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Ⅰ How about btccom mining pool mining pool ( is currently the best SHA256 algorithm currency mining pool. The reasons are as follows:
–the highest BTC Hashrate mining pool: The BTC hashrate of the mining pool has exceeded 9000P from around 400P in June 2018 to 9000P on May 30, 2018. In less than a year, the hashrate has increased by more than 20 times.
–Leading the team with technical experts, superior strength and stable performance.
–A variety of auxiliary tools to realize the convenience of mining management (mining pool app + batch management tools), improve mining efficiency (intelligent agent + VIP) Server + multi-node global layout)
–the best non-advertising customer group in the entire network directly talks to customers through QQ, WeChat, Telegram and other channels, and the most professional operators answer more than 16 hours a day for users to dig Various problems encountered in the mine.
–The best revenue distribution model: FPPS
–The most scientific workload statistics method, which records and statistics each share corresponding to its mining difficulty, which is fair.
–The most complete peripheral factory, which produces all kinds of exquisite and interesting peripheral products throughout the year, and sends them to the miners from time to time.
–Currently supports SHA256 series such as BTC, BCH, UBTC and other multi-currency mining, and supports one-click switching to the target currency.
–It is reported that other algorithmic currencies will also be launched gradually.
Extension information: How to choose an Ethereum mining pool?
Select a mining pool. First of all, it is necessary to understand the allocation mode of mining pools. At present, the income distribution modes of mining pools are: PPS, PPLNS, PPS+, FPPS, etc. The specific various modes will not be explained here, and you can find them online.
So, for those who mine Ethereum ETH, the common distribution model is the PPS and PPLNS distribution model. If you are pursuing short-term high returns and require immediate results, you can consider mining pools in the PPS distribution model to obtain income by contributing your own computing power, but generally you need to pay a higher handling fee, usually 3%-5% The transaction fee, after the mining pool deducts the transaction fee, is your income.
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the existence of mining pools for Bitcoin?
The existence of the mining pool reduces the difficulty of mining virtual digital currencies such as Bitcoin, lowers the threshold for mining, and truly realizes the concept of Bitcoin mining that everyone can participate in. However, its drawbacks are also very obvious, because the computing power is connected to the mining pool, and as a mining pool, it will have an extremely large computing power resource. In the Bitcoin world, computing power represents the right of bookkeeping, and computing power represents everything. If the computing power of a single mine reaches more than 50%, it is easy to launch a 51% attack on Bitcoin and other similar virtual digital currencies, and the consequences are terrible:
1. The monopoly of mining rights will make the remaining 49% The mining pools with no computing power eventually withdraw from the competition and go bankrupt in an instant. The mining pool’s computing power exceeds 50%. If a 51% attack is launched, it is easy to occupy all the effective computing power of the entire network.
2. The monopoly of bookkeeping rights, double payment through 51% attack, and multiple use of a sum of money will directly destroy Bitcoin’s credit system, etc. and make its credit disappear.
3. Monopoly of distribution rights. Because a single mining pool (or an alliance of several mining pools) occupies the entire network’s computing power through a 51% attack, the remaining mining pools can be quickly squeezed out and shut down. Because there is no competition, mining pools can distribute their own revenue, charging miners hefty fees and taxes.

Ⅱ Many people are playing bitcoin mining, where to download the bitcoin mining client?

First of all, do you have a mining machine, if not, You can’t mine with your own computer. You need to buy a professional bitcoin mining machine. With a professional mining machine, you have to have ultra-low electricity bills, management and maintenance, ventilation and heat dissipation. These are huge costs. It can’t be done by one person, you have to join a mining pool, otherwise you may not be able to mine btc

Ⅲ How to download bitcoin client

Ⅳ Can I download the wallet from Huobi for mining on

Ⅳ What mining software does the Chinese mining pool use for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is unrealistic and has depreciated. It is not recommended to spend time and energy on it.

Ⅵ Which bitcoin The mining pool is good

This does not matter, because the number of data blocks in all mining pools is globally uniform (each data block contains about 25 bitcoins). The only thing that matters is which mining pool is more stable and will not be disconnected due to a large number of visits. In fact, there are very few dropped calls.
The more established mining pools are very stable, such as and BTC

Ⅶ What does BTC mining pool mean

Equal to one of the baskets containing btc🧺

Ⅷ Does BTC.COM mining pool ETH support HECO

Summary when BTC.COM mining pool ETH was just launchedSupporting HECO should be supported now.

Ⅸ Which mining pool can mine

Domestic Shenyu mining pool and Bitcoin China mining pool can be, of course, there are many well-known mining pools abroad that can mine. The current software you mentioned was a long time ago, and at that time it was more troublesome to configure a computer or graphics card with a higher configuration for mining. Now if you are still mining with those equipment, I suggest you do something else meaningful. Mining now requires the purchase of a professional asic mining machine. Even so, it is difficult for retail investors to make money back. Of course, you can also buy cloud computing power for mining.
Now mining is all about electricity price and energy consumption. There are advantages in these two points, then mining is fine. If you can’t do both of these points, it will be out of the question. Of course, it does not rule out that the electricity you add is free, and this can also be mined. You need to download a bitcoin wallet and back it up. Just keep bitcoins in your wallet. However, if you are not tech-savvy, I suggest you store your bitcoins in an online wallet, which is quite mature now. If you still don’t understand, then you can go to Bitcoin Home to see some netizens’ suggestions.
Extension information
1. Mining pool
As the computing level of the entire Bitcoin network continues to rise exponentially, a single device or a small amount of computing power cannot obtain the Bitcoin network on the Bitcoin network The block reward provided. After the computing power of the entire network has increased to a certain level, the probability of obtaining rewards is too low, prompting some geeks on “bitcointalk” to develop a method that can combine a small amount of computing power to operate jointly. Websites built using this method It is called “Mining Pool”.
In this mechanism, regardless of the amount of computing power available to individual miners, as long as they participate in mining activities by joining the mining pool, no matter whether they have successfully excavated valid data blocks, they can contribute to the mining pool. To get a small amount of Bitcoin rewards, that is, multi-person cooperative mining, and the Bitcoin rewards obtained are also shared by multiple people according to their contribution.
As of January 2019, the top five bitcoin mining pools with global computing power are:, Poolin, AntPool, slush pool, and F2Pool. About 70% of the global computing power is in the hands of Chinese miners.
II. Background
In the Bitcoin world described by Satoshi Nakamoto’s paper, the entire network produces a block every 10 minutes on average, and each block contains 50 (now 12.5, Bitcoin every four years or so) Halving once) bitcoins, and a block can only be dug up by a lucky person, who directly owns 50 (now 12.5, bitcoin is halved every four years or so) bitcoins, and others have no particles. The probability of digging is proportional to the computing power of the equipment invested by the miners. This is doomed that if the number of participants in Bitcoin mining is large and dispersed to a certain extent, the probability of mining Bitcoin will be infinitely close to zero, similar to winning the lottery. Maybe invest in a mining machine to mine, according to the probability, it will take 5~10 years to mine a block, which puts Bitcoin mining in an embarrassing situation, making it almost impossible for ordinary people to participate.

Ⅹ Which is the best Bitcoin mining pool

This is the share of the mining pool in the past three months:

But in fact, it is basically useless to see these. It is nothing more than the difference between 100 yuan and 100.5 yuan. If your computing power is really large, it may be much worse. However, if you have ordinary computing power, there is actually no difference. What a difference. It is more important to choose one with a low fee, or a fee-free one.


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