ability and landing work are good projects.

Currently, the DAPP Ushare, an application based on the Ulord public chain, has been officially tested on October 15th. UshareYouxiang is the world’s first decentralized experience value sharing platform, the first DAPP based on the Ulord public chain. Through a decentralized consensus mechanism, an open, fair and impartial content evaluation system will be built to encourage high-quality experience producers and experience-sharing disseminators, so that the value of high-quality experience flows.

Nearly 100 teams and projects are negotiating and cooperating with the Ulord public chain.

4. The community has the attribute of autonomy

Whether the community has the attribute of DAO (distributed autonomous organization), this is naturally suitable for the blockchain,

Governance of the community. Whether it is the operation mode of the community or the organizational form of the developer community, it is actually a process of quantitative change to qualitative change. Everyone has realized the important role of the community.

Ulord adopts a community autonomy model that “everyone can participate and everyone can contribute to the ecology”.

We will have some new community governance models, including the collaboration of some developers, and the collaboration model of a large-scale open source community will be born and flourish.

The incentive system mainly includes three aspects: first, participating in bookkeeping; second, providing contributions to network resources; third, participating in community building. As mentioned above, in the bookkeeping part of our entire budget system, POW+PoS accounts for 60%, 10% for participating in open source community code contributions, and 10% as an incentive for community operations. Therefore, we hope that more people can participate in the construction and promotion of Ulord. We hope to be a platform, but the dividends obtained by this platform should be shared with everyone to the greatest extent, which is also fundamentally different from Internet products.

