Can shib mention imtoken wallet

① Which wallet can o3 coins refer to

1, imToken currently supports ETH, BTC, ATOM, EOS, TRX, CKB, BCH, LTC, KSM, DOT, FIL, XTZ is the asset storage of these 12 chains.
2. You can view the corresponding wallet address in imToken’s wallet management interface, and enter the address into the exchange’s withdrawal address to withdraw coins.
Extension information:
1, but not every coin has a separate wallet. The 12 coins mentioned above are collectively referred to as mainnet coins. The thousands of digital assets on the market can be divided into two main categories: mainnet coins and tokens. Only the mainnet coin has its own custom-made wallet named after it, and the tokens can only be hosted in the wallet of the mainnet coin.
2, for example, the house we live in is divided into two types, the first is a house that belongs to us completely, and the second is a rented house. The mainnet currency is the first type of house, and it has complete autonomy over the house. How to decorate and set up the house depends on the mainnet currency. The token is like the second type. The home of the mainnet coin landlord.
3, such as USDT token, which can be stored in wallets such as Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet and TRON. When you withdraw USDT on the exchange, you need to choose the chain name. There are three options: ERC-20, TRC-20 and OMNI. The three chain names correspond to Ethereum Wallet, Tron Wallet, and Bitcoin Wallet, respectively. USDT is a token rented in the home of the mainnet currency. Since it is renting a house, it is necessary to sign a rental agreement. Different landlords have different requirements. The tenancy agreement for USDT renting in a Bitcoin home is called Omni, the tenancy agreement for renting in an Ethereum home is called ERC-20, and the tenancy agreement for renting in a TRON home is called TRC-20.
4. If USDT mentions BTC wallet, select OMNI format and enter BTC wallet address; if USDT mentions ETH wallet, select ERC-20 format and enter ETH wallet address; if USDT mentions TRX wallet, select Enter the TRX wallet address in TRC20 format.
5. If you choose the ERC-20 format, but the input address is the address of the Bitcoin wallet or TRON wallet, you will encounter an “invalid address” error. Let’s take USDT as an example to teach you how to transfer coins from the exchange to the imToken wallet. Step 1: Select USDT in the asset interface, click withdraw, and select the ERC-20 format (you can also choose other formats).

② How to withdraw coins to wallet

The first step is to use Huawei Enjoy 10 (version 1.0.0) to download imToken through official channels ( Version 1.003) wallet. The second step, open the APP, click on me, create a wallet in the lower right corner: select ETH and click create a wallet: set the wallet name and password: so the wallet is created: the third step, transfer the shib purchased by the exchange to the wallet : Open the spot account of the exchange, find the shitcoin, and click to withdraw: Copy and paste the copied wallet address, and click “Apply to the reflected address” to complete the withdrawal to the wallet.
1. Bitcoin is electronic cash similar to e-mail. Both parties of the transaction need a “Bitcoin wallet” similar to an e-mail address and a “Bitcoin address” similar to an e-mail address. As with sending and receiving emails, the sender sends bitcoin directly to the recipient’s address via a computer or smartphone. The following table lists some of the sites where you can download bitcoin wallets and addresses for free. A Bitcoin address is a string of letters and numbers about 33 digits long, always beginning with a 1 or 3, such as “”. Bitcoin software can automatically generate addresses, and it does not require networking to exchange information when generating addresses, which can be done offline [2]. There are a lot of Bitcoin addresses available. To put it figuratively, there are about 2 grains of sand in the world, and if there is an earth in each grain of sand, the total number of bitcoin addresses far exceeds the number of all the sands on all these “earths”.
Second, the Bitcoin address and the private key appear in pairs, and their relationship is like a bank card number and a password. A bitcoin address is like a bank card number used to keep track of how many bitcoins you have deposited at that address. You can generate bitcoin addresses at will to store bitcoins. When each bitcoin address is generated, a corresponding private key for the address is generated. This private key proves that you own the bitcoins on that address. We can simply understand the Bitcoin address as a bank card number, and the private key of the address as the password of the corresponding bank card number. You can only use the money on your bank card number if you know your bank PIN. So, please save your address and private key when using Bitcoin wallet.
3. After the Bitcoin transaction data is packaged into a “data block” or “block”, the transaction is preliminarily confirmed. After the block is linked to the previous block, the transaction will be further confirmed.�After 6 consecutive block confirmations, the transaction is basically irreversibly confirmed. The Bitcoin peer-to-peer network stores all transaction history in the “blockchain”. The blockchain continues to lengthen, and once new blocks are added to the blockchain, they cannot be removed. The blockchain is actually a group of decentralized user-end nodes and a distributed database composed of all participants, which is a record of all Bitcoin transaction history. Satoshi Nakamoto predicts that when the amount of data increases, the client hopes that not all of this data will be stored in its own node. In order to achieve this goal, he adopted the introduction of hash function mechanism. In this way, the client will be able to automatically eliminate those parts that it will never use, such as some very early Bitcoin transaction records.

③ How to transfer the currency in Huobi to the wallet


1. First open the Huobi APP or web version (, log in to your account, and find the currency you want to withdraw in [Assets]. For example, if you want to withdraw Ethereum (ETH), click [ETH] to enter.

