Can the Bitcoin 20x contract be taken all the time?

❶ What is Bitcoin contract trading

1. Definition of contract
A futures contract is a buyer agreeing to receive an asset at a specified price after a specified period of time, and the seller An agreement to deliver an asset at a specified price after a specified period of time.
The price that both parties agree to use in future transactions is called the futures price. The specified date on which the two parties must transact in the future is called the settlement date or delivery date. The assets that both parties agree to exchange are called “underlyings”.
If an investor takes a position in the market by buying a futures contract (that is, agreeing to buy at a future date), it is called a long position or a long position in futures. Conversely, if an investor takes a position by selling a futures contract (that is, taking responsibility for the contract to be sold in the future), it is called a short position or short on futures.

2. Origin of the contract
A futures contract refers to a standardized contract formulated by a futures exchange that stipulates the delivery of a certain quantity and quality of commodities at a specific time and place in the future. It is the object of futures trading, and the participants of futures trading transfer price risk and obtain risk-return by buying and selling futures contracts on the futures exchange.
Futures contracts are developed on the basis of spot contracts and spot forward contracts, but the most essential difference between them is the standardization of the terms of futures contracts. For futures contracts traded in the futures market, the quantity, quality grade and delivery grade of the subject matter, as well as the premiums and discounts of substitutes, delivery locations, delivery months and other terms are standardized, making futures contracts universal.
In the futures contract, only the futures price is the only variable, which is generated by open auction on the exchange.

3. Classification of contracts
Digital currency contracts can be divided into: delivery contracts and perpetual contracts.
(1) Delivery contract: Futures delivery refers to the process in which both parties to the transaction settle the expired open contracts through the transfer of the ownership of the commodities contained in the futures contract when the futures contract expires.
(2) Perpetual contract: It is a derivative product similar to leveraged spot trading, and is a digital currency contract product settled in BTC, USDT and other currencies. Investors can obtain the benefits of rising digital currency prices by buying long, or obtain benefits from falling digital currency prices by selling short.
Perpetual contracts differ from traditional futures in a certain way: they have no expiration time, so there is no limit to how long a position can be held. In order to ensure that the underlying price index is tracked, the perpetual contract ensures that its price closely follows the price of the underlying asset through the mechanism of funding fees.

❷ Bitcoin has risen 20 times a year, don’t just eat meat and forget speculators jumping off the building

In the coming 2017, if you want to ask the global investment return Which asset is the highest rate, the answer is of course no doubt – Bitcoin.

At the beginning of this year, the price of 1 bitcoin was less than 1,000 US dollars, and on Monday (December 18), eastern time, the much-anticipated bitcoin futures of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange officially began to trade , of which the opening price of the January contract exceeded $20,000. This also means that in less than a year, the price of Bitcoin has risen more than 20 times. And if the timeline is extended to the past 8 years, the price of Bitcoin has increased by an astonishing 22 million times.

Although Bitcoin has set off round after round of wealth-making campaigns, many people who question the Bitcoin bubble have been “slapped in the face”, but if you look at the past three major Bitcoin market corrections, it will be difficult to It can be seen that the myth of Bitcoin’s wealth creation is also accompanied by a large number of disasters that destroy wealth. Everyone should be able to understand a very simple truth – in the surge of speculative assets, most people cannot really make money.

At the beginning of 2011, the price of each bitcoin was only 0.3 US dollars. By June 8, it had reached 31.5 US dollars, and it has achieved more than 100 times in less than half a year. gain. Then in less than a month, the price of bitcoin plummeted to $11, and in less than a month it fell to $7.8 before continuing to fall back to $4.77. That is to say, in just two or three months, the price of Bitcoin plummeted by 85%.

Because there is no “anchor” for a pricing system, the initial bitcoin market is more driven by liquidity. The biggest day of decline came after the price peaked, falling more than 30% on the day. During the entire decline, there were a total of seven days of Bitcoin’s one-day decline of more than 20%. The whole downtrend process lasted for 3 months before it really bottomed out. I believe that it is difficult for most people to hold it firmly.

By 2013, Bitcoin once again experienced a rise of more than 100 times, but it was also accompanied by two plunges, especially the second plunge, which took several years to recover. Most Chinese investors actually started trading in bitcoin in 2013. It can be said that the 100-fold surge in 2013 and the subsequent crash made Bitcoin .�� is entering the Chinese public’s field of vision.

From the perspective of Bitcoin’s trend in 2013, the first plunge was after the price hit a high of $266, and Bitcoin plunged 77.4% in 3 days to $54.25. Such a tragic collapse, I am afraid that any “value investor” will be shocked out.

What followed was the second crash of the year, the most fortune-destroying drop in Bitcoin history. As the previous sharp rise and fall of Bitcoin attracted a large number of “RMB players” to enter the market, some people even joked that it was the “Chinese aunt” who entered the market to sweep the goods to drive the second wave of Bitcoin’s “main wave” in 2013, but in December On the 5th, the regulatory authorities headed by the People’s Bank of China issued the “Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks”, which clearly pointed out that Bitcoin is not a currency and should not be used in the market as a currency. Freedom, financial institutions and payment institutions may not price products or services in Bitcoin. The announcement also led to the biggest plunge in Bitcoin’s history: a 92.5% drop in price in 83 days, nearly destroying the market.

