Can wheat wallets be made into cold wallets?

1. What is a cold wallet

In general, a cold wallet is a wallet that stores digital currency offline. Players generate a digital currency address and an offline wallet on an offline wallet. private key and save it. The cold wallet is to store digital currency without any network, so hackers cannot enter the wallet to obtain the private key.

2. What is a hot wallet and a cold wallet

A hot wallet is a wallet that is connected to the Internet in any way. For example, Binance’s hot wallet is used when creating an account and sending funds to a personal wallet. These wallets are fairly simple to set up and funds can be accessed quickly, making them easy for traders and other high-frequency users to use.

3. Math wallet withdrawal prompts insufficient eth balance

It is recommended that you first buy some ETH from the centralized trading platform and store it in the wallet as the miner fee, so that the wallet The transfer function can be used normally, and it is generally recommended that ETH should not be less than 0.01 ETH.
Matt Wallet is a software that integrates various digital currencies for deposit. The software is made by Internet blockchain technology. Users add accounts and upload identity information to add Digital wallets, wallets are encrypted by blockchain technology, users mutually restrict contracts, and ensure the security of digital currency. Here, the software supports Bitcoin, NEO, ont, Ethereum and EOSC currency encryption wallets at the same time. Currency management is safer, and the software combines cloud technology to support mining on mobile phones. It is a very convenient digital wallet management software.

4. What should I do if I cannot transfer money from TP wallet to Maizi wallet

Summary Hello! The time required for manual review will be credited to the account after the review is passed.

5. The best filecoin cold wallet

Hello, this is the summary:

6. Maizi Is there something wrong with the wallet?

Machine Wallet is an online scam. It is the only way to download the Math Wallet APP at present, other download methods are fake! If you download fake wallets by other means, please stop immediately.

All are deceptive behaviors that conceal psychological facts. Another example is that deception in the name of borrowing conceals the psychological fact of not returning the property, which constitutes the crime of fraud.

The perpetrator may fabricate or conceal past or present facts, or may fabricate or conceal future facts or the possibility of fabricating future facts. In addition, making specific false statements or representations regarding legal rules and value judgments.


The most typical deception To act is to deceive about the facts. The facts include not only natural facts, but also behaviors that the actor or others have performed, the actor’s identity, ability, etc.

Facts also include psychological facts such as inner convictions and subjective goals. For example, someone who has no intention to pay but has a gas station worker refueling his motor vehicle, and someone who does not intend to pay but spends at a restaurant.

7. Is Weiyun Global legal? Is it a scam?

Illegal, it must be a scam, keep your eyes open and don’t be fooled.

First of all, in terms of investment laws. Relatively speaking, its interest rate is abnormally higher than the market. It can be said to be a huge amount of interest. This kind of low risk and high return itself does not conform to the laws of the market. Furthermore, its investment projects seem to never be affected by the investment cycle. Whether it is a production-related industrial investment or a market-related financial investment, its projects are always profitable.

When the number of late-stage investors is insufficient, the entire capital market will slow down or even fail to operate, and the returns of early-stage investors will gradually decrease. At this time, scammers will definitely have more reasons to perfunctory everyone why the interest rate is getting lower and lower, and a normal operating capital system will never be such a development law. This is similar to the most famous Ponzi scheme in history. I hope you will understand it and not be deceived blindly.

8. The digital wallet is easy to use


imToken is a device that supports ETH and ERC- 20 tokens, Bitcoin HD wallets and digital currency wallets for Segregated Witness, EOS and other tokens on the EOS mainnet, and a set of mnemonics can create wallet accounts in multiple currencies, thus saying goodbye to complicated backup management, yes A multi-chain wallet.

imToken supports the sending and receiving of digital currency and the exchange of coins in the ether series. With the help of blockchain smart contracts, the currency exchange can be completed directly on the mobile terminal without trusting a third party. The token management function is simple to operate, automatically discovers tokens without manual addition; supports one-click search, and can easily view and manage multiple tokens.

imToken’s private key is self-contained, which further guarantees security.