C. Is blockchain a virtual currency?

Regular blockchain companies are not coins, and blockchain traceability combats fake and shoddy information.
In the past two years, the word blockchain has become very popular, and blockchain e-commerce will undoubtedly be the biggest outlet in the next decade. However, the industry is full of chaos. Many people think that the blockchain is a currency, and there are many misunderstandings about the blockchain. So before talking about the blockchain, let’s talk about the idea of ​​the blockchain.
Blockchain is now understood by most people as “coin”, there are too many coins in the currency circle, Bitcoin is this coin and that coin. In fact, blockchain and currency have nothing to do with it. It is a technology, a business ecology, and an idea. It is mainly used in every field. It is extremely similar to the Internet. Talking about blockchain now is like the Internet twenty years ago. What did we talk about on the Internet twenty years ago? Talking about its technical architecture, operating system, language, server, etc., it was said that Internet e-commerce was deceptive at that time, because many people had not been exposed to this aspect. In fact, many people are now the same about the blockchain, especially after being messed up by the currency circle, they have a great misunderstanding of the blockchain.
When did the Jiuzero blockchain start? Jiu Ling started to inspect and prepare since 2016, and has about half a year to inspect all aspects of the blockchain. In 2017, it began to fully invest in the field of blockchain. 2020 is already the fifth year, and a lot of experience has been gained and a lot of results have been achieved in application. We have never played with coins or engaged in ICO. In the first few years, we didn’t make a lot of noise, but we did a good job of technology, built a platform, and a good browser, and applied it in terms of traceability. We have been doing a good job in the application of traceability since 2017, and many products have been launched; in 2018, more than 10,000 products were used in traceability, and in 2019, we took it a step further, and this year, it went even further. All open. So at the beginning, we used it in the field of traceability. Since 2018, we have used it in the entire blockchain ecosystem, including blockchain traceability, blockchain invoices, sharing economy, supply chain finance, and general points. We have fully entered this field, and we are relatively mature and fully implemented.
Why is the blockchain popular now? Why does the development of blockchain reach the height of “idea”? This is in line with the trend of the times.
Let’s review the history of China’s economic development in recent decades. The wealth of Chiang Kai-shek’s era was concentrated on the local tyrants and evil gentry and warlords, while Mao Zedong liberated most of the common people to be peasants, and uniting the majority of the people was more suitable for the situation in China at that time, so he defeated Chiang Kai-shek, overthrew the bureaucracy of the local tyrants and evil gentry warlords, and put their Wealth was redistributed, productive forces developed again, and revolution and distribution were completely re-distributed. Mao Zedong truly served the people and allowed them to live a good life. Entering the era of large collectives, people go to work in the countryside to earn work points.�How much food can be divided. In the era of Deng Xiaoping, I felt that this was not right. It might be because of inefficiency. After eating a big pot of rice, the reform and opening up was implemented. After the reform and opening up, the fields were allocated to households according to the number of people. Passion is stimulated, which increases production and efficiency. After the reform and opening up, commercial and industrial enterprises began to develop.
It can be seen that economic development is based on the needs of the times. After decades of reform and opening up, China has moved from the traditional economic era to the e-commerce Internet economy. Now that the blockchain has come out, it is also because of the new problems of wealth distribution in the Internet era.
In the Internet era, social wealth is highly concentrated on several platforms, such as Ali, Tencent, Internet,, etc. Internet e-commerce leaders have too much discourse power in finance, resource monopoly, and products. powerful. Social development has completely lost its balance, and the distribution of wealth is uneven, making the rich get richer and the poor poorer. Those without money include the entire industrial enterprises in China. Except for the monopolized central enterprises, most enterprises are now very poor. It is difficult to survive. At this time, there needs to be another commercial revolution, and the productive forces must be redistributed and readjusted. It just so happens that the blockchain is born in response to the needs of the times.
The rules and mechanisms of the blockchain are completely open and fair. They cannot be tampered with and decentralized. The oligarchs of institutions are removed to form a shared economy for common development. Why does the government support the blockchain so much, because the government can fully enter the blockchain field for supervision, and the privacy of individual citizens can be protected. Personal information on the Internet cannot be protected, while personal information in the blockchain is in your own hands. In the era of Internet e-commerce, oligopolistic institutions have monopolized information resources, and there are too many counterfeit and shoddy products and too much false information for us to distinguish.
At this time, the rule mechanism of blockchain decentralized supervision came into being. Blockchain is not only a technology (some improvements and enhancements have been made in the technology of the original Internet), but more importantly, it is used in applications to solve problems that cannot be solved by the Internet, traditional e-commerce, and traditional ecology, such as traceability. The traceability in the Internet era can be faked. A traceability source code can be posted anywhere, but the traceability of the blockchain is different. The technology of the blockchain is real, and everyone can participate together. Through distributed storage, each participant All people can get these data, and then all things can be traced, including products, invoices can be traced, including a message sent by a person can be traced, stored, and fidelity.
Blockchain traceability starts from raw materials, then to production and processing, to warehousing, sales, etc. Every link must be visualized throughout the process, with pictures, videos, and text, and every link will be left behind. link traces. This kind of mechanism can make everyone completely trust and be fair, open and transparent when there are too many fakes and shoddy products and lack of trust. In short, what the blockchain wants to solve is the problem that the Internet can’t solve.
When it comes to blockchain, the first thing that many people think of is Bitcoin. What Bitcoin actually does to the world is to come up with a set of rules and mechanisms. Bitcoin itself has no value, it has no product and no support. But its technology and concept are very good, because this technology cannot be faked, the source code of this technology is open source and can be shared, and its technology uses the idea of ​​​​blockchain.
As soon as the rules and mechanisms of blockchain came out, they were sought after by everyone, but they have been muddled by coins in the past few years. That kind of coins is simply deceitful. Everyone does not trust the blockchain, because everyone does not know enough about the blockchain, thinking that the blockchain is the currency. Because you want to understand a field, just like Jiu Zero blockchain has entered its fifth year, every day is engaged in blockchain ecology, blockchain traceability, blockchain digital points, blockchain technology development, The development of blockchain browsers, etc. In this field, we are still learning, because it is very difficult to learn thoroughly in a field. The reason why we are very motivated in the past few years is because we know that it is a big trend and coming. Just like the Internet 20 years ago, many people didn’t believe it, didn’t understand it, and turned a deaf ear. But 10 years ago, big companies like Tencent, Alibaba, and Huawei rose up. At the same time, this opportunity is in front of us, can we seize it? Well, this is a question worth thinking about.
Finally, I want to make it clear to everyone that the blockchain has nothing to do with coins at all.
For a formal blockchain enterprise, the government has requirements and certification standards.
Standard: 3 basic requirementsA family-level blockchain park registered company with paid-in registered capital and dedicated blockchain R&D funds), 4 landing application standards (must have blockchain browser, website, blockchain application scenarios, and blockchain) chain products), 5 kinds of blockchain professionals (blockchain finance professionals, blockchain digital professionals, blockchain credit management professionals, blockchain software development professionals, blockchain encryption technology professionals, Employees with a bachelor’s degree or above who have been employed for more than one year) can receive 6 basic subsidies.
In the blockchain industry, there are at least tens of thousands of people who make coins and do ICUs. They all say that they are regular, but can they show these documents? The document states that as long as a company has a digital currency or ICO, it is not a blockchain company.
Under the background of this era, the idea of ​​blockchain, rules and mechanisms, decentralized supervision, and privacy and confidentiality distribution can protect everyone’s interests, redistribute productivity assets, and prevent interests from being too concentrated in certain For oligarchs and institutions, let everyone participate together, let everyone play their own energy together, fight counterfeiting, tax evasion, and counterfeit transactions, and create an ecosystem that protects the interests of the common people, is conscientious, and can provide hematopoietic functions. This is the real purpose of blockchain.

D. What is the group leader?

Somewhat similar to a chat tool like qq, except that other currency functions are added to obtain currency through tasks

E. An easy-to-understand introduction to what a blockchain is

Blockchain is a chained data structure that combines data blocks in a sequential manner in chronological order, and cryptographically Guaranteed immutable and unforgeable distributed ledger. Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is the use of blockchain data structures to verify and store data, the use of distributed node consensus algorithms to generate and update data, the use of cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and the use of automated scripts. A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm for programming and manipulating data using smart contracts composed of code.
The underlying technologies of digital cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Putin, and Ethereum are all blockchains, and they are all just an application of blockchains.

