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(1) What does BTC contract exchange mean

Virtual contracts are the trading objects of contract transactions. .

In the process of contract transactions, both parties to the transaction will obtain their respective rights and obligations. For example, the buyer and the seller of the contract trade 100 contracts with the underlying price (100 US dollars) at the price of 1,000 US dollars, then the buyer of the contract will get 10,000 US dollars on a certain day in a certain month. In the same way, the seller also has the right and obligation to sell $10,000 of bitcoin at a price of $1,000/btc on a certain day of the month. A contract that represents the rights and obligations of a buyer and a seller is a virtual contract.
In most cases, investors do not actually perform the rights and obligations of the contract, but obtain income by trading the contract before the contract takes effect, that is, before the delivery date.
The BTC futures exchange is my first to recommend the BBKX exchange. I didn’t know how to trade before, so I did it myself. It’s not easy to do this without its own trading system. The market changes too fast. This platform has launched the contract copy function, which can follow some mature traders to copy orders, save yourself from doing it yourself, and you don’t have to watch the market.

About BBKX
1. One-sentence introduction
BBKX.COM was incorporated in Singapore in 2019 and has been awarded the title of Du Jun (former co-founder of Huobi, founder of Golden Finance ) and joint strategic investments with on-chain funds.
2. Six advantages
①Complete business, permanent rebate
The platform business includes spot trading (more than 170 currency pairs have been launched), ETF area, contract trading, options trading, legal currency trading , to meet the needs of most users. All users can enjoy the share of the commission generated by the invitation and recommendation, only upgrade but not downgrade, and the rebate is permanently valid.
②Transaction fee, the lowest in the whole network
The currency pair zero threshold for spot trading enjoys 0.05% transaction fee, which is suitable for high-frequency trading, grid strategy, hedging arbitrage and other strategies.
③Worried about liquidation? Just buy ETFs!
The advantages of ETF are: one-click long and short, triple leverage, no margin, and never liquidation. It is suitable for unilateral market and should not be held for a long time.
The management fee is one thousand and one times, which is far lower than the market.
④Hundred times contracts, both “pros and cons”
Up to 100 times leveraged perpetual contracts, support forward and reverse, small price difference, enough depth! There are multiple trading courses per week that you can learn for free, and you can also train with simulated contracts.
⑤One-click copying, and enjoy its success
Doesn’t understand technology? No time to watch? The more you do, the more you lose? One-click copying, automatically synchronize transactions with the contract master, and truly enjoy the success!
⑥Option trading, make money faster
The platform creates options trading, interacting with tens of thousands of people to guess the ups and downs, making money faster and easier!

㈡ If you want to play Bitcoin contracts, how to use contract big data

Confirm the current market trend, overall sentiment, etc. by paying attention to the changes of various data and comparing historical data.

(iii) For the UGAS/BTC trading pair, what impact does the rise and fall of BTC have on UGAS?

When the transaction is the trading of these two varieties, the corresponding variety of one variety will go down. If the intermediate settlement is in U.S. dollars, it depends on the price change of another variety against the U.S. dollar! 【Abstract】
UGAS/BTC trading pair, what impact does the rise and fall of BTC have on UGAS [Question]
When trading these two varieties, the corresponding variety of one variety will fall. If the intermediate settlement is in U.S. dollars, it depends on the price change of another variety against the U.S. dollar! [Answer]
I want to buy the UGAS/BTC coin. Does it mean that when BTC goes up, UGAS will go down and vice versa? Is that what it means? [Question]
Yes, so you have to combine the information of the two varieties to see that the market news of the two varieties will affect the market trend! 【Answer】

㈣ What is the transaction rate of Bitcoin

OKEx Bitcoin exchange has the lowest handling fee in the world, 0.15%-0.02%, and the platform Coin OKB is not charged yet.

In Bybit, for each successful order, the Bybit platform will automatically decide to charge fees or provide rewards according to the order attributes. For the “market maker” of the market: for each successful limit order, the system will give a reward of 0.025% based on the contract value.

For the “taker” of the market: For each successful market order, the system will charge a fee of 0.075% of the contract value based on the contract value. A $5 bitcoin transaction might have the same fee as a $5,000 bitcoin transaction.

They are measured by “satoshis per byte of data”.

㈤ Where do you see the BTC market price?

Generally, you are looking at the market price directly in the bitcoin exchange, not in a third-party place, the data is inaccurate. You can download OKEx APP, market quotations, fiat currency, currency, contract, options market can all be done in one APP

