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Ⅰ 5 homophonic jokes

ears are here
The newly appointed magistrate is from Shandong, because he wanted to hang up his son, he said to the master: “You can buy me two bamboo poles. .”
Master heard the “bamboo pole” in Shandong dialect as “pig liver”, and hurriedly agreed, hurried to the butcher’s shop, and said to the shopkeeper: “The new county magistrate wants to buy two pig livers. , you are a sensible person,
You should know it in your heart!”
The owner is a smart person, and he understood it immediately. He immediately cut two pig livers and gave him a pair of pig ears.
After leaving the butcher’s shop, the master thought to himself: “The master told me to buy pig liver, and of course the pig ears are mine…” So he wrapped the hunting ears and stuffed them into his pocket. The magistrate said: “Report to the lord, I bought the pig liver!”
The magistrate saw that the master bought back the pig liver, and said angrily: “Where are your ears!” Answered: “Ear…ear…here…in my…my pocket!”

There is a “machine” available
A salesman goes to Guangzhou on business , After arriving in Beijing, because he wanted to go by plane, because he was afraid that the manager would not agree with the reimbursement, he sent a telegram to the manager: “There is a chance, take it or not” The manager received the telegram, thinking that the “opportunity” for the deal had arrived, Immediately called back: “You can take a ride.”
When the salesman came back from a business trip to reimburse the travel expenses, the manager did not agree to the reimbursement of the air ticket fee because of the insufficient level and the provisions that the flight would not be reimbursed. The salesman took out the When the manager called back, the manager was dumbfounded.

A meeting in the village
A meeting in the village, because of the homophony, the village chief said: “Rabbits, shrimps, don’t make melons, pickles are too expensive. “(Comrades, villagers, don’t talk, now the meeting is on.) The host said: “The pickles, please sausages and melons.” (Now, the township chief is invited to speak.) The township chief said: “Rabbits, shrimps, today’s If the dog eats the rice, everyone is a king.” (Comrades, the villagers, today’s rice is enough to eat, everyone should use a big bowl)

See the chicken and make it
Once upon a time, there was a landlord who liked chicken very much. The tenant rented the farm of his family. He couldn’t just pay the rent. He had to give him a chicken first. There is a tenant named Zhang San, who pays rent to the landlord at the end of the year and rents the land for the second year. When he left, he put a chicken in a bag, and after paying the rent, he told the landlord about the second year’s tenancy. The landlord saw that he was empty-handed, and he turned his eyes to the sky and said, “There are no three kinds of land for this land. .” Zhang San understood the meaning of this sentence, and immediately took the chicken out of the bag. When the landlord saw the chicken, he immediately changed his mind and said, “Not to Zhang San but to whom?” Zhang San said, “Your words have changed so quickly!” The landlord replied, “That sentence just now is ‘nonsense (chicken) talk) ‘, at this moment this sentence is ‘doing it by chance (chicken)’.”

The principal got angry
The principal was furious at the inefficiency of personnel administration at the school meeting at the end of the semester . He said: “The person in charge of the director’s business is ignorant; the person in charge of personnel management is unconscious; the person who is an officer is incompetent!”

Ⅱ This bitcoin-related tweet is actually worth a Tens of thousands!

Without a little precaution, the price of Bitcoin broke through the 20,000 mark yesterday, setting a historical record of 20,460 yuan. This time, Bitcoin has attracted a wave of fans with its strength, and the attention has reached a new level!

Bitcoin price chart from 2014 to the present, from Coin Bank

However, any investment in the world is risky. Bitcoin’s high yield also corresponds to higher risk, as Mark Cuban said: I am not doubting the value of Bitcoin, I am doubting the valuation of Bitcoin. Therefore, when investing in Bitcoin, you must do a good job of strategic analysis and master the stop-loss and stop-loss functions of the currency bank.

And Mark Cuban is not the only NBA team owner interested in Bitcoin. According to reports, the owner of the Golden State Warriors once recommended bitcoin to 70,000 fans, becoming the first fan in the NBA to publicly support bitcoin.

Then the question is: According to this trend, when will the NBA’s annual salary be paid in the form of Bitcoin?

III Is it true that Apple co-founder has liquidated Bitcoin?

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed that he recently sold lost all his bitcoins. Wozniak had previously bought bitcoin for $700 a piece.

According to reports, Wozniak revealed the news during a conversation with the forum moderators at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm, Sweden on January 24. He said he didn’t want to be someone who just stared at numbers.

Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1976 with Steve Jobs, who died in 2011. In this regard, Wozniak told a black joke in the above-mentioned forum. He said that the Apple organizational chart he had seen earlier showed that he still reported to Jobs.�� He’s dead, so I won’t be fired. ”

On December 26, 2017, the market price of Bitcoin surged to a high of about $19,343 a piece, and then gradually fell in shock. After Wozniak revealed that he recently sold Before January 24, when all bitcoins were lost, the lowest price of bitcoin occurred on January 22, at about $10,772 a piece.

So if Wozniak was in Bitcoin sold after reaching the highest market value in December 2017, then the amount he earned per Bitcoin should be between $10,071-18,643.

ⅣBitcoin fluctuated last night on OKEX Xu Mingxing clarified BCC and BCS The dispute

On July 23, OKEX, a platform under the well-known domestic digital trading platform OKcoin, issued an announcement stating that considering the high possibility of the BIP91 fork and bitcoin cash being born at the same time, the platform will combine the two The upcoming bitcoin codes are named BCS (BIP91), BCC (bitcoin cash), and the bitcoins before the fork also use the BTC code. Starting at 22:00 on July 23, 2017, until the end of the fork stably, OKEX will support the spot trading of old BTC by BCS and BCC.

After the announcement was issued at 14:30 on July 23, the market reacted violently, and the price of bitcoin fell from 18,699 yuan to 18,699 yuan. 17,380 yuan, a drop of 7% within 5 hours. Investors have questioned this behavior.

On the evening of July 23, through the coordination of insiders, OKEX founder and CEO Xu Xu In response to the relevant doubts, the star forwarded the reply of the OKEX Hong Kong team on Weibo. The content is as follows:

1. BCC adopts dynamic difficulty adjustment, which will definitely happen and cannot be avoided, but it can only be counted as an altcoin , has little to do with BTC.

2. The platform only lists BCC, not BCS, which will lead to unilateral transactions and price distortion (which has already happened), driven by the interests of miners, and will definitely increase the computing power to mine BCC, which is more likely to lead to a split.

3. The simultaneous transaction of BCC and BCS can reflect the real demand in the market. If the price of BCC is very low, it can even be ignored, and the price of BCS is close to BTC, there will be no Miners go to mine BCC.

4. If BCC still has market demand after trading at the same time, it can only be respected.

5. After August 1st, OKex will name BCS as BTC, The name of BCC remains unchanged.

The Weibo was issued at 19:38 on the 23rd. From the Bitcoin market chart, the price of the currency began to gradually rise from the lowest point of 17380 yuan. As of press time, the price It is 18246 yuan.

PZ, the host of the Bitcoin Roundtable Forum, is the main coordinator of the expansion plan. Regarding the BCC and BCS events, he told the Securities Times reporter Said that the simultaneous trading of BCC and BCS when the current BTC fork has not yet been determined will cause confusion in the market perception. Cognitive confusion of the chain. As a pioneer of Bitcoin, Xu Mingxing’s original intention is also for the stability and development of the Bitcoin industry. After Xu Mingxing made a clarification, the market’s cognition of “Bitcoin” will further reach a consensus, and the blockchain industry will continue to develop healthily.

BCC began trading on July 22, reaching a maximum of 5,999 yuan, and once fell to 2,700 yuan. The violent price fluctuations indicate that investors may still be skeptical about the potential split of this new currency and bitcoin. .

Currently, Coinbase, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, has made it clear that it will not support the new blockchain.

Some industry insiders pointed out that although there are various reasons and judgments that Bitcoin will not be hard forked, large domestic exchanges are preparing for this. Continuing to wait is the better option.

Ⅳ When Luo Yonghao choked at the press conference, his friend Li Xiaolai, the richest man in Bitcoin, made an extra 200 million out of thin air

Luo Yonghao and Li Xiaolai grew up together, worked together, and were awesome together. Compared with the press conference of Hammer mobile phone yesterday, Lao Luo was full of grievances, unwillingness and some kind of compromise. His good friend Li Xiaolai has more than 260 million assets out of thin air because Bitcoin exceeded 100 million yuan.

Last night, at 19:30 on May 9, Lao Luo held the 2017 spring new product launch conference at Shenzhen Bay Sports Center and released Nut Pro.

Last night’s launch of the new product of the hammer, the most impressive thing was Luo Yonghao’s words at the end of the choked up tears-

If one day, this Mobile phones can sell 10 to 20 million units, and even fools are using them. You must remember that this is a mobile phone made for you.