F. What are the knowledge payment platforms?

There are various knowledge payment platforms on the Internet. Since 2016, which is called “the first year of knowledge payment”, the types of knowledge payment platforms have also increased. More and more diverse:

For example, the question-and-answer network asks coffee, big coffees can share their experience, insights, knowledge, and skills with users who need them, and their slogan is an appointment to discover a new world. The column-type Douban Time is a paid column presented in the form of audio and text. There are also tool-based, such as Meiyue Education, which provides specialized knowledge payment and small program solutions for the education industry.

Nowadays, many practitioners will choose tool-type platforms to build their own exclusive knowledge space, and some practitioners who chose traffic platform-type in the early stage have also turned to build personal platforms. The platform (you can refer to Wu Xiaobo Channel), the reasons behind it, on the one hand, is that it is not easy for traffic to be absorbed by the head V, on the other hand, the exclusive knowledge space can realize the precipitation and retention of fans.

G. What is NFT

In simple terms, non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, are proprietary digital assets. Therefore, no non-fungible token is the same. Let’s explain it this way, when we send 1 BTC to the user and receive 1 BTC, nothing changes for us. That’s because every coin is the same, which makes it a fungible digital asset. NFTs are like Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. It’s unique and that’s what makes it valuable. There are no other paintings in the world.

Again, each NFT stores some form of metadata, making it a unique entry on the blockchain. That said, even NFTs on similar blockchains are not interchangeable.

How does a unique cryptocurrency empower its owner?

NFTs come with a mechanism to store rich metadata that goes beyond token symbols, supplies, names and balances. It also stores asset and ownership details. Therefore, owners and future buyers are guaranteed a provenance.

NFTs became the talk of the town in 2017 with the release of CryptoKitties.

What is the value of NFT?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the development of NFTs.

Attempts to create NFTs on the blockchain began as early as 2013, when Color Coin was built on Bitcoin. However, the first technical standard for NFTs emerged in 2017. Its name is ERC721. That is, it is not the same as ERC20. This is because ERC721 tracks the ownership and movement of individual tokens. This is what makes non-fungible tokens unique and valuable.�reason.

CryptoKittes, the cat breeding game, is the first successful implementation of ERC721. Therefore, each ERC721 represents a unique digital kitten. The most expensive CryptoKitty traded at $172,625 in 2017 (600 ETH at the time).

This is when big giants like Google Ventures realize the power of NFTs.

Recently, a blockchain startup, Enjin, partnered with Microsoft to create a crypto collectible called Microsoft Azure Heroes. We will use it as an example to illustrate how NFTs work in the real world.

In the real world, NFTs have some extremely potential use cases in art, antiques, vintage, property ownership, and more. There are a number of main reasons why gaming became the first industry to push for the actual implementation of NFTs. That’s because the stakes are low and gamers are already familiar with the concept of digital collectibles.

Future iterations of NFTs will likely link physical assets to these cryptocurrencies to enable trustless transfers in the real world. As an example, identification certificates and software licenses can be traded as NFTs.

Many projects are already proposing better NFT standards such as ERC115, ERC875 and ERC998.

Highlight the characteristics of non-fungible tokens:

They are exclusive to the owner.

They are not interchangeable with another identical NFT;

Each NFT has its own unique characteristics;

Each NFT represents ownership, rights and Privileges;

NFTs are indivisible.

How NFTs work

NFTs can work in a number of ways. Here, we’ll use an example of the latest digital collectibles from Microsoft. Many developers are using the Microsoft Azure platform. Now, they can win digital collectibles on the blockchain.

A total of five badges have been developed by Enjin and are powered by the blockchain. Each badge will be available in limited quantities and will be awarded to individuals who make valuable contributions to the Azure platform.

H. Blockchain drives the future: Can society really be programmed?

Recently, “three o’clock” is very popular, but the blockchain is even more popular.

Since the “94 Incident”, the policy for the currency circle has been tightened day by day. In contrast, the “chain circle”, which has rarely spoken before, has become popular. Regardless of the media or the market, in social circles large and small, various voices discussing “blockchain” emerge one after another. Finally, this year’s Spring Festival, the popularity of “three o’clock sleepless blockchain” has brought this wave to its peak.

Finally, let’s end with a quote from Zeng Ming (Chairman of Alibaba Group Academic Committee, Director of Education of Lakeside University), let’s feel Mr. Zeng’s surging vision for the future:


Today, what we are doing is that when an economic ecology has not yet been born, it is necessary to write the trust consensus into the program. What an earth-shattering thing! We are designing our own destiny! It’s almost like we have a CRISP tool trying to genetically encode it. Just like the fundamental challenge of artificial intelligence in cracking the human brain, the challenge of blockchain in designing the economic system co-evolved by human society will also be fundamental and revolutionary. Because it directly confronts human nature. Only by understanding Token at this height can we have enough awe and a true sense of mission for the historical opportunities and challenges we face.

I. Is the blockchain very popular now?

The answer is as follows:

The application is as follows:
1. Mobile development direction
2. Blockchain R&D direction
3. Internet of Things direction
4. Back-end development direction
5. Front-end development direction
6. Shangxuetang has a complete system of blocks chain video.
Please accept it!


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