CCTV dialogue to grasp the blockchain

“One” What exactly is a blockchain

What is a blockchain?
Blockchain is a new application mode of computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. The so-called consensus mechanism is a mathematical algorithm for establishing trust and acquiring rights between different nodes in the blockchain system [1] .
Blockchain is an important concept of Bitcoin. It is essentially a decentralized database and serves as the underlying technology of Bitcoin. A blockchain is a series of data blocks that are associated using cryptographic methods. Each data block contains the information of a Bitcoin network transaction, which is used to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block.
Blockchain was born from Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin. Since 2009, various Bitcoin-like digital currencies have appeared, all based on public blockchains.
The status quo of digital currency is blooming, list some common ones: bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dashcoin, in addition to currency applications, there are various derivative applications, such as Ethereum, Asch and other underlying application development platforms and NXT , SIA, BitShares, MaidSafe, Ripple and other industry applications.
On January 20, 2016, the People’s Bank of China Digital Currency Seminar announced that the research on digital currency has achieved phased results. The meeting affirmed the value of digital currency in reducing the issuance of traditional currency, and said that the central bank is exploring the issuance of digital currency. The expression of the People’s Bank of China’s digital currency seminar has greatly enhanced the confidence of the digital currency industry. This is the first time to express a clear attitude towards digital currency after the five ministries and commissions of the central bank issued a notice on preventing bitcoin risks on December 5, 2013. [4]
On December 20, 2016, the Digital Currency Alliance – China FinTech Digital Currency Alliance and the FinTech Research Institute were officially established, and Huobi was one of the co-sponsors. [5]
Some areas where blockchain can be used can be:
▪ Smart contracts
▪ Securities trading
▪ E-commerce
▪ Internet of Things
▪ Social communication
▪ File storage
▪ Proof of existence
▪ Authentication
▪ Equity crowdfunding
We can compare the development of blockchain to the development of the Internet itself , in the future, a thing called finance-internet will be formed on the internet, and this thing is based on blockchain, and its precursor is bitcoin, that is, traditional finance starts from private chains and industry chains (local area network), and bitcoin series starts from public chains. (Wide Area Network), they all express the same concept – digital assets (Digital Asset), and eventually converge to an intermediate balance point.
The evolution of blockchain is:
▪ Blockchain 1.0 – digital currency
▪ Blockchain 2.0 – digital assets and smart contracts
▪ Blockchain 3.0 ——The implementation of distributed applications in various industries
The blockchain is divided into three categories, which is described in detail in the book “Blockchain: Defining the New Pattern of Future Finance and Economy” [2] by currency issuance.
br />The hybrid blockchain and the private blockchain can be considered as a generalized private chain:
Public Blockchains (PublicBlockChains)
A public blockchain refers to: any individual or group in the world can Transactions can be sent and validly confirmed by the blockchain, and anyone can participate in its consensus process. The public blockchain is the earliest blockchain and the most widely used blockchain. The virtual digital currencies of the major bitcoins series are all based on the public blockchain. There is only one blockchain corresponding to this currency in the world. .
Industry blockchain: multiple pre-selected nodes are designated by a group as bookkeepers, and the generation of each block is jointly performed by all pre-selected nodes Decision (pre-selected nodes participate in the consensus process), other access nodes can participate in the transaction, but do not ask the accounting process (essentially still managed accounting, but become distributed accounting, how many pre-selected nodes, how to determine each block The bookkeeper becomes the main risk point of the blockchain), and anyone else can make limited queries through the open API of the blockchain.
Private Blockchains (privateBlockChains)
Private Blockchains: Only use the general ledger technology of the blockchain for bookkeeping, which can be a company or an individual, and exclusively enjoy the writing of the blockchain Access permissions, this chain is not much different from other distributed storage solutions. (Dec2015) Conservative giants (traditional finance) all want to experiment with private blockchains, while the applications of public chains such as bitcoin have been industrialized, and the application products of private chains are still being explored.

