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1 On the Boao Forum, Lending Bao Wang Lu analyzes where to find the hot content of blockchain in the financial sector

You can read online news, and major media have shared it.

2 What are the topics of the 2017 Boao Forum for Asia

On January 9, Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General of the Boao Forum for Asia, announced in Beijing that the 2017 Boao Forum for Asia 2017 The annual meeting will be held in Boao, Hainan from March 23 to 26, with the theme of “Facing the Future of Globalization and Free Trade”.

How to promote reform is also one of the key topics of the 2017 annual meeting. Relevant topics include: supply-side reform, labor market reform, medical reform, land system reform, fiscal and tax system reform, green revolution in the financial industry, business reform, education reform, the fourth industrial revolution, capital market and real estate market de-bubble, asset securitization , deleveraging, etc.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and new economy are the new highlights of the Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting in recent years. This annual meeting arranged more than ten sub-forums related to the new economy, covering industrial design, urban personality, sharing economy, Silicon Valley innovation, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, digital currency and blockchain, financial technology, Entrepreneurship and capital, Internet cars, live broadcast economy, etc.

⑶ How did the Boao Asia Blockchain Forum pretend to die

On the morning of May 28, a special actor played Mao Zedong to participate in the 2018 Boao Asia Blockchain Forum The video was forwarded in the circle of friends, and the actor said in his speech, “I thank you in the name of Mao Zedong.” According to the information introduced by the organizer, the organizing committee includes investment institutions such as Panda Capital, and the event is supported by blockchain media such as Mars Finance. The Beijing News reporter was informed that Panda Capital and Mars Finance issued a clarification statement afterwards, saying that they did not participate in the event and did not cooperate with the forum. At the same time, the organizing committee issued an announcement stating that the actors’ remarks do not represent the organizing committee, but only a part of the performance.

According to the “Notice on Prohibiting the Use of the Image of Party and State Leaders for Commercial Promotion” issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, it is prohibited to use and The images, inscriptions of party and state leaders (including resigned or deceased party and state leaders), and any manifestations involving the names of party and state leaders; enterprises are prohibited from using the names and images of party and state leaders to carry out Any form of commercial promotion and promotion activities shall not use the images and inscriptions of party and state leaders (including resigned or deceased party and state leaders), or use special actors to promote products or services in the image of leaders.

Content sourceThe Beijing News

⑷ What is the personal profile of Chen Lei, the former CEO of Xunlei

Chen Lei, graduated from Tsinghua University with a bachelor’s degree, owns Dirk He holds a master’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University. He used to be the CEO of Xunlei Group, the CEO of Wangxin Technology Company, and the President of Tencent Cloud Computing Company.

In 2014, he was awarded the Most Influential Person in China’s Cloud Computing of the Year, and in 2015, he was awarded the Outstanding Person of the Year in the Internet Industry. In 2016, he was named the Most Influential Person in the Cloud Computing Industry. In 2017, he was named the global blockchain leader. In 2018, he won the “Ram Charan Award for Management Practice” from Harvard Business Review; and was invited to attend the “Boao Forum for Asia Conference” to interpret open innovation from the perspective of blockchain.

2020 In April, Chen Lei no longer served as the CEO of Xunlei Group and its subordinate Xunlei, Wangxin and other affiliated companies, and was still a member of the board of directors.

On October 8, 2020, Xunlei announced that Chen Lei, the former CEO of Xunlei, etc. The Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau has filed a case for investigation of Chen Lei and others who are suspected of the crime of occupational occupation.

(4) The Boao Forum Blockchain Giants Extended reading:

Social impact:

In 2012, the three businesses in charge of Chen Lei won three of Tencent’s most important awards in 2012: one major technological breakthrough award, two major business breakthroughs Award. In 2012, he won the Outstanding GM Award from Tencent.

On the evening of September 17, 2014, at the Shanghai International Convention Center, the list of the “Cloud Ding Award” of the 2014 Global Cloud Computing Conference China Station was finally announced. Chen Lei, President of Tencent Cloud Computing Company, won the “2013-2014 China Most Influential Person Award”.