The crash in 2013 brought Bitcoin into a long-term bear market—from 2013 to 2015, the price of Bitcoin basically fluctuated downward, with only a brief rebound. No matter how optimistic anyone is about Bitcoin, it is difficult to maintain their beliefs in the bear market for a long time. Especially this time, after the rapid decline in the early stage, it did not continue to make new highs, but continued to decline. This is why by 2015 Bitcoin seemed to be forgotten by Chinese investors again.

Many people once regarded the Bitcoin market as the largest asset bubble in history, compared to the tulip bubble nearly 400 years ago. Of course, it is also possible that our vision is not broad enough to see the value of Bitcoin.

For Bitcoin, both bears and bulls have their own reasons, and there is no need to argue too much. However, through the analysis of several Bitcoin bubbles, it can be found that the volatility of this asset is very large, and there has also been a relatively long bear market. Based on this, if investors do not know enough about its fundamentals, it is recommended not to participate in the game too much.

Back to the essence of investment (or speculation)-investment, there will always be people who will make money; and any speculation, there must be people who will make a lot of money. This is like buying a lottery ticket, it will always give you a vision of getting rich, but every time the person who wins the Mark Six Lottery is not you.

In terms of investment, we must have a “rich mind”, know how to give up, and try to invest within our own circle of competence. That is to say, we must buy assets that we can understand. Looking back at the data, we can see that although Bitcoin has had huge gains, there are several huge fluctuations and long-term bear markets. In the end, how many people can make money from the beginning to the end?

If you are not a friend of time, then you must be an enemy of time – Bitcoin, like many speculative varieties, seems to have experienced a huge rise, but how many people can successfully take profits , how many people have sold, and how many people gave up when the bear market bottomed for a few years? The key is that investors must have knowledge of the varieties they hold, and only with knowledge can they be confident and can make value judgments. Otherwise, you end up handing your destiny to others, to the daily market fluctuations.

In Buffett’s words, there will always be a “coin toss” champion in the market. Knowing how to give up and believing in value is the most important thing. Because only value is time’s best friend and can bring the greatest leverage.

❸ How much does Bitcoin futures lose if it falls 20 times?

I am a market analyst, and I tell you there is no such thing. Buy as much as you want. Normal people don’t do this. For example, if you invest 100 yuan in futures and you buy all of them with 100 yuan, then you will lose money. But if you buy 10 yuan and fall, it will go up and lose money. 20 yuan, I don’t want to increase more than 100 yuan. As long as your order does not drop and wait for it to fall back, you will not lose money! In addition, how much you buy and how much you earn… This is not a stock, a stock can only be earned if it rises,

❹ A way to not lose money in bitcoin contracts

Any investment Risk and reward go hand in hand, and if you don’t want risk, there is no reward.

❺ How is the Bitcoin contract income calculated?

Twenty times the full position of the contract is equivalent to buying 2,000 yuan of bitcoin with 100 yuan, an increase of ten One point your income is 200 yuan (+100), the next day your account is 300 yuan, continue to fill the position 20 times and then increase ten points, your income is 600 yuan (+300), and so on,
But if it falls by 5 points, your principal will be gone, commonly known as liquidation.

❻ Can the bitcoin spot be held all the time or run with profit?

If you have a heavy position.�You can lighten up part of the position and hold the other part. The spot I bought at bitz will clear the other part, and the other part will continue to be held.

❼ Is the bitcoin contract fund reliable?

How much money have you lost on bitcoin contracts?
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Actually, it is possible to make a steady profit by playing bitcoin contracts. I hope this strategy will help everyone!

I use it all the time, strictly speaking, risk-free arbitrage.

For example, the current price of Bitcoin is $10,000

1. Suppose you use 5,000 yuan to open 20 times leverage to go long

2. At the same time Open 2 put option hedging on BitOffer (cost of $60, the world’s first BTC American options platform)

✅The first one, when Bitcoin rises by $200, the increase is 2%

1. Long position with 20 times leverage, 40% profit, which is 2000 yuan

2. The put option loses the principal, which is 60 US dollars (420 yuan)

3. The two are settled, and the net profit of the account is 1580 yuan

✅The second type, when Bitcoin drops by $200, the drop is 2%

1. 20 times leverage If you go long, you will lose 40%, which is 2,000 yuan.

2. The put option makes a profit of 400 US dollars, which is 2,800 yuan.

3. 380 yuan

✅The third type, when Bitcoin rises by 500 US dollars, that is, the increase is 5%

1, 20 times leverage to go long, the capital is doubled, and the profit is 5,000 yuan

2. The put option loses the principal, that is, 60 US dollars (420 yuan)

3. The two are settled, and the net profit is 4580 yuan

✅The fourth type, when Bitcoin falls by $500, that is, the drop is 5%

1. Going long with 20 times leverage, hits liquidation, and loses 5,000 yuan

2. The profit of the put option is 1,000 US dollars, which is 7,000 yuan.

3. After subtracting (5,000+60 US dollars), the net profit is 1,580 yuan.

Note: If the contract hits the liquidation, the account Still profitable

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I want to scold people when I see the word “secure profit”! !
The wind blows the center of the earth
First, the bitoffer is not safe, and secondly, except for the program, it is impossible to close the position at the same time

❽ How many times the bitcoin contract can be done


How many times can a Bitcoin contract be done? In fact, Bitcoin is explicitly prohibited from trading in my country. Bitcoin is a virtual currency on the Internet. There are many buyers and sellers in the world hyping it. If you like to sell Bitcoin, it may cause your family to go bankrupt.


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