ByteDance bets on the Metaverse

1. What is the metaverse and why is it so popular recently

Accurately, the metaverse is not a new concept, it is more like a rebirth of a classic concept. In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find a connection terminal, and you can enter the real world simulated by computer and the real world in the form of a virtual avatar. Parallel virtual space.”
In March this year, Roblox, the first share of the metaverse concept, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange; in May, Facebook said it would transform into a metaverse company within five years. ; In August, ByteDance spent huge sums of money to acquire Pico, a VR startup… This year, the Metaverse has undoubtedly become one of the most popular concepts in the technology field.
So, what is the Metaverse? Why are the major digital technology giants entering the metaverse? How should my country’s metaverse industry be deployed and developed?
There is currently no accepted definition of the metaverse
Accurately speaking, the metaverse is not a new concept, it is more like the rebirth of a classic concept, which is an extension of reality (XR), blockchain, cloud Conceptualization under new technologies such as computing and digital twins.
In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the metaverse in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the computer simulation in the form of a virtual clone. , a virtual space parallel to the real world.”
Of course, the lack of accepted definitions of core concepts is a common phenomenon in the field of cutting-edge technology. Although the metaverse has attracted much attention and expectations, there is also no accepted definition. Returning to the essence of the concept, it can be considered that the metaverse is based on the traditional cyberspace, and with the improvement of the maturity of various digital technologies, a virtual world that is both mapped to and independent of the real world is constructed. At the same time, the Metaverse is not a simple virtual space, but includes the network, hardware terminals and users into a sustainable, wide-coverage virtual reality system. The system includes both digital replicas of the real world and virtual worlds. ‘s creation.
At present, everything about the metaverse is still under debate, and analysis from different perspectives will lead to very different conclusions, but the basic characteristics of the metaverse have been generally recognized by the industry.
Its basic features include: immersive experience, low latency and immersive feeling allow users to have an immersive sensory experience; virtual avatars, users in the real world will have one or more ID identities in the digital world ;Open creation, users enter the digital world through the terminal, and can use massive resources to carry out creative activities; Strong social attributes, the real social relationship chain will be transferred and reorganized in the digital world; Stabilized system, with a safe, stable and orderly economy Run the system.
Favored by tech giants and government departments
Since August, the concept of metaverse has become more popular. Japanese social giant GREE announced that it will launch metaverse business, and Nvidia’s “digital double” appeared at the press conference for more than ten seconds. ”, Microsoft announced the enterprise metaverse solution at the Inspire Global Partner Conference… In fact, not only are the major technology giants vying to deploy the metaverse track, but the relevant government departments of some countries are also actively participating in it. On May 18, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communications of South Korea initiated the establishment of the “Metaverse Alliance”, which includes more than 200 local Korean companies and organizations such as Hyundai, SK Group, and LG Group. Its goal is to build a national-level augmented reality platform. , and provide public virtual services to the society in the future; on July 13, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry released the “Investigation Report on the Future Possibilities and Issues of the Virtual Space Industry”, summarizing the urgent problems that the Japanese virtual space industry needs to solve. In order to occupy a dominant position in the global virtual space industry; on August 31, the South Korean Ministry of Finance released the 2022 budget, planning to spend 20 million US dollars for the development of the metaverse platform.
Why is the Metaverse favored by tech giants, venture capital firms, start-ups, and even government departments?
From the perspective of enterprises, Metaverse is still in the initial stage of industry development. Whether it is the underlying technology or application scenarios, there is still a big gap compared with the mature form in the future, but this also means
Metaverse-related industries have huge room for expansion. Therefore, digital technology giants with multiple advantages want to hold on to the market, and start-ups in the digital technology field must make arrangements in advance if they want to gain the opportunity to overtake in corners, or even add code yuan to the universe track.
From the perspective of the government, the Metaverse is not only an important emerging industry, but also an area of ​​social governance that needs attention. With the rapid development of the metaverse industry, a series of new problems and challenges will follow. Matthew Ball, a senior research expert on the metaverse, said: “The metaverse is aA concept at the same level as the mobile Internet. “By comparing the metaverse with the mobile Internet, we can better understand the internal logic of the government’s attention to it. The government hopes that by participating in the formation and development of the metaverse, it can forward-lookingly consider and solve the relevant problems brought about by its development. .
Make a forward-looking layout in terms of technology, standards, etc.
The Metaverse is an extremely open, complex, and huge system, which covers the entire cyberspace, as well as many hardware devices and real conditions. A super-large digital application ecology jointly built by type builders. In order to accelerate the promotion of the metaverse from concept to reality, and to seize the opportunity in the future global competition, China should make a forward-looking layout in three aspects: technology, standards and laws.
From a technical point of view, technical limitations are the biggest bottleneck in the current development of Metaverse, and the corresponding underlying technologies such as XR, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. are still far from the needs of Metaverse landing applications. Metaverse Industry It needs a lot of basic research to support it. In this regard, to prevent the Metaverse from becoming a hype stunt by some companies, relevant companies should be encouraged to strengthen basic research, enhance their technological innovation capabilities, and steadily improve the maturity of related industrial technologies.
From the perspective of industry standards, only by defining the Metaverse through a series of standards and protocols like the Internet can the large connection of different ecosystems in the Metaverse be realized. In this regard, the overall planning of the Metaverse standards should be strengthened to guide and encourage technology giants Carry out standardization cooperation between them, support enterprises and institutions in the development of industry standards such as technology, hardware, software, services, and content, and actively participate in the formulation of global standards for the Metaverse.
From a legal perspective, with the With the development of the Metaverse and its gradual maturity, a series of problems such as platform monopoly, tax collection and management, regulatory review, and data security will also arise. Thinking about how to prevent and solve the legal problems arising from the Metaverse in advance has become an indispensable link. In this regard, we should strengthen the legislative work in the field of digital technology, follow up in a timely manner in data, algorithms, transactions, etc., and study the legal system related to the metaverse.
What is certain is that under the joint promotion of technological evolution and human needs , the realization of the metaverse scene and the maturity of the metaverse industry are only a matter of time. As an extension and expansion of the real world, the huge opportunities and revolutionary effects brought by the metaverse are worth looking forward to, but because of this, we are more It is necessary to view the current metaverse upsurge rationally and promote the healthy development of the metaverse industry.
(The author is an associate researcher at the Institute of Quantitative and Technological Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Source: Science and Technology Daily