On March 16, 2015, at the 10th TFC Global Mobile Game Conference, Chen Lei’s speech Under the leadership, Tencent Cloud won the “Golden Apple Award for Best Cloud Service Provider in the Game Industry”.

On October 26, 2018, under the leadership of CEO Chen Lei, Xunlei’s transformation case won the “Harvard Business Review” Ram Charan Management Practice Award.

On July 2, 2019, Lei Chen, CEO of Xunlei Group and CEO of Wangxin Technology, was once again invited to attend the World Economic Forum’s 2019 Annual Meeting of New Champions, saying that block The blockchain provides a new protection model for user data.

⑸ What are the representatives of the current blockchain alliance inventory?

In the past two years, blockchain alliances have emerged. Who are the representatives?
In the early stage of the development of the blockchain industry, many enterprises and institutions formed a blockchain alliance to share the research results of blockchain technology and seek wider application of blockchain technology.
In the past two years, blockchain alliances have emerged. As of July 2017, there are currently R3 composed of more than 40 international banks, hyperledger initiated by the Linux Foundation, located in the core of China’s Internet The Zhongguancun Blockchain Industry Alliance in the hinterland, the China Ledger Alliance co-sponsored by 11 institutions, the Golden Chain Alliance jointly established by 25 financial institutions, the Russian Blockchain Alliance known as the “Russian version of R3”, seeking cooperation with WeChat The blockchain micro-finance industry alliance at the financial integration point, the Qianhai International Blockchain Ecosystem Alliance led by the Shenzhen Qianhai Authority, and the Lujiazui Blockchain Financial Development Alliance located in Lujiazui.
Everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high, and many institutions and talents join in to promote the vigorous development of the blockchain.

⑹ Four questions to uncover the true content of the blockchain: what kind of technology is it?