『細』CCTV unveils the metaverse blockchain game scam, what kind of scam is this?

To participate in this chain game, you first need to convert RMB into virtual currency USDT, Then convert them into the virtual coins used in this chain game, and finally put these virtual coins in the game.Here you can buy tools, raw materials, and sell finished products for profit.

“Three” Net Covering is a Scam CCTV News Exploded

On November 1, 2019, the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau officially announced that it is required to participate in the crime of net covering. Voluntary surrender of the activity requires investors to take the initiative to report the case. As soon as the announcement came out, the platforms of Yijiange and Cherryzan could not be used. Now they have changed their skins to bitcherry and bittok, continue to defraud with a virtual currency called BCHC, and use overseas platforms to evade investigation. Gaiwang has so far committed crimes in more than 10 regions. More than 20 high-level executives including Mao Junlian, Li Qingxi, and Lin Qin have been captured by the “1011 Special Action” in Wuzhou, Guangxi, and 346 million stolen funds have been frozen; Gu Tianlong, the backbone of Gaiwang’s Qinhuangdao, was arrested in Thailand after being wanted; Wang Xiaoli, the leader of Gaiwang Linyi, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for pyramid selling. See Criminal Judgment (2017) Lu 13 Xingzhong No. 560. The judgment also determined that the stock funds during the Gaiwang period were false and fraudulent props. Yongxiong (who has fled abroad for many years and dare not return to the mainland) and Kou Nannan’s illegal income. After the Gaiwang incident, he changed his name to Brother Yijian, but Brother Yijian also happened in many places. He was deeply exposed by Henan TV Station and the official website of Yantai Municipal Government. The payment interface was also blocked and completely scrapped. Since the establishment of this organization, none of the projects have been fulfilled. It all relies on bragging, distorting national policies, and deceiving ignorant people who lack common sense.

After the official announcement of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau, Zhongtian Shengxiang collapsed across the board, and Yijiange and Cherry Zan could not be used normally. The group announced that “domestic projects are temporarily suspended”, and only the overseas platform currency Tuoku was left to support. Bittok only verbally claimed to have a Singapore financial license, but could not get it. in accordance with.

So far, Zhongtian Shengxiang lost contact with the legal person, the platform was scrapped, and the project was out of service.

Legal person lost contact: Kou Nannan’s last appearance, or On October 18, 2019, I participated in a meeting called “China Service Trade Association Business Big Data Branch Inaugural Conference and Business Big Data Summit Forum”, and then lost contact.

Platform scrap: Once the Public Security Bureau notices Brother Jian and Cherry Zan APPs were immediately unavailable, the original reward channel was closed, and the emergency measure was to migrate to the overseas pheasant platform bittok.

Project outage: a big change that is hard to justify, just More than 10 days before the announcement of the Public Security Bureau, the cherry praise was still fully implemented. Without any warning, it suddenly announced that the domestic project was suspended. It has been emphasized many times that the result of 8 years of precipitation is outage? 100% Chinese-controlled national enterprises give up the domestic market? Self-proclaimed blockchain demonstration enterprise to demonstrate outage? Emphasizing that Sunshine Compliance also specifically asked a company to issue a 600-page legal report on the project, why did it cut itself off?

Is the “4” nuclear chain a scam? It feels very unreliable!

