Can World of Warcraft Classic Mining Make Money?

❶ World of Warcraft version 5.2, is it worth mining to make money?

Anything can make money. If you mine, it depends on the number of servers. The mines on the new map of the server with a large number of people will not be worth much. The valuable ones should be old maps, such as copper mines, tin mines, mithril, etc., and if there are many people practicing trumpets on the server, as long as the maps before the new maps are the mines of the maps that are now integrated with other servers Valuable

❷ Can World of Warcraft make money from mining?

The primary mines are not very valuable, of course, individual low-level mines are still more valuable

For example, the current demand There are more iron ore and more mithril, then these two low-level ores can be sold for money, on the contrary, the less demanded ones are worthless

In addition, although you have learned mining at level 1, 3 or 10, but All low-level maps have no more valuable mines, so they won’t make money

Only by going to higher-level maps as the level increases, can you mine more valuable mines

I don’t know if the landlord understands what I said~~

❸ How to make money from mining in World of Warcraft

Use plugins to record mine points
http://www.thewow. cn/soft/1365.html
Collecting assistant

And then set a route and run all the time

It is more depressing without a big bird, if it is very fast, Whether it is a finished product or a raw ore, I personally feel that the raw ore is easy to sell. After all, the price is almost the same.

❹ wow how to make money from mining

1. Unless you are very lucky One of your servers saw your question and he is a good guy~
2. Otherwise, it would be better for you to observe the market for a few days at the auction house. It will be useless for a day or two! Maybe the cheap mine just happened to be given to someone that day. A certain collected all, and then a group of JS put a bunch of high-priced ones~
3. If you want to “make the most money”, you don’t need to go mining so hard! You work hard to level up to level 70. If you have time, download a copy. At level 70, you may have 5,000 or 6,000 G. I believe! If you do tasks from 60 to 70, you will have more than 3,000 G (there are still two maps that have not been done yet)
4. Now it’s not a difficult task anymore. In fact, when you are leveling up, you usually open the mini-map to scout for minerals. Every ore is mined and the ore goes up faster than you~
5. Don’t want to waste, right? Don’t want to waste You can wash the enchantment into engineering~ One supply, one demand~
Enchanting is not recommended (if you are a casual player~ at least I am) The reason is that it may burn money~ low-level mine Don’t be stingy, direct shops like stones, etc., the rarer ones can be put in the auction house, you can’t make much money by buying those low-level mines, why don’t you use them for worrying about whether to put a lot of low-level mines up for auction? The time spent on leveling and rushing skills? World of Warcraft leveling is very easy!
6. The situation of my clothes is that the rough stone is a little better than the smelting, and the sales area after smelting is smaller~ Personal feeling
7. Back to the point, if you want to make money, hurry up to level 70! Daily tasks can provide nearly 300G a day~! What concept?!
Relax! World of Warcraft will not make you “poor” so easily “Yes! Don’t just believe that only mining can make money! —> Doing tasks<—- is the real way to make money (leisure angle)~

❺ If you only rely on World of Warcraft How much RMB can I earn by earning gold coins in a nostalgic server in a month

Now 1G is equal to 6 yuan, and it is no problem to earn 100 yuan a day in gold.
At least this is the case at the beginning of the server. After a while, the price of gold has been stabilized by the studio. You also earn P money.
You’re not too tired when you go out to work on a day shift.

❻ World of Warcraft mining is generally how much you can earn by digging 2 to 3 hours a day

Now mining is not very profitable, because there are fewer people who rush for business skills now, and the price of mining is lower than that of mine. Not up to the original.

I used to mine 3 hours a day in the morning. In good times, I can earn about 2000G a week.

❼ How much gold can I get by mining a single number in World of Warcraft classic server for ten hours

It’s hard to estimate if you ask like that. The distribution of the map and the randomness of refresh points. The time it takes to run the map, and the price of each ore is different, will determine your income in one hour or ten hours. Compared with the one-hour mining of adamantite ore in the outer domain, the profit of mining copper ore in one hour is naturally the highest income of adamantite ore. A set of 70 gold income, you can go and experience it for one hour.

❽ Does World of Warcraft make money from mining?

Mining also depends on luck, the number of people; do you just want to change a mining? It doesn’t make much sense to find map coordinates online, you don’t necessarily need a plug-in; hard work!

❾ How to make money from mining in World of Warcraft

Ask the guards at the gate of the city, professional trainers have inquiries, you can put mines in the auction house, and soon there will be players who need them. pull

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