Can soldiers in Red Alert mine mine?

(1) What other uses of the armed mining vehicle in “Red Alert 2” in addition to mining

There is also a better use for mining in weapons mines.

After testing, at the same time, (with the super weapon countdown calculation at the same time), close-range mining, medium-range mining, long-range mining, the efficiency of Soviet and Allied mining vehicles is consistent, Yuri Mining trucks are the most efficient, but scam 200 more than other mining trucks. There is no superspeed in time, nor the Soviet minecart capability. The advantage of the Allied Harvester is that it has strong escape ability, and it can solve the problem of time and space transmission when encountering spiders. The disadvantage is that it has no weapons.

Finally, the Time Teleporter Harvester can return directly to base, leaving behind a dazed (humanoid) horror robot face.

ㅡ Can the armed mining truck in the red alert be upgraded?

Yes, the attack method will also change after the armed mining truck is upgraded to sergeant, from machine gun to sergeant. For the howitzer, the attack speed has slowed down, but the attack power has increased~

(iii) How does Red Alert 2 Mining during the battle

Ha ha. Money fans! ! Are you busy playing for money? Crazy Occupation has an alchemy field, and even more shameless, he used spies to go to his house. Into his concentrate, the money will come! ! The strongest mining trucks are Chinese ones (waterways are fine!! Haha). Next is a mining vehicle with a machine gun, which costs twice as much as the Allies. However, after the oil alchemy field was established in the later stage, it was also 1000 at a time! ! ! The money is divided into concentrate and diamond mines (the shape is similar, the name came from itself, huh, huh), the first diamond is subtle. The last sentence summarizes: the glory of the Republic, the glory of China. Mining first on the rare, then on the golden. There are also some classifications of gold, and those with extractors are picked first! ! ! Hope to accept! !

Remember to adopt it

(iv) Can the red alert mining truck be upgraded for mining?

The armed mining truck of Red Alert 2 can be upgraded, super Time-space mining vehicles cannot be upgraded in Red Alert 2, Yuri’s Revenge and other armed mining vehicles, slave mining farms, and time-space mining vehicles cannot be upgraded in Red Alert 3. All mining vehicles can be upgraded (those without weapons can be upgraded by pressing troops)

(v) The Glory of the Red Alert Republic Sometimes he will give you some soldiers and mining vehicles, and then ask you to play, but I can’t build a base, and I don’t know how to mine if I find a mine

Double-click the base car to have a base, and the mining car will mine by itself

(vi) When I was playing Red Police, I saw that some people could turn other people’s mining cars into be your own.

See which version of the game it is. When you occupy the opponent’s headquarters, some versions can turn the opponent’s mining truck into your own. There is also a look at Yuri seems to be able to control the other party’s car.

㈦ What version of Red Police uses minions to mine

Red Police, especially In the revenge version, Yuri’s troops can.
The URL can be searched from the Internet.

㈧ Red Alert How to mine

Click the minecart, left-click, and just click the mine. If you don’t have a minecart, build a new mine. Why can’t you build a mine? Then restart the game.

㈨ How does Red Alert 2 mine?

Build an ore refinery and a mining vehicle.
The rest is left to the mining truck.

㈩ After the construction of the Red Alert Alliance Mine is completed, will the soldiers directly collect it?

It will be collected directly.
In the previous version, when the Red Alert OL completed the construction of the alliance mine, all the soldiers involved in the construction will be repatriated, which is different from the original work before it was replaced.
In the latest update in February 2019, this has been changed (no announcement), and now the soldiers involved in the construction of the alliance mine will continue to stay in the alliance mine and start collecting alliance mines after the construction of the alliance mine is completed. .
Even so, it is not recommended to send low-level minecarts and gathering heroes to participate in the construction of alliance ore, because it will affect the construction speed of alliance ore. It is still recommended to send the most advanced soldiers and military heroes who can best increase the combat power of these arms to participate in the construction of alliance mines. If you really want to send a minecart, you can send a tier 9 or 7 minecart.
In addition, in the original work before the skin change, the load collected after the construction of the alliance mine is only related to the first troop that entered the alliance mine. With 500,000 advanced mining vehicles, after the construction of the alliance mine is completed, only 10,000 bombers can be collected. But it has not been tested in Red Alert OL, just guesswork.

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