Can the miner still mine after eth is converted to pos?

①How long can Ethereum mining be mined

It will take at least 2 years.

The two biggest changes of Ethereum 2.0, one is the adoption of the “beacon chain + shard chain” structure, and the other is the change of the consensus mechanism from the current PoW to PoS , According to V God, after the PoS consensus algorithm is implemented, Ethereum will be more secure than Bitcoin, and the attack cost will be higher.

The change of the consensus mechanism is undoubtedly the first to bear the brunt of the Ethereum graphics card miners. Some time ago, thanks to the explosion of the DeFi market, Ethereum mining has become a favorite in the eyes of many people. Both the number of people entering the market and the computing power of the entire network are growing rapidly. However, Ethereum 2.0 is like a sword of Damocles, because the PoS consensus mechanism does not require the current mining Ethereum graphics card to be on the machine.

② Can eth2.0 still mine?

I can mine, but the accounting method is changed from PoW to PoS, and ETH is pledged for mining, which is similar to IPFS mining ( The token is FIL), according to the amount and time of the currency held, BETH is produced, which can be converted into ETH at 1:1, and then Ethereum will enter the era of deflation. The output is settled according to the address. The upper limit of the pledge of each address is 32 ETH, and the lower limit is also this amount, in order to participate in mining, it is not ruled out that a mining pool will be formed in the future to attract retail investors to join, and there will be enough 32 ETH to build a mining machine. Because of the decentralization of addresses, the risk of the main network being attacked by computing power is effectively reduced. In this way, it does not consume much electricity, which can be described as clean energy mining. The deflation era also makes the miners who hoard coins more and more profitable. As of June 12, 2021, during the internal testing phase of Ethereum 2.0, 5.4509 million ETHs have been pledged.
1. A bitcoin mining machine is a computer used to earn bitcoins. This type of computer generally has a professional mining chip, and mostly uses a graphics card to work, which consumes a lot of power. Users download software with a personal computer and then run a specific algorithm. After communicating with a remote server, they can get corresponding bitcoins, which is one of the ways to obtain bitcoins.
2. The popular digital currencies in 2013 include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zeta Coin, Penny Coin (external network), Invisible Gold Bar, Red Coin, Extreme Coin, BBQ Coin, Prime Coin. At present, there are hundreds of digital currencies issued around the world.
3. Mining is actually a competition of performance and equipment. A mining machine composed of many graphics cards, even if it is only a low-end graphics card such as HD6770, can still surpass most of the computing power after “grouping”. of the user’s single graphics card. And this is not the most terrifying. Some mining machines are composed of more such graphics card arrays. Dozens or even hundreds of graphics cards come together. The graphics card itself also costs money. Counting various costs such as hardware prices, mining There are considerable expenditures.
Fourth, it takes hundreds of keys to withdraw Bitcoin, and most people will record this long string of numbers on the computer, but problems such as hard disk damage that often occur will cause the key to be permanently lost , which also led to the loss of Bitcoin. “Roughly estimated, the number of lost bitcoins may reach more than 1.6 million. Although bitcoin advertises itself as “anti-inflation”, it is easily controlled by big dealers who hold a large number of bitcoins, and there is a risk of devaluation. Call it a roller coaster

③ Can Ethereum still mine?

Currently, defi liquidity mining is the hottest, so you can use eth and then hand it over to the exchange Investment. It mainly depends on whether the exchange you choose has enough weight. If you choose the mining service of coin, as one of the four major exchanges, I think it is very important. Then the threshold for its product itself is low, I think It is the best way to mine at present.

④ Ethereum cannot be mined with graphics cards

Ethereum August hard fork, EIP-1559 The income of write miners is halved, can the graphics card still be able to mine?
I feel like I am deploying other graphics cards, Ethereum is moving to pos, and it will not be possible to mine one day sooner or later

⑤ eth2022 will still be possible Mining?