Lao Luo’s words are full of grievances, unwillingness and some kind of compromise. also represents a choice.

In order to solve the problem of the company’s funds, he signed a one-year “selling contract” with Momo and Momo Live respectively, and only then did he get the funds and the company had money to operate.

The Last Stand

Lao Luo, who can’t speak with excitement

I admire Li Xiaolai’s investment vision, he has always insisted on holding Bitcoin, which didn’t sell off even in the late 2013 surge, just got what it is now, an increase of tens of thousands of times.

I also admire Luo Yonghao’s craftsmanship. Luo Yonghao who persists on the poker table is worthy of respect.

Whether it is a craftsman or an investor, each has his own path to success, but also has his own suffering.

But I believe that there is one thing in common. If a craftsman wants to achieve “success”, he often needs to be extremely forbearing, persistent, and endure long-term material poverty.

Forbearance and persistence are also qualities that a value investor needs to possess, so that they do not feel that they are “boiled” in the bearish voice, and take volatility calmly.

VI What is the operating logic of Dogecoin and what is the difference with Bitcoin

Dogecoin, code Doge, was born on December 8, 2013, based on the Scrypt algorithm, it is The number of users in the world is the second largest digital currency after Bitcoin. The transaction process of Dogecoin is more convenient than Bitcoin. The confirmation time of Dogecoin is only 1 minute, but BTC is 10 minutes. Moreover, the number of dogs is more, the price is low, the transfer speed is fast, it is suitable for online rewards, etc., and it is more convenient for the public. Psychological needs, making it more convenient for the development of civilians. Dogecoin in the United States has its own core cultural background, tipping culture, charity culture and grassroots culture.

Dogecoin mined 100 billion coins in the first year, and 5 billion less coins were mined every year after that. There is no upper limit on the total amount. That is, after one year, the inflation rate will remain at 5% per year and has been decreasing, and after 20 years, the annual inflation rate will only be 2.5%. Many people think that this is more in line with the development of currency, and the inflation rate will be lower than that of Bitcoin. Dogecoin adopts auxiliary mining, and the computing power has increased from 60G to nearly 1T. The auxiliary mining solves the biggest security problem of Dogecoin.

Musk calls Dogecoin a scam

According to overseas media reports, Musk once again came forward to host “Saturday Night Live” as a topic Character, Musk will naturally not miss any opportunity to promote Dogecoin.

In view of Musk’s frequent “endorsement” for Dogecoin before, “Saturday Night Live” hosted by him has become the most important thing in the currency circle this weekend without any suspense. Sure enough, an hour into the show, Musk talked about Dogecoin, and Musk called himself the Dogefather. During the period, he was repeatedly asked “what is cryptocurrency” and “what is dogecoin”. Musk’s first reaction was: Dogecoin is the future of money.

Musk also said: “Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is decentralised through blockchain technology. Dogecoin is the future of money, an unstoppable financial tool.”

At the end, the host asked jokingly: So, is Dogecoin a scam? Musk smiled helplessly: “Well… well, it’s a scam.” Since Musk “on the stage” himself, the number of online viewers on the live broadcast platform of the “Saturday Night Live” program once exceeded 300,000.

However, what is embarrassing is that, unlike the previous Dogecoin that Musk advertised, the price of Dogecoin will rise later, the price of Dogecoin has been falling all the way during and after the show. The price of the coin rebounded briefly, but then turned down again. As of 21:00 Beijing time, the price of Dogecoin fell by 39% to $0.4347.

Ⅶ okcoin’s Bitcoin group refers to who

Xu Mingxing, He Yi and Zhao Changpeng.

Xu Xingxing: founder of okcoin, technical otaku, and now the company’s CEO.

He Yi: Former host of a travel channel, and later joined okcoin. He is mainly responsible for participating in some industry activities and promotion activities. He is currently the deputy CEO of the company.

Changpeng Zhao: The former head of the world-renowned online wallet blockchain in China, and later moved to okcoin, mainly responsible for the development of platform technology and projects.

This is the legendary Bitcoin group of okcoin.

In the Bitcoin mining machine industry, the legendary founder of the Bitcoin ASIC mining machine, the founder of Avalon, is Zhang Nangeng (ngzhang). It is his mining machine that has completely subverted the Bitcoin mining industry, and is currently deploying large-scale mining farms.


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