Buffett warned against bitcoin three years ago

1 Bitcoin is actually a scam, the central bank has made the final decision, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences has already issued a warning, do you understand? Bitcoin, the account is prohibited from being used for Bitcoin transactions. If found, China CITIC Bank has the right to take measures such as suspending relevant account transactions and canceling relevant accounts. In addition, Guan, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that given China’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2060, it is necessary to implement regulations to reduce carbon emissions from bitcoin mining and future emerging industries. Because after research, it is found that many people are obsessed with Bitcoin and use high-energy computers to mine Bitcoin.

It is estimated that the annual energy consumption of the Bitcoin blockchain in China will peak in 2024 at about 296.59 terawatt hours. Bitcoin is calculated at 1 terawatt-hour, and if it is 10 kilowatt-hours, the annual electricity consumption will reach 300 billion kilowatt-hours. The increase in electricity consumption will undoubtedly generate 1.335 billion tons of carbon emissions, and this energy consumption has become one of the top ten energy consumption in China. In fact, in China, as early as 2017, Inner Mongolia began to rectify the virtual currency mining industry. In February this year, Inner Mongolia made it clear that it would shut down all virtual currency mining projects by the end of April. In short, Bitcoin, as a virtual currency, is not backed by gold and silver. Products and services can be purchased, but ultimately have no value. So people must keep their eyes open to avoid being cut.

2 Why Buffett does not invest in Bitcoin

The main reason why Buffett does not invest in Bitcoin:

1. He is not familiar with Bitcoin, and he is not familiar with Bitcoin. Don’t invest in things;

2. He doesn’t understand why Bitcoin is so valuable, which is beyond his cognition;

3. Buffett is a value investor, overvalued something he wouldn’t invest in.

The biggest highlight of Buffett’s shareholders meeting should be the topic of Bitcoin. Buffett did not express any opinions. Munger criticized Bitcoin. Both old people showed their disapproval of Bitcoin. This surprised many people. The main reason why Buffett does not invest in Bitcoin is that he is unfamiliar with Bitcoin. He will definitely not invest in things that are unfamiliar to a master like Buffett; Bitcoin does not have any reference, and the price is so high that it has completely exceeded his cognitive range. Buffett is a value investor. Basically, he buys when the stock price is low. It is obvious that Bitcoin is definitely not undervalued. It is completely understandable that Buffett does not invest in Bitcoin.

Three, Buffett is a value investor Bitcoin is obviously not undervalued

Buffett’s investment philosophy is very simple, buy when it is undervalued and sell when it is high out. Bitcoin’s current position is definitely not low, nor undervalued, which is obviously not suitable for Buffett’s buying strategy, which is the reason why Buffett did not invest in Bitcoin.

⑶ Buffett avoids talking about Bitcoin, why is it

Because Buffett thinks Bitcoin is a game of speculators.

For a well-known investor like Buffett, Buffett looks down on Bitcoin at all, because he thinks that Bitcoin is a speculative speculation, not a value investment, not even an investment.

Buffett has been avoiding Bitcoin.

I remember that many people have interviewed Buffett about his views on Bitcoin. Buffett has always said that he does not recommend everyone to speculate on Bitcoin, and he is not optimistic about Bitcoin. Many people will regard Buffett as their idol, because Buffett is particularly good in his investment career. His annualized return has reached 20%, and he has persisted for decades. Although Bitcoin has doubled hundreds of times in recent years, Buffett has never got his hands on Bitcoin.

If a person really wants to allocate their assets through investment, I think it is best for this person to plan his investment method reasonably. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make money, but at least don’t lose your principal .

⑷ How does Bitcoin hedge the risk, Buffett will hedge the risk by giving Bitcoin the right name? How to hedge the risk

Bitcoin is just a piece of garbage that has no practical value at all and only has a hype function Coins, don’t even give them to Buffett, where is the hedge!

⑸ Buffett talks about bitcoin for the first time: no matter how much it goes up, it is worthless

December 29th news, bitcoin is undoubtedly a hot topic this year, but surprisingly, ” “The god of stocks” Buffett did not once mention this new favorite of the capital market. Just recently, Buffett finally spoke up about Bitcoin, saying he doesn’t care about the product because it’s an asset that doesn’t generate value.

Buffett talks about bitcoin for the first time: it is worthless no matter how much it goes up (picture from Google)

When Buffett talks about bitcoin Make it clear: “I can’t value bitcoin because it’s not a value-producing asset.”�� Assets. “In fact, in 2014, Buffett reminded people about Bitcoin. He believed that people should stay away from Bitcoin. This boom is in fact false.

Bitcoin is now an investment The popular product has not only attracted the attention of the capital market, but also by the regulators of many countries. The Israeli regulators announced this week that they will ban companies engaged in bitcoin transactions from listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and companies that have already listed will also be listed. It will be delisted.