Can’t, the EIP-1559 proposal to announce the withdrawal of changing the current mainnet fee of ETH 1.0 is of particular interest, because objectively, this update will bring a deflationary effect to the unlimited issuance of ETH. EIP- The 1559 proposal will improve the existing fee mechanism, and the basic fees paid by users will no longer be included in the miners’ pockets, but will be destroyed, which objectively brings about the deflationary effect of ETH; EIP-3529 proposal supports the initiative of contract deployers Clean up contracts and get Gas refunds, which will reduce network congestion and improve network stability; in addition, EIP-3541 will reject new addresses starting with 0xEF bytes, laying the foundation for future upgrades; EIP-3554 proposal will make the difficulty The bomb will be delayed until December 2021, and will be withdrawn in 2020.
Expansion information
1. Ethereum “London Upgrade” is not only a transitional solution to the existing Ethereum 1.0 network’s high fees, frequent congestion and other pain points, but also for the future Prepare for the upgrade of Ethereum to 2.0. Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0� will mark the end of PoW mining, and the upper limit time of the merger is not earlier than the opening of the difficulty bomb, but not later than the opening of the sharding stage. The existing official information channels show that the difficulty bomb will start in December this year, and the sharding phase will start in the middle of next year. Therefore, on the premise that all plans are implemented as scheduled, the PoW mechanism will withdraw from the historical stage in the first half of 2022. The conversion of Ethereum to POS has been studied since 2015, and the 2.0 plan was officially proposed in 2018. Later, progress was very slow. Until the outbreak of various defi projects in 2020, the cost of natural gas in the industry chain once rose from 20-30gwei to over 500gwei. The ecological experience on the chain is very poor. Finally, he had to start eth2 at the end of 2020 with 0 upgrade (phase 0). Since eth2.0 has been discussed for a long time, there are many articles analyzing the upgrade cycle.
2. It is generally believed that the upgrade takes about 2-3 years, because the POS and POW double chains will be parallel for half a year to a year to test whether the POS is really safe and reliable. The two chains will not merge until 2022-2023 to completely end POW and keep POS. However, the sudden acceleration of announcements caught everyone by surprise, especially miners. After all, the mentality of people holding coins and mining machines is different. Miners are very sensitive to POS, and according to an announcement made by spark yesterday, Ethereum officials were asked to clarify the upgrade expectations again. Don’t even send short sentences to non-core developers, this can lead to many misunderstandings. People always think that the eth20 upgrade is technically very complex and huge, but now my interpretation is that everyone overestimates the complexity of the upgrade. I guess the official team has basically grasped the core points. After all, ETH is not the first crab to eat POS consensus. There are many examples for reference. In the past, the upgrade process was slow. In fact, the authorities have been accommodating and taking care of the interests of the miners. They didn’t start the upgrade until last year, then vaguely announced the upgrade plan and schedule. This year, things are not right. Other family ecological chains are developing rapidly, in full swing, with low handling fees, fast transaction speed, and generally poor user experience

⑥ Can open source miners still mine eth pools?

⑦ Is it still possible to mine Ethereum now?

Hello, the mining difficulty of Ethereum has dropped recently. The daily income is increasing day by day. It is no longer the same as the crash half a month ago [Answer]

You can ask for [Answer]

Play [Answer]

In the world of the Internet, which coins can be mined by using a computer/server obtained in the form of? [Question]

Not all virtual coins are mined by computer [Answer]

The CPU can also be mined but not as efficient as the graphics card [Answer]

The hard disk can mine shib【Answer】

What kinds of network virtual currency can be obtained by mining? 【Question】

Hello, the virtual coins on the network are all produced by mining.

I personally judge that Ethereum mining will not lose money when entering the market now. ETH is only the currency with the highest yield in mining. However, it is not only ETH that can be mined. After ETH is transferred to pos, miners can still continue to mine, and the income may be reduced. It has some influence. Compared with the chaos of the early mining market, a regulated and stable market is more suitable for investors to participate in. At this time, newcomers can avoid many pits encountered by early miners, because now mining is more and more compliant.

⑨ The conversion of Ethereum to pos has an impact on mining

If it is completely converted to pos, mining will be GG, and the generation of new coins is no longer a matter of contributing computing power to compete for accounting Right, it has completely become a dividend holding eth!

⑩ If the graphics card mines ETH and double mines SC at the same time, will it affect the income of mining ETH?

It has an impact, which can help save money and earn more income. Ethereum mining artifact-ETH super miner software supports both ETH and ETC+SC dual mining. Its function is to redirect the fees charged by Claymore Miner developers back to your wallet, and display your miner name in your wallet. mining pools, thereby increasing the maximum computing power.


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