Can LTC graphics cards be mined?

①Can the server mine ltc?

If you use the cpu mining script, you can refer to the following 32-bit download address: 64-bit download address: minerd.exe -o http://116.213 .73.50:9327 -u -px -t 4 -s 15 -o mining pool address, port number -u your own wallet address. -p password, doesn’t matter -t number of cpu cores you need to use. View original post>>

② How long does it take to mine LTC with a laptop

My laptop is an i52430 and my graphics card is nvGT540m1g, so I can probably mine less than 0.1 per day. Now ltc is about 13.5.

③ Is the speed of LTC mining related to the size and frequency of the video memory of the graphics card?

Mining is mainly to perform operations, and the computing power of the graphics card is required to be equivalent Only strong can. In other words, it requires more rendering pipes for the graphics card. It has little to do with video memory and bandwidth

④ How to mine Litecoin with a PC with a discrete graphics card

If you have a 4-way titan xp, you can mine for one year There may be 2-3 pieces without power failure.

⑤ How to mine LTC mine with HD7850 graphics card, urgent. Please teach me an expert!

Download the mining software..Choose this card to start mining

⑥ How to mine LTC

I have been doing it for a long time, I have tried various mining software, but I can’t connect to the server all the time. Reconnect after 15 seconds:'(:'(:'(:'(

⑦ btc,ltc,nmc Wait, which one of the graphics card miners is more profitable

Pure graphics card miners, now mining btc, ltc, nmc, etc., which currency is more profitable? Seniors who have actually operated, give more suggestions! !!!!!!!!!!

⑧ How to set LTC for mining with different graphics cards

The speed is different, the specific network is not a sentence or two. clear

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