2. How is the Metaverse, what do you think of the Metaverse

Abstract Hello, dear, the Metaverse is definitely good, it appeared in line with the development trend of the times. The Metaverse appeared this year. The outbreak is mainly due to the continuation of the epidemic, which has promoted the development of virtual office. The concept of the metaverse first appeared in the American science fiction Avalanche, connecting the real world with the virtual world. Huawei has also used its own The advantages of communication technology have created VR Glass, and Ali has also launched Ali Robot.

3. What is the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a collection of virtual time and space, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet (Internet). Represents the concept of “Beyond the Universe”: a virtual space that runs parallel to the real world. Actually I don’t know what the Metaverse is, this is the easiest explanation to search on the web.

4. What is the concept of metaverse

The metaverse is a digital world that is virtual in space and real in time; There are both digital replicas of the real world and creations of virtual worlds in the universe.

From the standpoint of independence, the metaverse is a parallel space that is closely connected with the external real world and is highly independent; from the standpoint of connectivity, the metaverse is a space that includes networks, hardware terminals, and users. Incoming a sustainable, wide-coverage virtual reality system.


Metaverse I Ci, born in the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche,” depicting a sprawling virtual reality world where people use digital avatars to control and compete with each other to improve their status. A forward-looking future world.

A more recognized source of thought about the “metaverse” is the American mathematician and computer expert Professor Verno Vinge, who creatively conceived the idea in his novel “Real Names” published in 1981. A virtual world where you can enter and gain sensory experience through a brain-computer interface.

5. What does the metaverse in the stock market mean

Wikimedia defines the metaverse as, “The metaverse is the collective virtual shared space that contains all virtual worlds and the Internet, and perhaps derivatives of the real world, but is distinct from augmented reality. The metaverse is commonly used as to describe the iterative concept of the future Internet, consisting of persistent, shared, three-dimensional virtual spaces connected into a perceptible virtual universe.”

Metaverse is an integrated application of cutting-edge digital technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, VR, AR, IoT, big data, cloud computing, and edge computing.

We can also give the metaverse a simpler definition: the metaverse is the next generation of the Internet, which is the third generation of the Internet.

In the metaverse era, “Internet of Everything” will gradually move towards “Mutual Trust of Everything”, and then to “Transaction of Everything” and “Cooperation of Everything”. In this process, transactions not only occur between people, but also between people and machines, and between machines and machines. At that time, the industry must be upgraded as a whole, and every link must be fully digitalized.

Because of understanding, so believe; because of belief, so perseverance; because of perseverance, so success. Share with you!

6. “Metaverse” detonated the technology circle this year, what is the metaverse?

Metaverse is the Chinese translation of Metaverse, Meta means transcendence, and verse represents the universe , The combination of Meta+verse is the existence of transcendental universe and virtual universe. We can understand Metaverse as an artificial and virtual space/world that exists outside reality. In the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, people can use avatars to interact in virtual space. Therefore, some people believe that the novel “Avalanche” is the prototype of the Metaverse, and the so-called metaverse may be the “ultimate form” of the future development of the Internet.