Four questions to uncover the true content of the blockchain: what kind of technology? What can be changed?
Is there such a feeling that all the explanations of the blockchain always make people feel cloudy and foggy? Even Yang Kaisheng, the former president of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, who has studied blockchain for many years, bluntly stated at the Tsinghua University Blockchain Application and Investment Forum that the blockchain is becoming more and more incomprehensible and more mysterious.
In fact, the blockchain is just a technology, not as omnipotent and mysterious as the legend. Abandoning the hype and the obscure technical terms, we try to uncover the truth behind the blockchain through these four questions.
What kind of technology is blockchain?
Blockchain is a very important patch in the history of Internet development
What is blockchain?
The “China Blockchain Technology and Application Development White Paper 2016” issued under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology explained: Broadly speaking, blockchain technology is to use the blockchain data structure to verify and store data, and to use distributed node consensus algorithms. It is a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and use smart contracts composed of automated script codes to program and manipulate data.
In the book “Linking the Future”, the author wrote more simply and clearly, “In a word, blockchain is a technology that can greatly reduce the cost of commercial social credit. In a distributed ledger, once the data is recorded, it is preserved forever and cannot be changed.”
The weak centralization and tamper-resistant properties of the blockchain have always been the most valued by blockchain enthusiasts. two characteristics. In the eyes of industry insiders, this will largely solve the problem of trust.
“If it is said that blockchain can subvert everything, I think it is too much.” Top Found founder Liu Siyu believes that blockchain is a very important patch in the history of Internet development. The Internet solves the problem of efficiency, and the blockchain can solve the problem of fairness to a certain extent.
In his opinion, the incident of Facebook’s data theft has aroused people’s attention to data security, and if data and credit assets are uploaded to the chain, any unauthorized centralized organization will not be able to obtain these data. , users have the right to control their own data, and data security is also guaranteed.
Not only that, people in the industry believe that the fair future of blockchain may also be reflected in Token. Previously, this term was translated into “token”, that is, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. Insiders prefer to translate the word as “incentive mechanism”.
“When Token is no longer a currency for speculation, but a reward mechanism for users on blockchain applications, then it will become a good way to solve the problem of fairness.” An industry insider He said that Token is inevitably generated during the operation of blockchain technology, and how to use it in the most reasonable way is a problem that needs to be considered in future supervision and application projects.
However, can this kind of ledger technology really improve efficiency?
Further research is needed, at least for now. As Yang Kaisheng said, Bitcoin transaction settlement is completed seven or eight times per second, which is too slow. “Frankly speaking, in the operation and management of today’s banks, this is unacceptable for banks, and it is also unacceptable for the majority of customers and the public.”
In fact, there are already blocks that are better than Bitcoin. With the emergence of chain processing methods, the settlement capabilities and application development of digital currencies such as Ethereum and EOS are generally considered to be superior to Bitcoin in the industry.
Tang Ling, founder and CEO of Zhigui Technology, predicted at the “Node · Symbiosis GBA Global Blockchain Technology Application Conference” that the next-generation blockchain system should be a multi-chain and multi-economic model.�Architecture, to do cross-chain interaction, and ultimately to do trusted databases and trusted data sources.
What can blockchain change?
At least many people believe that the blockchain will reconstruct the financial system
Speaking of the blockchain, it seems that everyone is talking about the blockchain can change the world and is an important force leading the future development of science and technology in the world. But what exactly can blockchain change? It may be that many important business formats will be reconstructed.
At least many people believe that the blockchain will reconstruct the financial system of the current world. In fact, blockchain technology was born in finance, and it can solve the problem of integrity in the process of financial transactions.
Financial people like to use bills as an example. In the past few years, it is not uncommon for the bills stored in the bank to become newspapers, and the news that the bills worth hundreds of millions of yuan disappeared. If the immutable and traceable properties of the blockchain are used, such absurd things will not happen.
Industry insiders believe that blockchain finance can implement the principle of contract through technical methods and solve the problem of trust. Through consensus protocols and programmable smart contracts, mutual trust can be established and credit can be created, commercial terms agreed by all parties to the transaction can be formulated and executed, and legal rules and supervisory control nodes can be introduced to ensure that value exchange conforms to contract principles and legal norms, avoiding Unpredictable transaction risks.
Industry people generally believe that blockchain is the use of technical trust to enhance commercial credit, which is conducive to maintaining financial integrity. It will have an impact on payment, credit reporting, currency form and many other aspects.
In addition to finance, people in the industry generally believe that blockchain may also play a role in insurance, medical care, education, real estate, even judicial activities, charity and other aspects, and establish a more transparent and secure network system.
3 Questions
How far has the blockchain developed?
It is still at an early stage of development, but some companies are using the guise of blockchain to hype themselves
“No matter from any point of view, blockchain can generate great value in the future, which is why all The reason why people are actively researching.” Li Feng, head of the Internet Finance Blockchain, said, but the current research and application of blockchain technology are only in the trial stage, and the current blockchain technology does have great deficiencies.
According to Li Feng, from the perspective of the technical level of the industry, there is still a lot of room for improvement in terms of the performance of blockchain technology, its integration with business, and the underlying technology algorithms. Today, the infrastructure for the blockchain is still not completed, and the blockchain still has a long way to go before it can be widely used.
In fact, looking at the layout of the three Internet giants of BAT on the blockchain, some applications have begun to gradually land. But most are still in the R&D stage.
Since 2016, Ali has tried to use blockchain technology in the fields of charity tracking, cross-border food supply chain, and medical care. And last year established the “BASIC” strategy to open up blockchain technology. This year, Ali also launched Luxury Pavilion, a luxury goods platform. The raw material production process, circulation process, and marketing process of commodities are all written into the blockchain.
Tencent Cloud released the blockchain TBaaS white paper in early April this year, relying on Tencent Cloud to establish blockchain services. At the same time, Tencent also established a joint laboratory with the Bank of China last year, and the two parties will conduct comprehensive cooperation based on blockchain and big data.
It is worth noting that the research on blockchain technology is still going on. The industry generally believes that blockchain technology is still at an early stage of development, but there are indeed some companies that use the guise of blockchain to hype themselves.
What opportunities can blockchain bring?
This feast will obviously no longer belong to speculators
In February of this year, the People’s Daily article on blockchain ignited the enthusiasm for blockchain technology across the country. Dou Jiali, a researcher at Peking University’s Guanghua Financial Technology Laboratory, wrote in the People’s Daily that the birth of the blockchain will greatly reduce the cost of value transmission, and once again greatly liberate productivity, the opportunity of the blockchain should be seized.
At the 2018 Boao Sina Finance Night·Zhenghe Island Night Talk, Xunlei Group CEO Chen Lei said that the innovation of blockchain has changed the social organization structure, giving China an opportunity to surpass the United States and Western countries. “In the development process of the electronics industry, the communication industry, and the Internet industry, China started later than the United States and Western countries. The blockchain is really a very important opportunity, because China started almost at the same time as the Western world.”
And Wu Ying, chairman of Zhongze Jiameng Investment Fund, believes that the opportunities brought by blockchain are beyond the imagination of many people, and are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of times that of the early days of the Internet.
In Wu Ying’s view, capital should support those “real entrepreneurs”. In the field of blockchain, the so-called real entrepreneurs are not only those who “want to work for a long time.”��”, and more importantly, “people at the technical level”. He believes that blockchain is very suitable for people who really understand Internet technology to start a business. They start from making products and starting from the lowest level of technology. The new blockchain technology platform.
However, this feast will obviously no longer belong to the speculators: for the average investor, the blockchain concept may no longer be an easy place to make money. Renowned financial commentator Wu Xiaobo predicts that the retail-oriented blockchain fever will become the biggest investment joke of the year. He believes that the financial derivative of investment opportunities seems to give everyone the opportunity to share the dividends of technological change, but in fact, it It is more of a trap for speculators.
In other words, only by returning to technology itself and developing technology rather than deceiving oneself can technology be truly applied to the world, and technology can give full play to its maximum value to serve people. It will bring practical and effective positive effects to the further development of China’s economy.

