Bought 2000 yuan shib

① If shib falls sharply, what is the risk of buying virtual currency

Shib falls sharply, and the risk of buying virtual currency is very high.

1. There is no limit on the rise and fall of virtual currency, and the position may be liquidated in one day;

2. The virtual currency has not been recognized by any country, which is a huge political risk;

3. Tesla’s stoppage of bitcoin payments has caused other virtual currencies to plummet, which once again calls into question the value of bitcoin.

Virtual currency has gradually entered everyone’s attention, from disapproval to questioning to acceptance by some people, and now it is no surprise that the virtual currency has risen or fallen sharply for many people. How much feeling, because many people have seen more such scenes. The shib plummets, and the risk of buying virtual currency is very high, because virtual currency does not have any limit on the rise and fall, which leads to the fact that virtual currency can be liquidated in one day. This risk is unacceptable for many people; virtual currency has not received any country. This is a huge political risk; the most important thing is that Tesla, which previously supported bitcoin payment, has stopped bitcoin payment, which has caused the value of virtual currency to plummet, which is also a huge risk.

Third, Tesla’s stop of bitcoin payment has led to questioning the value of virtual currency again

Tesla’s Musk should be the most optimistic about bitcoin One of the people, because of Musk’s platform, more people see the charm of virtual currency, but Tesla’s suspension of bitcoin payment has called the value of bitcoin into question, which is why virtual currency has plummeted.

②What will happen to ryoshi in the future

There is no specific explanation for what will happen to nyoshi in the future, but it is on the rise this year. According to CoinMarketCap data, since May 7, the price of SHIB began to skyrocket like a rocket, increasing dozens of times within three days, and the market value has reached $10 billion, ranking 20 times as much as cryptocurrencies.
24-hour trading volume reached $8 billion. Subsequently, this joke-like currency rose by more than 251% within 24 hours, and was temporarily reported at US$0.0000183, or about 0.0001 yuan, ranking first on the list of major exchanges.
Expansion data
①One of the most absurd things is that just one tweet is enough to make an air coin suddenly explode.
On May 7, Tesla’s independent director and former chief investment officer of Japan’s pension fund Hiroichi Mizuno tweeted: “Investors can trade Shiba Inu coins on a short-term basis, but don’t treat their Shiba Inu pet dogs like this.” Musk Immediately respond: “I’m looking for a Shiba Inu.”
What does it mean to find a Shiba Inu? Why look for a Shiba Inu? Perhaps it was because Musk was too impressed with cryptocurrency investors by bringing Dogecoin to cryptocurrency investors. Plus, there happened to be a Shiba Inucoin (SHIB), so it was too late to figure out the true meaning of this tweet. Investors’ investment Enthusiasm was instantly ignited.
②As of May 9, the daily trading volume of SHIB reached 40.3 billion yuan, a surge of 1297.64%, and its market value soared 359.31%. The hot market once caused major trading platforms to suffer short-term downtime, and made it to the hot search list on Weibo with the topic of #SHIB surge#.
Several screenshots widely circulated on the Internet show that a Wechat netizen named Sui Shengchao Gimo posted in the group that a friend bought 1,000 yuan SHIB in August last year. Because of the low unit price, he directly took over 720 billion yuan At noon on May 10th, the SHIB in hand had soared to 20 million. When it rushed to the trading platform Binance, the 20 million turned into 80 million, and it directly earned “half a cool”.
The price of SHIB is increasing wildly at a rate visible to the naked eye. Under the huge profits and the ever-changing situation, some people simply give up their judgment. In the temporarily formed SHIB group under the hot search on Weibo, someone simply bought tens of thousands of SHIB and deleted the software directly, leaving only the sentence “My life is up to me”, then quickly quit the group and tried to copy it Previously, the legend of big guys hoarding Bitcoin to get rich.

③ Can Huobi buy shib?

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-04-21

④ Cryptocurrency Shib soars, do you know Shib?

Recently, a news about “cryptocurrency Shib soaring” has aroused heated discussions among netizens, and made a lot of noise on the Internet. uproar. Recently, our Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not only building cars, but also on a TV show to play the role of a virtual currency expert and talk about virtual currency. Recently, virtual currency has also risen very exaggeratedly. Before, Dogecoin rose by 470% in a single month in April, and then SHIB rose several times in two days. It was very fun to play. So why is SHIB able to rise so much? Let’s find out.

1. The wave of virtual currency

In recent months, with the rise of bitcoin, people are paying more and more attention to virtual currency. More, see the virtualThere will be more people who want to make huge profits in currency, so there will be more people participating, and more people will participate, then more funds will enter the market, and if more funds enter the market, then the stock price will rise. Recently, this is the case.

The above is my opinion on this issue. It is purely personal opinion and is for reference only. If you have any different opinions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss it together.

⑤ How much is 200 billion SHIB in RMB

Summary Hello, 1SHIB, the current price is $0.00003639.

⑥ I bought 12 SHIB*3, why can’t I sell it?

I want to sell it myself, it’s really rare! If the price is too low, the sellers do not want to offer it, and if the price is high, the buyers think it is too expensive! It’s almost as if you don’t lose money, so it’s good to get your money back!

⑦ SHIB fell sharply, have you ever bought virtual currency?

I have, and this time when SHIB was listed on an exchange, I also got involved.

For those who don’t pay attention to virtual currency, the virtual currency SHIB may be a bit unfamiliar, because it is originally an altcoin, which is an air currency imitated from Dogecoin. This time I also invested in SHIB. The account originally had some floating profit, but later there was a small loss due to the failure to stop the profit in time.

Let me talk about the slump of SHIB first.

Around May 12, SHIB was listed on an exchange. Originally, the price of SHIB was around 0.000009. On the day of listing on the exchange, it rose to 0.00038 in just a few hours. Some people who bought earlier may have doubled about 40 times. For those who bought later or even chased high, they may be miserable. Some people even bought at a high of 0.00038. In the short term, these people’s accounts can lose at least 20% or more.

⑧ Is Shib Dogecoin so popular recently? How to buy Dogecoin Dogecoin?

This year’s currency circle Dogecoin is very Hot, familiar recipes, familiar tastes, and now, virtual currencies are once again in a frenzy. When major weighted varieties such as Bitcoin are consolidating, hundreds of altcoins ushered in a carnival moment, the story of “get rich overnight” And quietly circulated in various communities.

In the beginning, it was Dogecoin DOGE, which was soaring that people couldn’t understand it; then it was “shit currency” SHIB, which increased by 280,000 times this year; the highest one-day surge was 500%, and now it is LOWB again. In just a few days, it has increased 60 times. In addition, the Akita Inu coin AKITA has increased by 840 times, and the pig coin PIG has increased by 656 times… Various animal coins have been born, and the popularity is very high. See you soon.


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