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Ⅰ What are the virtual currencies in China

Virtual currency refers to non-real currency. According to the notices and announcements issued by the People’s Bank of China and other departments, virtual currency is not issued by monetary authorities, does not have currency attributes such as legal compensation and mandatory, is not currency in the true sense, and does not have the same legal status as currency. It should not be used as currency in the market, and citizens’ investment and trading of virtual currency are not protected by law.

Warm reminder: Investment is risky, so choose carefully. Before you make any investment, you should ensure that you fully understand the investment nature of the product and the risks involved, and then make your own judgment on whether to participate in the transaction after understanding and carefully evaluating the product.
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Ⅱ How to trade digital currency, how to buy and sell , If you want to start, look here

1. Digital currency is abbreviated as DIGICCY, which is the abbreviation of “Digital Currency” (digital currency) in English, and is an alternative currency in the form of electronic currency. Both digital gold coins and cryptocurrency belong to digital currency (DIGICCY). A digital currency is an unregulated, digital currency, usually issued and managed by developers, accepted and used by members of a specific virtual community. The European Banking Authority defines virtual currency as: a digital representation of value that is not issued by a central bank or authority, nor linked to fiat currency, but which, because it is accepted by the public, can be used as a means of payment and can also be transferred, stored or traded in electronic form .
2. According to the “Announcement on Preventing Token Issuance and Financing Risks”, there is no approved digital currency trading platform in China. According to my country’s digital currency regulatory framework, investors have the freedom to participate in digital currency transactions at their own risk.

Reminder: The above information is for reference only. Before investing, it is recommended that you first understand the risks of the project, and have a clear understanding of the project’s investors, investment institutions, on-chain activity and other information. Instead of blindly investing or mistaking the funds. Investment is risky, and you must be cautious when entering the market.
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Ⅲ The digital currency bitcoin, where is it generally traded?

Trading on the trading platform, but the trading platform is also good or bad, big or small, many small platforms and new platforms will In the name of trading, wait for you to deposit the money, and then, there is no more, roll up and run, so be sure to choose a reliable old platform, see so many platforms in the screenshots, you go to check according to these two conditions Next, one is more than 6 years, and the other is that the word of mouth has been good. You can see it on the Internet. After these two conditions are filtered, there are not many. Currently, AEX and Huobi are more suitable. If you are a novice, it is recommended to consider AEX’s wealth management supermarket will be more user-friendly

Ⅳ Do boys prefer to shop online or in physical stores

According to foreign media reports, a new survey conducted by FirstInsight abroad Shows that women are increasingly relying on the internet when shopping, while men still prefer brick-and-mortar stores.

The company’s Petro told CNBC. “Men like to drive to the store to touch and feel in person, they like to execute the transaction (in the store) and then take the item home.”

He said, “Women shoppers don’t necessarily feel compelled to do the same The way to go to the store.”

Technology company FirstInsight, which helps retailers choose the best prices for products, presented the findings Monday morning at a shopping event in Las Vegas. In December, it surveyed 1,000 consumers about their online and offline shopping behavior.

As the gender gap creates a rift between how men and women shop, retailers should take note.

Businesses should reassess their in-store inventory at a more segmented level, Petro said. For example, as men find more products in person, brands should stock more men’s merchandise in brick-and-mortar stores.

However, women may just want to see some of the best-selling items on display. Because there’s a good chance they’ve already seen it online, or they plan to make a decision online later.

Petro said: “I think the data shows that women are more price-sensitive, are more likely to haggle…and are more inclined to strike deals on value than men. “And “men are willing to wait longer,” but don’t necessarily have to do research in advance.

According to the “First Insights” survey, men are more likely to shop at full-price retailers (42%), Shopping at discount or off-price retailers (18%). Women prefer discount retailers (38%) to full-price brands (31%).

Petro thinks businesses need to buy online and in stores Satisfy the shopper’sIt is hoped that there is still a long way to go to take this “gender divide” into account.

“I don’t think the industry has done a good job of distinguishing itself,” he said. “Retailers that used to be able to set their own trends are not seriously understanding where consumers are going.” They Get used to leading rather than responding. “

Today, shopper preferences are changing faster than ever. Most people want new products, and fast and on a consistent basis. This trend drives StichFix Such as the development of subscription services, which offer new options every month.

In addition, women are also driving the need for better mobile apps. According to FirstInsight, 40% of women regularly Only 22% of men use mobile phones in stores.

IV What is the origin and development of money

Origin of money:

Money is exchanged for commodities Products. The earliest currency that appeared at the end of the primitive society was physical currency. Generally speaking, nomadic people used livestock and animal skins to realize the currency function, while agricultural people used grains, cloth, agricultural tools, pottery, sea shells, pearls and jade as the earliest real objects. Currency. According to archaeological excavations, a large number of pottery pots were unearthed as burial objects in late Neolithic sites such as Banpo; Dawenkou Culture buried a large number of pig heads and mandibles, indicating that pigs and pottery once played the function of monetary wealth in the late primitive society.