It is understood that the reason why the Israeli regulators will take such measures is mainly because many Israeli companies have recently hoped that they can participate in Bitcoin transactions. The head of the Israel Securities Regulatory Authority ShmuelHauser said in an interview that Bitcoin is more like a bubble to him, and it may collapse at any time.

⑹ Buffett avoided talking about it, Munger called Bitcoin disgusting, you How do you think about the trend of Bitcoin

Buffett avoided talking about it. Munger called Bitcoin disgusting. For the trend of Bitcoin, I think:

1. This is a kind of pure The hype and speculation are not of much value;

2. Bitcoin poses a threat to the national currency, and it will not be recognized by any country;

3. The trend of Bitcoin is entirely driven by emotions It’s just a matter of money and money.

The annual Buffett meeting was held as scheduled, because investors were unable to attend the shareholders meeting on-site due to the epidemic, which also made many people feel very sorry. Bitcoin, who is more concerned about it, expressed his views. Buffett avoided talking about it. Munger called Bitcoin disgusting. I think the trend of Bitcoin is completely driven by emotions and funds. This is pure speculation and speculation. It will generate value, and Bitcoin poses a threat to the national currency. He will not be recognized by any country. This is actually a political risk, which may be the real reason why Munger is not optimistic about Bitcoin.

Three, the randomness of the Bitcoin trend is very strong. It is not recommended for everyone to participate.

Bitcoin does not have any reference, and Bitcoin does not generate any value, but such a virtual digital symbol However, it is as high as more than 300,000 RMB. This is something that many people cannot understand. Don’t touch the investment that is not in your own circle of competence. Bitcoin’s trend is too random, and it is not recommended for everyone to participate.

⑺ Buffett avoids talking about bitcoin, why doesn’t he mention bitcoin

Because Buffett doesn’t support bitcoin, he always thinks bitcoin is a scam.

For Buffett like this For veteran investors, Buffett has always believed in value investing, that is, he is optimistic about the performance of a company for a long time, and Bitcoin is not supported by any entity, which means that Bitcoin is a kind of hype behavior.

Buffett doesn’t talk about Bitcoin.

Buffett holds his shareholder meeting every year At the general meeting of shareholders this year, Buffett never talked about Bitcoin, and when reporters repeatedly asked about Bitcoin, Buffett was always reluctant to reply directly. This kind of thing is not once or twice. In Buffett’s rare conversation, we can see that Buffett is very pessimistic about Bitcoin. The reason is also very simple, because Buffett has always felt that Bitcoin is a scam.

⑻ Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, what is the specific reason

Because Buffett always feels that Bitcoin is just a scam and does not want to discuss this issue.

Although the majority of investors now generally recognize the value of Bitcoin and regard Bitcoin as an important investment method, Buffett has never recognized Bitcoin, and believes that Bitcoin is also an investment product that fools people.

Buffett dislikes Bitcoin very much.

For friends who often invest, they should know Buffett’s character very well, as well as Buffett’s preferences. Because Buffett is a practitioner of value investors, he always believes that the success of an investment product needs to rely on the company’s business growth, rather than relying on so-called touts. For Buffett, Bitcoin is this touted investment product, and it can also be called a scam.

I am also one of Buffett’s fans. I have a negative attitude towards Bitcoin, and I am a firm believer in value investing.

⑼ Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, why Buffett refuses to discuss virtual currency

I have a friend who has been very close since college. A very persistent pursuit. When I was in school, I started to engage in stock trading. I made a little money at first, but then I gradually lost myself in the stock market and lost a lot of money. After the stock market failed, I started to play bitcoin again. I have wasted time between the stock market and bitcoin over the years. Personally, I am not optimistic about bitcoin.of. God of Stocks – Buffett is not particularly bullish on Bitcoin, and Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, what is the situation?

To this day, it is rare to have a completely negative evaluation of Bitcoin. But Buffett and Munger are clearly the most famous of them all. In fact, it’s not that Buffett hates Bitcoin so much, it’s that Buffett hates any investment product that doesn’t generate consistent cash flow. This is determined by Buffett’s investment philosophy. Buffett’s investment philosophy was a huge success, especially in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States. Purchasing a business with continuous cash flow has basically become a standard for value investing. Value investing also forms one of the cornerstones of modern investment philosophy. But any investment idea has applicability. For example, Newton’s classical mechanics is only applicable to the macroscopic world, not to the microscopic world and the high-speed world. Buffett’s investment philosophy is very suitable for companies that can continuously generate cash flow, but cannot be applied to companies that cannot generate cash flow in the short term.

What do you think is the reason for Buffett’s refusal to discuss virtual currencies?

One. Buffett is super rich

I don’t know why Buffett refuses to discuss Bitcoin, but I think it may be that Buffett does not Pay too much attention to the value of Bitcoin!

⑽ Why Buffett dislikes Bitcoin

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