Buy Bitcoin without going through an exchange

Ⅰ To buy BTC, which one is the most reliable fiat currency trading platform?

Yes, the novice deposit must go through the fiat currency platform, but must choose a large exchange, the domestic OKEx fiat currency transaction should be The safest Bitcoin OTC trading platform, you can refer to your adoption to provide me with a steady stream of motivation, I am very happy that you are satisfied

Ⅱ Excuse me: Bitcoin, do you want to trade on the exchange

Yes, it is best to trade on the exchange. This way, you can find someone who can help you with the problem. Exchange transactions require real-name authentication of an account before trading. Regular exchanges will keep your personal information confidential, so you can rest assured about the security of your personal information.
Choosing an exchange is an important step in the process of buying bitcoin. The more well-known exchanges are generally Huobi, Binance, and Saturn exchanges. For contracts, SOCOIN is recommended. The user experience is very good.

Ⅲ I only remember the bitcoin deposit address but I don’t know which exchange it is.

If you want to trade or transfer bitcoin,
Just remember the public key and private key. You don’t need to remember which exchange it is from.
You can find your bitcoin address.
Through any exchange, you can recharge bitcoins to the exchange, conduct transactions or other Operation

Ⅳ Can Bitcoin be traded without using a third-party platform?

Yes, but the risk of one-to-one trading is uncontrollable, and it is very likely to encounter a trading trap, so choose to trade For platform transactions, at least the trading platform will check the transaction between the two parties on the first line of defense. Especially a platform like EasyBTC with 200,000 users will definitely check it carefully, so that more users can trust it. Your adoption is mine Motivation

Ⅳ Can Bitcoin be traded in China? Why?

Bitcoin can be traded in China. Bitcoin transactions, but the way Bitcoin transactions are still there. Many countries have legalized Bitcoin, so transactions are naturally allowed. They naturally have some exchanges, so exchanges like Binance can still trade after climbing the wall. These are relatively large and well-known trading platforms, and there are many others that can be traded.

The state’s attitude towards ordinary people’s participation in bitcoin transactions is explained in a simple way: This is a very risky matter, and everyone should participate with caution. If you do, you should bear the loss yourself. The state’s attitude towards whether ordinary people can participate in bitcoin transactions is: not encouraged, not prohibited, and at your own risk. We can say with certainty that it is legal for ordinary people to buy and sell bitcoin, as long as it is not used for illegal activities, it is legal, and of course buying and selling bitcoin itself is not a pyramid scheme.

Ⅵ Can Chinese people still trade bitcoin in 2022?

Abstract Chinese people can buy bitcoin. At present, there are several ways for Chinese people to buy bitcoin:

Ⅶ I don’t want to be in the dark anymore, is there any exchange that can quickly buy BTC?

Recommended OKEx exchange, the fiat currency transaction in it has a one-click buy/sell function, it is very convenient to buy bitcoin, er Zil supports the fast transaction of USDT, USDK, BTC, ETH and EOS under the CNY legal currency. How much cheaper to buy in bulk transactions, you can buy more at one time, the price will be cheaper

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