But as we all know, the widely circulated ancient physical currency is “shell”. Because it is used as physical currency, cattle, sheep, pigs and other livestock cannot be divided, grains will rot, there are too few pearls and jade, and knives and shovels are cumbersome. Concentrate on the physical currency of sea shells. Sea shells can be used as neck ornaments, have use value, and are easy to carry and count, so they were selected as the main currency in long-term commodity exchange. In archaeological excavations, a large number of sites were unearthed in the Xia Dynasty and the Shang Dynasty. Natural shells and shells have been used as physical currency until the development of currency in the Spring and Autumn Period


The earliest currency in China was shell coins originated in the Shang Dynasty. With the expansion of commodity exchange, The number of shell coins in circulation is increasing. Due to the limited source of natural shells and insufficient application, imitation shells appeared. The original imitation shells were stone shells, bone shells, and pottery shells, and later they were made of copper. Copper shells.

The production of copper coins brought ancient currency into a new period, and its development and widespread circulation was a major turning point in the development of early currency. At this time, there were mainly four kinds of currency in circulation – cloth coins, knife coins, ring coins and ant nose coins.

In 221 BC, Qin Shihuang unified China, and then implemented a series of measures to consolidate the feudal centralization, one of which was the unified currency. Unified currency, unified currency is divided into two kinds of gold and copper coins, gold is the upper coin, the unit is yt Half liang, historically known as half liang money. It is forbidden to circulate other property as currency.

(5)btc1 China Trading Platform Extended Reading:

Category of Currency :

1. Circulation coins

This is a coin in the original sense, and the purpose of issuance is for “circulation”.

2. Collection Coins

The purpose of the issuance of collectible coins is not to serve “circulation”, but to serve “collection” of coins, which are usually sold by sovereign issuers at a price higher than or much higher than the face value

3. Investment coins

The purpose of issuing investment coins is neither “circulation” in the usual sense, nor conventional “collection”, but for preservation and appreciation. Investment coins are “coin”-shaped metals with fixed weights (such as 1/4 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1 ounce) made of precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, palladium) with high fineness (generally more than 99.9%). ingot.



Ⅵ Can Bitcoin be traded in Mainland China and where can it be traded? Is it legal?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is no longer tradable in mainland China. Bitcoin China announced that it will stop all trading operations on September 30, 2017.

Expansion information:

Following the announcement that Bitcoin China and Webit, the Bitcoin trading platforms in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively, will close their trading business on September 30, 2017, on September 15 On the evening of the same day, and OKCoin, two other large-scale domestic bitcoin trading platforms headquartered in Beijing, both announced that from 21:30 on September 15, 2017, registration and RMB recharge services will be suspended; Before October 30, all users will be notified that trading will be stopped, and before October 31, all digital asset-to-RMB transactions will be gradually stopped.

According to worldcoindex data, since September 1, Bitcoin has fallen from $4,800 to $3,655, a drop of 24%, and its market value has shrunk by nearly $20 billion.

In the same period, ether fell by 37.5% in the international market, and Litecoin fell by 31%. In the past two weeks, Litecoin has fallen by more than 40% on the three major domestic trading platforms.

Ⅶ Digital currency exchanges, which one is best to use

1. Bitcoinity

This website provides a concise graphical bitcoin price panorama and market depth, Support major exchanges.

2. CoinMarketCap

This website provides a list of the total market capitalization of virtual currencies and assets. This platform provides data and charts for each currency.

3. CryptoCoin

This website provides updates on the altcoin market, as well as a financial column.

4. TradeBlock

This website aggregates global data resources and virtual currency analysis, covering all topics across the industry, including transactions and regulatory oversight.

5. Coinhills

This website provides real-time prices and price indices of virtual currencies, with a good user interface.

6. CoinGecko

This website provides a virtual currency leaderboard, but unlike other leaderboards, it is based on developer activity, community and capital flow. Reference ranking.

7. BitcoinWisdom

BitcoinWisdom provides real-time price charts of Bitcoin/Litecoin, as well as EMA, MACD and other technical indicators.

8. CrypTrader

It is a virtual currency trading platform that provides data on the virtual currency market. It also provides API keys for trading, retrieving balances, downloading trade history and opening trade pending orders.
There is no best, you can choose by yourself.

VIII What are the more established digital currency exchanges in China

There is no exchange that can conduct digital currency transactions in mainland China, and some of them have been in the past after the relevant laws of the country came out. Move out, but domestic investors can also continue to access investments. For example,, Huobi, Binance, OK, etc. are relatively large digital currency exchanges, and they have been established for a long time. In comparison, their credibility is relatively high. But need to be reminded that investment is risky, and investment needs to be cautious!

Ⅸ How reliable is the Binance exchange? I see that people who engage in digital currency online are trading here.

According to the “Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Token Issuance and Financing”, there is no approved digital currency trading platform in my country. According to my country’s digital currency regulations, investors have the freedom to participate in digital currency transactions at their own risk.

Warm reminder:
1. The above explanation is for reference only.
2. Before investing, it is recommended that you first understand the risks of the project, and have a clear understanding of the project’s investors, investment institutions, on-chain activity and other information, rather than blindly investing or mistakenly entering funds. Investment is risky, and you must be cautious when entering the market.
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