⑺ What is the origin of LeEco Finance Wang Yongli invited by the 2016 Boao Financial Forum?

Now is the Senior Vice President of LeEco Holdings , the president of LeEco Finance, who used to be the vice president of Bank of China, is it clear? I hope my answer is helpful to you.

⑻ How can the blockchain industry develop faster

Analysis of the development trend of blockchain by micro-three clouds
1. Blockchain has become the forefront of global technological development, opening up a new track for international competition;
2. New hot spot, technology integration will expand new application space; 3. Blockchain will be widely implemented in the real economy in the next three years, becoming an important support for the construction of digital China; 4. Blockchain will create a new type of Platform economy, opening a new era of sharing economy;
5. Blockchain accelerates the process of “trusted digitization”, and drives finance to “go from virtual to real” to serve the real economy;
6. Blockchain supervision and standards The system will be further improved, and the foundation of industrial development will continue to be consolidated.
In addition, as an emerging technology, the application of blockchain in the actual production environment of the financial industry still has many technical difficulties, such as throughput, scalability , consensus mechanism, privacy and security, manageability, etc..
Technological innovations such as blockchain are of great significance to the financial industry, and are expected to accelerate the process of “trusted digitization” and continue to drive finance “from virtual to real.”

⑼ What is the standardization of blockchain technology

In September 2016, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Committee (ISO/TC). 307), responsible for formulating international standards in the field of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. In March 2017, China Electronics Standardization Institute assumed the domestic technical counterpart of ISO/TC 307. In December 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Organize the establishment of the National Blockchain and Distributed Accounting Technology Standardization Technical Committee, and the secretariat is responsible for the China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute. At present, the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization is responsible for software testing whether the blockchain system complies with the blockchain standards. After the test is passed, relevant certificates are issued. The Shenzhen blockchain industry will accelerate the standardization development. On June 11, 2020, the 4th China Blockchain Development Competition and Guangdong Symposium on Blockchain National Standards and System Testing Standards was held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen was the first to be established.

⑽ What exciting content did Jidaibao share in the 2018 Boao Forum

Yes, financial technology, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other exciting content


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