Can Bitcoin be mined with mobile phones?

(1) Can iPhone dig bitcoins?

Of course, not…
The production of bitcoins uses computers, and the hardware needed are: motherboard, CPU , hard disk, display, if it is a professional bitcoin mining machine, it does not need a display.

㈡ Can the mobile phone bitcoin mining software make money?

Now it’s all mining machines that mine mobile phones. This performance mining is still forgettable. Otherwise, it is not the graphics card but the mobile phone that will increase the price.

㈢ Can bitcoin be mined now?

As long as you want to mine, you can mine. As for how much you can mine in a day, it depends on the model of the mining machine and the computing power of the entire network.

㈣ Is it possible to mine with ordinary mobile phones?

Of course, you can try it, anyway, they are all nodes on the block, such as Tokenall’s currency link wallet, the following is The screenshots I dug myself, I don’t know if you need this.

㈤ Can the mobile phone mine bitcoins?

Although it is possible, but this In terms of efficiency, it is really impossible to make a return, and even the electricity bill cannot be earned back.

㈥ Why do you say that mobile phone mining is a scam?


1. In the past two years, various “get rich overnight” myths about blockchain have been staged continuously, “mining” Cryptocurrency has become a new trend of getting rich, and mobile phone mining is becoming more and more popular.

2. For real mining, there will be special mining machines. After all, every mining machine is not cheap. Mobile phone automatic mining can be obtained very cheaply. It’s not Bitcoin, basically the altcoins issued by myself are not worth much, and they will still be cut into leeks at that time.

㈦ Can bitcoin mobile phones be mined?

In September, many ministries and commissions took strict regulatory measures against bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and now my country has banned bitcoin and other virtual currency transactions Now, do you still dare to play?

㈧ Can Bitcoin be mined with mobile phones?

No. Huge computing power and speed are required

㈨ Can bitcoin be mined with mobile phones and what other currencies can be mined with mobile phones? I can earn more than a dozen a day

Yes Mobile phone mining, but it is impossible to make more than a dozen a day. It is not bad to earn one dollar. Mining needs to be hung in the background. There are also website scripts for mining, which will cause great damage to the mobile phone. It is recommended to do other online earning.

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