Can the withdrawal fee for btc be lowered?

1. Is it true that Bitcoin China will increase the withdrawal fee from the 25th?

Bitcoin China said that after the withdrawal of the platform was closed at 12:00 noon on October 30, the platform Online withdrawal services may be discontinued. According to the Anti-Money Laundering Law and other relevant laws and the requirements of our company’s risk control management, users need to complete video authentication for withdrawals, and may need to provide more information. Please understand and actively cooperate.

Previously, Bitcoin China said it was implementing the spirit of the “Announcement on Preventing the Risk of Fund Issuance and Financing” issued by seven ministries including the People’s Bank of China on September 4, and actively responded to the national According to the regulation, Bitcoin China has closed the recharge function of digital assets and people’s funds at 12:00 noon on September 27th, Beijing time, and stopped all trading operations at 12:00 noon on September 30th.

2. Which bitcoin exchange has low fees and fast withdrawals

I have used several trading platforms and feel that ABCC will be better, mainly without fees , the withdrawal speed is also fast.

3. How to withdraw bitcoin on Biyi? Do I need to charge a fee?

It is very simple, log in to Biyi’s official website, and click on the top of the home page【 Assets] – [BTC Withdrawal], enter the withdrawal address, withdrawal amount, password and other relevant information. There will be a network fee when withdrawing, and the fee will be charged by the BTC network.

4. I bought BTC on OKEX and want to transfer the coins to the wallet, how to operate

If the amount is not large, it is better to transfer the wallet to the exchange. Coin withdrawal fee. OKEX withdrawal is in the fund management. There is a withdrawal after BTC. If it is in the currency account, it needs to be transferred to the wallet account. After clicking the withdrawal, directly fill in the wallet address and enter the information.

5. Can the digital currency btc be exchanged for cash? How to exchange it?

Yes, you can operate it directly on the trading platform, and click to withdraw. Of course, this requires that the trading platform you are on is regular and has a regular license. For example, Huobi and Saturn exchanges all have regular licenses. These are also safe to use.

6. How much is the Bitcoin transfer fee?

Bitcoin transfer fee is a fee paid by traders to miners to motivate miners to compete Bookkeeping provides enough computing power for Bitcoin to ensure the security of the Bitcoin network. It is also called miner fee in some places.
When users initiate a transfer on the Bitcoin network, they generally need to pay a certain transfer fee to the accounting miners. The transfer fee is generally 0.001-0.0015 bitcoins. Due to the limited capacity of the block to accommodate transaction records, miners will give priority to packaging transactions with high transaction fees, so the overpaid transaction fee can be recorded faster.
The existence of bitcoin transaction fees can raise the transfer threshold, effectively prevent the block chain from being flooded with spam, and ensure that miners still have the motivation to maintain the bitcoin network after bitcoins are mined.

7. How much is the Bitcoin withdrawal fee on

Hello, the Bitcoin withdrawal fee is 0.015, which is subject to the interface display , withdrawal of RMB is not supported.

8. Bitcoin transaction fee

Bitcoin transaction fee is generally between 0.0001-0.0005BTC. Of course, the amount accepted by each miner and miner association is different. Sometimes, there is no fee for large bitcoin transactions, such as more than 100BTC. If the small transaction is less than 0.01BTC, a certain amount of handling fee will be charged. Of course, some Bitcoin clients can set the Bitcoin transaction fee. If you set the transaction fee very low, the transaction confirmation time will be very long.
First of all, it should be understood that this fee is rewarded to miners to encourage miners to continue mining to provide enough computing power for Bitcoin to ensure the security of the Bitcoin network. At present, the main income of miners is to obtain BTC rewards by creating new blocks, but this reward is halved every 4 years, and Bitcoin transaction fees will gradually replace Bitcoin rewards over time.
When do I need to pay the handling fee? What is the amount?

The Bitcoin system has a series of network rules, including fee rules, which are also “what the client should do”. When you use a Bitcoin client (wallet, Bitcoin-Qt) to send bitcoins, the whole process is roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Prepare the bitcoins you want to send

The client is responsible for collecting the bitcoin balance in your wallet (Bitcoin-Qt) in preparation for payment, because every bitcoin you receive is stored in your wallet until you spend them.

If you withdraw 3BTC and 2BTC twice at OKCoin, their records in your wallet are independent of each other, that is, one 3BTC and one 2BTC, instead of being combined into 5BTC (the wallet only records transaction details, does not combine balances, but youYou can see the total balance on the wallet interface). Over time, your wallet will accumulate many bitcoins of varying amounts. It is conceivable that there should be thousands of such bitcoins in the OKCoin bitcoin wallet. record it. So when you send bitcoins the wallet has to decide which of the above records is best for this send.

The bitcoins you get in a transaction are called “inputs”, the bitcoins you spend are called “outputs”, and there are multiple inputs and outputs in your wallet .

2. Prevent a large number of micro (st) payments from impacting the network

If you deposit less than 0.01BTC (including changes in funds in your wallet) to the OKCoin bitcoin exchange , you have to pay a handling fee of 0.0001. The wallet has an established rule when preparing your payment amount, that is, when preparing the payment amount among many inputs, try to avoid any change in the amount less than 0.01BTC (for example, if you want to recharge OKCoin Bitcoin with 5.005BTC, the wallet Choose 3+2.005 or 1+1+3.005 whenever possible, not 5+0.005).

3. The larger the amount, the higher the age of the coin, the higher the priority

If you send a small amount or your bitcoins have just been mined, Then your transfers are no longer free. Each transaction is assigned a priority based on how old the coin is, the number of bytes in the transaction, and the number of transactions. Specifically, for each input (inputs), the client will first multiply the number of bitcoins by the time these coins have been in the block (age), and then add up all the products and divide by this The size of the transaction (in bytes). The calculation formula is: priority = sum(input_value_in_base_units * input_age)/size_in_bytes. If the calculation result is less than 0.576, then the transaction must pay a handling fee. This is also the reason why you need to add 0.0001 when you withdraw Bitcoin in OKCoin, because Bitcoin transfers in the OKCoin wallet are frequent, and the time of Bitcoin in the block is relatively short, so you need to pay a handling fee. If you do have a large number of small inputs, such as small miners, and want to transfer for free, you can add a large amount of bitcoins with a large age, which will increase the average priority, so that you can transfer for free. out bitcoin.

4. Charges per kilobyte

At the end of the transfer, the client will calculate the size of the transfer (in bytes), and the size generally depends on the input and the output amount, the calculation formula is as follows: 148 × input amount + 34 × output amount + 10, if the size of the transfer exceeds 10,000 bytes but the priority meets the free standard, then you can still enjoy free transfer, otherwise you need to pay handling fee. The fee per 1000 bytes is 0.0001BTC by default, but you can also add it in the client, open the tab “Settings > Options > Main” in turn to adjust the fee. If the handling fee you are setting is less than 0.0001BTC, it will be calculated as 0.0001. When this rule applies, it will supersede the rule of step 2 and not accumulate.

9. Which Bitcoin trading platform has the lowest fees

The lowest fees

10. How much is the Bitcoin withdrawal fee

I don’t know the current fee. However, I heard that during the event period from 00:00 on February 17, 2018 to 23:59 on February 19, 2018, all new and old users, all currency deposits and withdrawals are free of charge, and there is no limit to the number of transactions.


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