2. There are three options after entering: deposit, withdraw, and trade. Click [Withdraw] to enter, and fill in the relevant information according to the prompts. Everyone can understand the withdrawal amount and handling fee. The currency address is equivalent to using Alipay to withdraw cash to the card number of the bank card.

3. Generally, the withdrawal from the exchange is to withdraw to the wallet, so the withdrawal address should fill in your own wallet address. The wallet address can be viewed in the wallet you are using. Take the imToken wallet as an example, open the wallet and click [Assets]. There is a combination of numbers and English at the top. This is your wallet address.

Huobi is a bitcoin trading platform established by Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013.

In September 2014, DigCoin, a digital currency mining service platform under Huobi, was launched.

On September 15, 2017, announced that registration and RMB recharge services will be suspended from now on. Huobi stopped virtual currency trading on October 31, 2017.

According to the national enterprise information publicity system, on July 22, 2021, Beijing Huobi Tianxia Network Technology Co., Ltd. was dissolved due to a resolution, and plans to apply to the company registration authority for cancellation of registration. Claim creditor’s rights to the liquidation group within 45 days.

④Which wallet is safe to put SHIB coins in?

At present, TokenPocketimtoken supports ship, find the ETH wallet in the wallet, add SHIB coins, it will be The SHIB address appears, and then you can withdraw coins from the exchange as normal. In addition, please select the Huawei Honor 50 (Android system) mobile phone and select the mobile phone to download the wallet. In addition, there is no wallet platform to run away. Today’s wallets are decentralized, and wallet data is stored on the chain. As long as you remember the mnemonic, you can open and operate any other wallet app connected to it. Remember The mnemonic protects the assets, and it is not very safe to put them on the exchange. For example, the exchange has closed down or malfunctioned in 3 years and 5 years. If there is no withdrawal entrance, the coins will be lost.
One. Although there are not many wallets that support shib, only TPIM wallet supports Shiba Inu, but with the launch of mainstream exchanges such as okex and Huobi, there will be more and more wallets that support shib,
Many People are more concerned about how to withdraw Shib into the wallet, and how to withdraw Shib to the wallet is what many people are more concerned about. How to recharge shib coins is also a very important question, so after getting our own shib, how should we continue to get coins? If the shib is not enough and you want to keep adding to your position, how should you top up? If you want to operate shib withdrawal to wallet, you must understand shib’s specific tutorial to get the wallet.
two. In fact, the way we operate shib transactions has become very simple now. Now we can support a variety of cross-chain transfers through tp wallets, especially for wallets with a relatively high share of the market. We can understand that at present, as long as the imported bitcoins, or us and okex and other major wallets can be converted, shib is issued in the main chain of Ethereum, we can only withdraw coins to Ethereum wallet, and at the same time we choose to use the wallet to transfer the process, we still need to prepare some ht as the handling fee. It is recommended that you prepare 0.1ht and store it in your wallet for subsequent transfers or participating in corresponding activities.
Three. We only need to build an Ethereum wallet first, and then import it into the Ethereum wallet. It is recommended that you save your private key and mnemonic in a combination of methods, or copy it directly with paper and put it in the absolute In a safe place, you can also choose to use your own U disk to encrypt it by way of backup, or you can compress it to a network disk for saving. If we want to rechargeshib is the same channel. You can continue to trade bcha with your other currencies through wallets or through various digital currency trading platforms, such as the okex platform.

⑤ How to transfer shib to Huobi Wallet

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⑥ How to transfer the virtual currency in LBank Transfer coins to imToken wallet

For example, if you want to transfer ETH, copy the Ethereum address on imtoken, go to Lbank and click Ethereum to withdraw coins, enter the address, and the same as above for other coins.
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⑦ Can USDT on be transferred to imtoken wallet?

USDT on cannot be transferred to imtoken wallet. Because imtoken does not support USDT Bitpie wallet support.

USDT is based on the BTC block network and can be withdrawn normally, depending on whether the other platform supports receiving it. Invalid because imtoken wallet is not connected to USDT.

USDT can be transferred to bitpie. However, it is generally not recommended to keep USDT for a long time.

The imtoken wallet is an exclusive Ethereum wallet that can only be used to store Ethereum tokens. The USDT Tether is swapped with the US dollar, 1USDT=1 US dollar.

(7)Can you mention the imtoken wallet for extended reading:

The USDT Tether purchased on Huobi Online needs to be transferred. Transfer the currency from the fiat currency account to the trading account, and then the button for withdrawing currency will appear below the USDT ratio. If there is no transfer, the button for withdrawing currency will not appear. Then you can see if the imtoken wallet platform can receive this coin, which can help you find the answer.

After that, just transfer USDT from to imtoken. If imtoken does not support it, just find another wallet that can support USDT.

Advantages of Huobi:

1. It is safe and reliable, easy to use, and the product user experience is particularly friendly.

2. Support OTC fiat currency transactions, support WeChat, Alipay and bank card transfers.

3. It is simple to apply for registration, there are many currencies, and the transaction volume is large, which is convenient for buying and selling at any time.

⑧ What if SHIB mentioned the HOO-DH of tp wallet

Abstract Hello, you need to find the name of the coin you need to withdraw in the tp wallet first , then click Recharge and copy the address.

⑨ How does fil coin mention which chain imtoken is going to go to? Tell me in detail about the transfer process.

Summary Step 1: Select USDT in the asset interface, click withdraw Coins, choose the ERC-20 format (you can also choose other formats).


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