Can I register on Euro Exchange? Ouyi OKX registration detailed steps

European Exchange is OKX Exchange. In fact, its original name was OKEx Exchange, but not long ago, Euroeasy Exchange completed its brand new upgrade and changed its name to OKX Exchange. In fact, Europe Exchange has always been a world-leading and ambitious exchange, especially with the rapid development of DeFi and DEC, the CEX track is constantly invoking, so Europe Exchange decided to carry out a comprehensive brand Upgrading, also began to get involved in DEX, looking for longer-term development. Many investors don’t know that Eurex can register now? Let me bring you the detailed steps of OKX registration.

Is it possible to register on Euroeasy?

European Exchange can register. Ouyi OKX has a security team composed of top experts in the world, which can provide bank-level safe storage and protection for your assets. For the first time to register Ouyi OKX platform, please follow the steps below.

1. Open the Ouyi OKX official website (, click the registration button in the upper right corner to enter the registration page.

2. Enter your mobile phone number and password, and click Register to complete the registration.


If your mobile phone number is lost and cannot be used, and the account cannot be logged in, You can send the photo of the front and back of your ID card (original) using the email address bound to your account, indicate the mobile phone number you need to unbind, and send it to our official email,, there will be staff to follow up for you deal with.

How to buy coins on Eurex?

For novice users who are trading fiat currency for the first time, it is recommended to use OKX’s one-click purchase function, which is simple and convenient, and can instantly own their own digital assets.

1. Open the Ouyi OKX official website (, click on the upper left corner of the page to buy coins, select Quick Trading, click Buy, and select the currency to be purchased, such as USDT .

2. Enter the amount or currency to be purchased, select a payment method (including bank card, Alipay, WeChat), and then Click to buy.

3. After the order is placed successfully, the page will display the payment method of the seller, and make offline payment according to the payment information of the seller. After the payment is completed, click I have transferred at the bottom, and then you can go to the next step.

(After successfully buying a virtual currency, the purchased currency can be viewed in your fiat currency account.)


1. Please do not remark any information related to digital assets, such as OKX, BTC, Bitcoin, etc., to prevent problems such as remittance interception and bank card freezing.

2. Please pay in batches for inter-bank remittances of more than 50,000 yuan during non-working hours (17:00-8:00 on holidays and working days) to avoid transaction problems caused by delay in arrival.

3. You can cancel the order within 15 minutes of placing the order, but please note that multiple cancellations or continuous overtime failure to pay will affect your credit, and you cannot place an order on the same day.

The above content is a specific elaboration on the issue of whether Euroeasy can be registered. In fact, behind the renaming of the Euroeasy Exchange represents its ambition. The overall ecological positioning of the exchange has changed. Now the exchange is moving towards a new cross-chain, cross-functional, cross-platform, and interoperable ecosystem of Web3. change. We know that in today’s booming crypto industry, the competition for trading has become more and more intense. As an old exchange, OKX’s renaming and adjustment of its development direction have shown its ambitions and goals. We can see that , Now it is just a starting point for Ouyi.

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