Insufficient: imTToken only supports digital currencies based on the ETH main chain. Tokens with their own public chains such as BTC and CTC cannot be stored. Only ETH is supported as a handling fee when transferring, which has certain limitations.


Bitpie Wallet is a new generation of blockchain asset comprehensive service platform developed by the Bitpie team. Based on HD wallet technology, multi-signature and on-chain transactions, it can be easily Use digital currency safely and easily send and receive bitcoins on Bitpie. Currently supported currencies mainly include BTC, BTC forked coins, ETH, some ERC2.0 tokens, QTUM, HSR, DASH and forked coins SAFE, LTC and forked coins LCH, ZEC, ETC, DOGE.

Bitpie supports multi-address currency issuance, built-in OTC and exchanges (third-party services), and can conduct transactions with users from all over the world, which is more suitable for professional users in the currency circle who have frequent transactions and over-the-counter transaction needs. .

In terms of security, the user controls the private key, and after the transaction is completed, the coins are directly owned by the user. If you do not operate for a long time, Bitpie will be automatically locked, which further improves the security of the wallet.

Insufficient: For initial users, too many functions are too complicated but a burden. They only need to simply send and receive digital currency. Too many complex functions increase the cost of learning time for users and affect the experience of wallet users.

Anmo Wallet

Anmo Wallet is a light wallet, developed by Hangzhou Anmo Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., which saves storage space compared to full-node wallets. And it is a multi-currency cross-chain wallet. The supported tokens include BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH and ERC-20 series. Currently, it is the most complete currency in the true sense. Digital currency wallet.

Anmo Wallet is the only digital currency wallet that supports Chinese mnemonics. It consists of 12 Chinese characters, which are easy to remember and conform to the reading habits of Chinese people.

The biggest feature of Anmo Wallet is that it makes good use of the scalability of light wallets. While managing a variety of digital assets, it embeds a list of DAPPs and Anmo fish pond mining In the mining game, the mined tokens are directly stored in the wallet, which is convenient and labor-saving and highly interesting. It can be described as a wallet that will make money.

Anmao block browser is embedded, and each transaction can be queried in real time by transaction address, block height, and transaction ID, which is accurate and accurate.

There is also a market and information DAPP, a multi-functional digital currency wallet.

Insufficient: There is currently no transaction function.

Mat Wallet

Mat Wallet is a digital wallet that supports ETH, NEO, and EOS tokens at the same time, with built-in face, voiceprint, living body and other biometric technologies , to ensure asset security, which is unique among current wallets.

Mat Wallet supports mainstream exchange interfaces such as Binance, Huobi, GateIO, Okex, etc., and automatically obtains position data.

The UI design of MathWallet provides users with a good experience in human-computer interaction, interface logic, and beautiful interface. You can know the functional process at the first operation, let users understand how to interact with the software in an intuitive way, and the interface design has a uniform style of wheat.

Insufficient: There are few supported currencies. On the application module, each application or active section is the width of a mobile phone screen, and a maximum of 2.5 applications can be displayed on the same screen. Although it looks very elegant and beautiful, it will be more cumbersome to find an application, and you need to keep sliding down.


AToken is a mobile wallet that supports multi-currency cross-chain swap, featuring security and convenience. Currently, it supports BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DOGE, EOS and other main chain currencies; BCD, BTG, BCH, SBTC and other forked currencies; supports all Ethereum ERC20 tokens.

Users hold their own private keys, and the private keys are stored in the APP with multiple encryptions. They do not access the server in any form, and others cannot touch your digital assets; the wallet adopts a 5-layer HD, horizontal isolation, and vertical defense architecture; application PBKDF2, SHA-512 and other algorithm encryption technologies. At the same time, AToken implements the transaction acceleration function of the wallet and supports the transaction acceleration of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Insufficient: There is no market information in the wallet, which is inconvenient for users to use.


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