㈥ btc rolling position trading method

Rolling positions, also known as “rolling operations”, are common in the trading market A speculative operation. The purpose of the rolling operation is to make the funds fully utilized in the transaction and maximize their time value. It snowballs the money more and more. The scrolling operation can be expanded repeatedly in the same currency, or it can be expanded in different currencies.
Extension information
About whether to increase the position of the floating loss
It is not absolute whether the floating loss can increase the position. “Scrolling operation” is actually an abbreviation for a general idea and general direction operation. In actual combat, the scrolling operation can be divided into finer details.
First, the decision-making operation is based on the value logic of the fundamentals. For example, the value center of the currency you operate is 3,000 yuan. On the premise that the fundamentals have not changed significantly, the price has deviated to around 3,500. Therefore, you open Warehouse to go short this variety. Due to the need for risk control, 20% of the capital was used to open the position for the first time. After the position was opened, the price continued to deviate from the 3700 range. This situation is exactly what you expected in your plan, because you believe that the price that deviates from the value will never last for too long. , and you have already reserved enough funds for the follow-up replenishment, the price deviation in this case, for you, is an opportunity to wait, and the replenishment becomes a matter of course. Of course, having said that, if you make a mistake in judging the value, or if there is a major advantage or disadvantage but you don’t know it, or if your capital drives the short-term market irrationally, and your capital management is not in place, the risks must not be ignored. .
Secondly, make an order based on technical aspects. When a certain support level stabilizes, you open a long position. In order to prevent the market from repeating, you use 20% of the capital to open the position for the first time. In your operation plan, you already have a plan for dealing with repeated market conditions. For example, after opening a position, there is a phenomenon of digging in the market, and this digging action is also in your case. Of course, you can cover your positions calmly. That is to say, everything is under the control of the operation, and whether the account has a floating loss should not be the only basis for whether or not to cover the position. Many left-side trades are opened through effective capital management and multiple open positions.

㈦ How do you trade BTC?

First of all, you need to download an exchange, here we recommend Binance Huobi, go in and register and verify all the certifications to be certified, then the legal currency For transactions, you can buy bitcoin directly here, you can also buy Tether, go in and exchange bitcoin for bitcoin, you can download it and talk about it!

㈧ What is the indicator of the long-to-short ratio of the spot leverage of bitcoin trading big data?

It is the delivery price of trading digital currency in a certain period of time in the future. , and the leverage of perpetual contracts is larger, up to 100 times.

㈨ How can I stop withdrawing during the marine installment review?

May not be able to withdraw, because the marine installment was reported to be suspected of fraud and forced to pay. If you can’t make an accurate judgment, you must ask a professional lawyer for help. Now routine loans and various loan frauds are rampant and very hidden. If you are a little careless, you may be trapped in it and be forced to repay endless interest, or fall directly into fraud. Traps, you can send the contract and other materials to this lawyer for review and processing. If you operate blindly, you will get deeper and deeper. Once losses are caused, it will be very difficult to defend your rights.
Expansion information:
Other online lending platforms
1. Lufax Lufax, the full name of Shanghai Lujiazui International Financial Assets Trading Market Co., Ltd., a member of Ping An Group, is the largest online investment and financing platform in China One of them was incorporated in Shanghai in September 2011 with a registered capital of 837 million yuan and headquartered in Lujiazui, Shanghai, an international financial center.
2. Yirendai Yirendai is a Chinese online financial service platform, launched by CreditEase in 2012. Yirendai provides credit loan consulting services for urban white-collar workers in China through the Internet, big data and other technological means, and provides financial consulting services for investors through the “Yileen Financial Management” online platform. On December 18, 2015, Yirendai was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first overseas listing of Chinese Internet finance.
3. Renrendai Renrendai’s full name is Renrendai Business Consultants (Beijing) Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a leading enterprise in China’s Internet finance, and one of the top 100 Internet companies in China. It is committed to providing quality and professional services. Personal Financial Services. Adhering to the tenet of safety, professionalism and innovation, Renrendai has built a reliable financial investment and credit lending platform for individuals.
4. Paipaidai Paipaidai was established in June 2007. The company’s full name is “Shanghai Paipaidai Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.”, headquartered in Shanghai. It is the first pure credit unsecured online lending platform in China, and also the first Internet finance (ITFIN) platform approved by the industry and commerce department to obtain the qualification of “financial information service”.
Five�Dianrong is China’s leading Internet lending platform, co-founded in China by Soul Htite, co-founder of Lending Club, an internet lending company, and Guo Yuhang, a senior Chinese financial lawyer. is committed to using technology to connect investors with individuals or enterprises in need of loans, and to provide online information opening services. Dianrong uses technology to truly reduce borrowing costs while increasing investor returns.
6. is a website that perfectly builds an interactive service platform for users with capital and investment needs, and provides the public with low-risk, high-return, and diversified investment products. On May 20, 2016, announced that it had received 1 billion yuan in Series C financing. The lead investor is Jiayu Fund, and the investors are China Securities Investment Capital and Dongyi Risheng, a listed company.
7. Building Block Box Building Block Box, the platform was launched in August 2013. It is a leading technology financial company in China and is positioned to provide financial services for the middle class. The global intelligent comprehensive wealth management platform operated by the company covers building blocks stocks, building blocks funds, fixed income wealth management, retail credit and other products. The companies under the Building Block Box have a number of access qualifications including fund distribution licenses and corporate credit reporting licenses issued by Chinese regulatory authorities. The company has received three rounds of investment, including Investec Bank, Jingwei, Xiaomi, Haitong, Temasek Xiangfeng, Intime Capital and other well-known domestic and foreign institutions. As of the end of 2015, the building block box has accumulated a total of 12 billion yuan in investment and financing transactions.

㈩ What does the minimum pending order distance of BTC transactions mean

The minimum pending order distance of B system transactions means that you must control the purchase for a certain period of time before you can continue to go up Make a pending order.


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