The prospect of the Metaverse is bright, but the creation of the Metaverse requires a lot of human, material and financial resources, but from a technical point of view, it is still far away. In addition, after the formation of the metaverse, it will inevitably have a huge impact on reality, seriously affecting people’s original life order, and it is necessary to re-enact laws, ethics, morals, systems, economic security and other issues. All in all, the future of the metaverse is promising, but it still needs to be thought twice.

7. Is it true that ByteDance has been exposed to a large number of layoffs?

This is true, ByteDance has been reported layoffs again, word The relevant person in charge of Jiebeat confirmed to the media that the layoff information is true and is a normal business adjustment of the company. The layoffs are mainly focused on the game team and the commercialization team.

These businesses all have similar development trajectories: high expectations are placed on the inside, a lot of labor costs are invested and resources are tilted, and sometimes an internal horse racing mechanism is established, just to be able to Spell out a good result. But unfortunately, the end result is layoffs. The internal changes of ByteDance are believed to come in the near future.

8. What is “metaverse” and is “metaverse” really a scam?

“metaverse” is not a scam, it refers to a The real world is parallel, and at the same time it is an independent virtual space, in other words, it is a real digital virtual world.

“Metaverse” is a very hot topic, many business giants have joined related fields one after another, and have begun to join the “metaverse” industry. Such a seemingly illusory world, as long as time passes, I believe that the “metaverse” scene will appear in the near future.

I. What exactly is the “metaverse”, a virtual space

“metaverse” is a new type of cyberspace and social form composed of many new technologies , using the mirror image of the real world produced by digital technology, the blockchain technology creates an economic system that combines fantasy and reality, and allows all users to edit its content. The term “metaverse” first appeared in Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche”, which describes an alternate digital world parallel to the current one, in which everyone in the real world lives. Have another virtual self.


“Metaverse” is not only not a scam, but also promotes the development of the Internet, making people truly feel the wonder of the digital age through virtual reality equipment. People can enter the virtual space to socialize with colleagues as long as they wear the device, and even use the “metaverse” to create a virtual world. From then on, human beings will become “amphibians” of the real and virtual worlds.

9. The popular explanation of the metaverse, what does the metaverse mean

Recently, “metaverse” has become a popular word, and many people explain “metaverse”.When it comes to the universe”, various terms and vocabulary burst out, eight elements and ten abbreviations. People half understand it. People feel mysterious about things that they don’t understand. Many people seem to find the “metaverse”. It is the entrance to the legendary parallel universe, and some people say that like Columbus discovering the new continent, it will completely change the life of human beings.

Can only say the word “metaverse”, this name frightens many people, marketing Well done.

It can also be said that the “metaverse” is the It’s just developing in the direction of VR. Now mobile phones, voice chat, or who you want to see, direct video, visit online stores, watch movies, play games, buy a house, buy a car, etc. It means that these things can be made into 3D in the future. Store, not a mobile phone, wear VR glasses, you can see a 3D virtual storefront, as well as three-dimensional goods.

“Metaverse” is indeed the inevitable development of science and technology, but it is not like many alarmists. As people say, it will have a devastating impact on the real world.

Unless the technology of human beings in the real world has been extremely developed and reached its peak. Various intractable diseases and cancer have long been resolved. The secrets of the real universe have long been cracked, and the universe is no longer mysterious to human beings. Humans no longer need to eat, excrete, and absorb energy to survive. Separation and transfer of consciousness to the so-called “metaverse” to continue living.

Unless all of the above can be done, it is possible that, as many people say, the “metaverse” is extremely harmful to real life. Big impact. Because the real universe is boring, I went to simulate a new universe and challenge it.

You bought something in the store in the “metaverse”, and he still has to send it to you through the logistics of the real society It’s impossible to change in front of you out of thin air. If you eat a big meal in the “metaverse”, you won’t be hungry for a day in reality? Maybe it will be realized in thousands of years, but it’s still far away. So it’s still good Let’s live in the real world, have so much energy, look forward to the development of technology, and first solve the intractable diseases that plague us in reality.

10. What is the Metaverse? Stem

refers to the immersive virtual world, the English Metaverse. This virtual world is composed of 3D technologies such as VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and the Internet. Users can feel different in the Metaverse life, or experience a world that is completely different from the real world. Different from existing online games, the metaverse can bring players a more realistic feeling, allowing players to feel as if they are in a virtual world, even indistinguishable The real and virtual world. The metaverse is also touted as the ultimate form of the Internet. The movies “The Matrix” and “Ready Player One” are the concept of the metaverse. The term metaverse first comes from the American science fiction novel “Avalanche”. Novels It depicts a virtual world parallel to the real world, the Metaverse.


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