btc four years to cut production

Ⅰ Will Bitcoin fall back below $2,800 after the halving in 2020?

No, definitely not,
I have 3 bitcoins, anyway, save it first , will not come out in the short term

Ⅱ What will be the impact of the Bitcoin halving and why 2020 will be called the “halving season”

In 2020, the mainstream currency will end At present, three coins of ETC\BCH\BSV have completed the halving, and there will be BTC\DASH\ZEC in the future. Because there are many halving coins, all circles call 2020 the halving year, etc.
2020 is the third halving of Bitcoin, and the mining reward of Bitcoin will change from 12.5 BTC per block to 6.25 BTC. Under the condition that the currency price remains unchanged, the income of miners will decrease. Inflation across the network is reduced.

Ⅲ Will Bitcoin fall below $4,000 before the halving in April 2020?

According to the current technical level analysis, it will not fall below $4,000, and it is in an upward channel. However, external factors cannot be ruled out. You can open positions in batches

Ⅳ Will the price of bitcoin fall below $5,000 after the halving in 2020?

The price of bitcoin is still volatile this year.

ⅣWhen will the production of Bitcoin be reduced?

The production will be reduced every 4 years, and the next time will be in 2020. Today is the next halving on 12.5.

VI The countdown to the halving of Bitcoin production begins. What will happen to the currency price in the near future?

Fundamentally speaking, the price of course depends on the relationship between supply and demand. As mentioned earlier, the total amount of Bitcoin is limited. The specific method is that its reward is halved every four years, and the next halving time is just in July in recent years. When there is a change, it is also the time when its price fluctuates greatly

VII What is Bitcoin (BTC) Halving

Based on these two Situationally, price volatility appears to occur within 18 months of each halving. However, the data is still insufficient to perform proper analysis and build price prediction models.

Will history repeat itself?

It is important to note that 2012, 2016, and 2020 were vastly different in terms of the number of Bitcoin holders, market capitalization, regulations, and the overall cryptocurrency outlook. For example:

Market Cap: Nov 2016 -> $11 billion, Dec 2019 – $132 billion.

Daily volume: November 2016 -> $84 million, December 2019 – $17 billion.

The stakes are higher this time around due to increased public awareness of Bitcoin and interest from institutional investors. Despite the launch of many other cryptocurrencies since 2016, BTC’s dominance remains at 66.6%. Therefore, it is unlikely that Bitcoin miners will switch to other coins, which means that the halving may affect the Bitcoin price in the long-term.

However, the main takeaway is that there is a certain correlation between Bitcoin reward halving and ex post price volatility. These supply changes happen every 4 years, and it’s interesting to monitor its impact on Bitcoin’s price.

Ⅷ Will the halving of Bitcoin in 2020 be good for the price?

The halving of Bitcoin is good for the price, but there is no definite time when the good will be reflected in the price. Everyone knows that the price will rise, but when it will rise and where it will rise, everyone is guessing.

IX Will Bitcoin fall below $2,000 before the halving in April 2020?

From the perspective of the trend, BTC needs a decent step back, because since the last big drop After bottoming at 3800, it has rebounded to the present, and there has not been a second step back trend. Therefore, there are certain hidden dangers in the short term, and it needs to be retraced again, perhaps back to around 5000.
Of course, next month will be the cycle of production reduction. After two months of production reduction, the market will usher in the market. Therefore, if there is a short-term retracement, it will be a perfect low point.

In 2020, it is better to buy bitcoin ETF funds!

1. This year’s bitcoin production will be reduced, theoretically X2
2. Mining machines should be updated, theoretically X2
3. The current price of bitcoin is 7000X4=28,000 US dollars (production reduction this year) After the expected price)

During this period, the return comparison between holding the spot and ETF funds:

1. Buying the spot and holding, earning 4 times
2 , Buy ETF funds, the income can start from 12 times, and the highest can reach more than 30 times (smart position adjustment + fund compound interest calculation)

There is no doubt that the Bitcoin ETF launched by BitOffer is the best investment choice!

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