Buy Bitcoin without real-name verification

『One』Does real-name authentication required to apply for a bitcoin wallet?

You can go to a domestic bitcoin trading platform to register an account, and now you need real-name authentication. If you want to store bitcoins, there are many online wallets. You can register and store bitcoins in them. Of course, you can also download a bitcoin wallet client. If you know the technology, it is recommended that you do this. Do this will be safer. If you don’t know the technology, you can register a wallet online.

『Ⅱ』Do you use real-name system to purchase virtual currency?

A legal digital currency trading platform must require users to carry out real-name authentication. The Bitcoin Risk Notice has clearly stated that the purpose is to prevent someone from using Bitcoin for money laundering.
Now, domestic digital currency trading platforms often require users to perform real-name authentication when registering. This is the case for the five major bitcoin trading platforms, Xigu Digital Assets, Bit Times and other altcoin platforms.

『Three』 Ordinary people buy cryptocurrencies, do they need real-name authentication in the future?

Take bitcoin as an example, it is generated through “mining”, and ordinary people can build a bitcoin wallet , forming a unique blockchain wallet address, the bitcoins you receive will be stored in the wallet, and real-name authentication is not required. However, a trading venue has been formed to provide trading and circulation of encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin. Users can trade in the secondary market through trading venues such as Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase, and buy and sell encrypted digital currencies such as Bitcoin. For these trading venues, they often require users to carry out strict real-name authentication, mainly to achieve risk control.

“Wanted” Is Bitcoin a Big Scam? Are there many people who play Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a scam, so you must be cautious when investing and managing your finances.

Even if it is gold, which is called “hard currency”, the price of gold will not only go up and down. Gold itself does not have a bubble, but if the price is too high, there will be a bubble, and the bubble will eventually burst, and the same is true of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The more common virtual currencies, the closer the value of Bitcoin is to zero.

This kind of currency with purely digital symbols has no asset backing, no financial receipts and payments, no cash reserves, and no use value. It is only a circulation symbol. Once it loses its credit guarantee, it is A pile of beautifully printed waste paper. Investors should be alert that there is no so-called safe investment in this world, and all investments are risky.

The People’s Bank of China and other departments have issued documents to strictly rectify the above-mentioned behaviors, clarifying that token transactions are not protected by law. In the face of continuous innovation, government departments should continue to upgrade their supervision methods and capabilities on the basis of continued strict supervision, and continue to increase publicity and crackdowns to prevent the masses from being deceived.

(4) Buying Bitcoin without real-name authentication has extended reading:

Investing in virtual currency is more of a speculative behavior, and investors should strengthen Risk prevention awareness and ability to identify, do not involve money transactions without confirming the identity of the other party, do not believe in low-risk, high-return investment products, especially do not arbitrarily join unverified investment and wealth management groups, these are often telecommunication network frauds Molecular well-designed traps.

It is best to buy investment and financial management accompanied by children, and to learn from official and authoritative channels, and report to the police in time when you find that you have been deceived. Properly protect various account passwords, identity information, etc., and do not easily tell others. Anyone who mentions the need for transfer or remittance should be highly vigilant and consult with trusted acquaintances.

Reference source: People’s Daily Online – Demystifying Crazy Bitcoin: 800 Yuan each New Ponzi Scheme?

People’s Daily Online-Three men who set up a bitcoin scam to make more than 150 thousand yuan sentenced “Third: How to avoid deviating from the real to the virtual

“Wu” Huobi merchants do not pay with their real names

Huobi transfers require real-name authentication, so merchants pay There will be a real name. However, whether it is my real name is still up for debate. After all, the person using the account is probably not me. Everyone must be careful when trading, do not be deceived.

1. Are all Huobi transfers private?

It is basically private and requires real-name authentication. If there is no real-name authentication for you to transfer money, if the other party does not acknowledge the account, you cannot prove that you have made the transfer. That is to say, when people receive money, they may not give you coins. If your buyer does not have bitcoin yet, after registering a Huobi account, he can buy bitcoin in the fiat currency transaction.��After the purchase is successful, there will be bitcoins in your wallet address, and then you can transfer it to the seller’s wallet address.

2. What should I do if Huobi made money to the other party and ran away.

Big platforms such as Huobi are basically real-name authentication, and transfers will also be recorded. In fact, transfers are withdrawals. Many people sell coins directly to others online. If the seller does not contact you after you transfer money, you can open the page and wait for a while. If there is no information, you can find online customer service for consultation. Customer service will help all users to complete the transaction, so that the user’s personal property will not be damaged.

3. Do not conduct virtual currency transactions.

Although there are many virtual currency trading platforms on the market, some of which are indeed safe and reliable, but our country does not allow virtual currency trading, nor does it recognize the value of virtual currency, so everyone must not conduct virtual currency transactions. If you are deceived, no one can keep your property safe for you. Moreover, the daily transaction volume of virtual currency is relatively large, and many scammers take the opportunity to fish in troubled waters to commit fraud. Moreover, many domestic investors cannot buy real virtual currencies at all, they are all virtual currencies, and the sharp rise and fall of futures will lead to liquidation. I hope that everyone will understand this truth, stay away from virtual currency and create a better life.

『Lu』Bitcoin is anonymous, why does OKEX need real-name authentication

Only real-name authentication can make those criminals have no way to escape, and then protect our normal players.

『柒』 The foreign bitcoin trading platform does not need to be verified when binding the credit card to the foreign Amazon. It seems that no verification is required when binding the credit card!

I am a gold platform and do not need certification. It’s not easy to do things like Bitcoin. It is recommended that you do gold without professional knowledge. Good.

『渌』 Can Chinese people still trade bitcoin in 2022?

Abstract Chinese people can buy bitcoin. At present, there are several ways for Chinese people to buy bitcoin:

『玖』How much bitcoin you can withdraw every day on Huobi does not require video verification

This has nothing to do with the amount you withdraw. The transaction will be tested by the risk department, and it will invite you to authenticate when it detects that your account triggers the security risk value.


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