The news that many top blockchain media accounts were collectively blocked by Tencent caused shocks in the industry, and many blockchain-related public accounts have also been suspended to observe the situation.
It is understood that the reason for the suspension is that some official accounts are suspected of publishing ICO and virtual currency trading speculation information, violating the “Interim Provisions on the Development and Management of Public Information Services of Instant Messaging Tools”. This incident shows that the current blockchain industry is in an era where all orders are in vain, and there is an urgent need for the birth of corresponding industry standards and norms, so as to promote the healthy and orderly development of the blockchain industry .
Just before, Lin Yang, founder of DRC, had an in-depth conversation with Huang Lianjin, founder of Nuclear Polychain. The main topic of the discussion was the importance of standards and norms in the blockchain industry and how to build future blockchains Chain industry standards and norms.
Talking about entering the industry: I believe that the decentralized nature of blockchain technology will bring great social value
The founder of DRC, Ms. Lin Yang, has many years of experience in the financial field. Partner, IBM Risk Management Solutions Leader. Huang Lianjin, the founder of Nuclear Chain, is a well-known network security expert. He used to be a blockchain expert of Huawei, technical director of CGI Group, and head of cloud security technology. Both of them chose to start a business in the blockchain industry on the premise that they have achieved very impressive results in their respective fields. When talking about why All In blockchain industry, Mr. Huang Lianjin said that he first had the idea of ​​​​starting a business, and he wanted to use his knowledge and ability to benefit more small companies, and then he said that large companies are highly central The state of transformation is not conducive to the goal of Pratt & Whitney small companies. Ms. Lin Yang strongly agreed with this, believing that the decentralized nature of blockchain technology has significantly reduced intermediate costs, thereby greatly improving the productivity of the entire society. It is this point that makes her resolutely invest in the development of the blockchain industry.
Talking about subdivisions: to “gnaw the hardest bones”,�Focus on the problems in the field of asset chaining
When talking about the future positioning and development trend of the nuclear polychain, Mr. Huang Lianjin said that the company is currently focusing on the field of asset chaining. From a macro perspective, this field is an exploration of the combination of the real world and the blockchain world, as well as an exploration of the application scenarios of blockchain technology. In the segmented field of asset on-chain, the most difficult problem to solve is how to map physical assets on the blockchain truly, accurately and effectively. Ms. Lin Yang also said that only when the assets are truly, accurately and effectively mapped on the blockchain can the application scenarios be implemented and the assets can generate value on the chain.
As for the solution to this problem, Mr. Huang Lianjin said that the solution he is currently trying is to build and improve the protocol layer, but there are many types of real-world physical assets with different characteristics, so they need to be more subdivided and targeted for specific asset classes. agreement is generated. But not all problems can be solved through the protocol layer, which requires further thinking and exploration.

『Wu』 I heard that CCTV reporters visited Ouke Cloud Chain on the spot, is that true?

CCTV-4 “China News” column interviewed Ouke Cloud Chain Group on the spot Chain engineer and human resources director, many news sites have reported. Don’t forget to adopt Ah.

What is the truth of the “Lu” CCTV news investigation to expose the “air currency”

On September 4 last year, the central bank issued a document clearly calling Token issuance financing has been stopped. This kind of financing entity raises so-called “virtual currencies” such as bitcoin and ether from investors through the illegal sale and circulation of tokens, which has been banned in China from now on. Now that half a year has passed, what is the market situation of virtual currency? CCTV Financial Channel’s simulcast investigation team made an in-depth report on this.

The following is the entire record of CCTV’s “News Investigation”, edited and organized by the ChainDD App:

The hot and still unstoppable coin speculator

In January this year, Yang Chao, a virtual currency investor, saw the rise in bitcoin prices and raised money to invest, but in less than two months, he lost tens of millions.

Virtual currency investor Yang Chao: I bought bitcoin at a price of 100,000 yuan per gram. Then at this price, I bought about two million or three million bitcoins. After that, the price of this bitcoin began to slide and fall, and then for every 10% drop, I would make up again, make up the spot, and buy the spot again.

Actually, this is not the first time Yang Chao has speculated on coins. Before the token issuance financing and trading platform was banned, he had already lost more than 2 million. Unwilling Yang Chao believes that the ICO ban issued by the central bank has no impact on investors like him. However, the result of the re-entry was even more disappointing.

Air coins are frequent, and newly issued tokens have increased by more than 30 times

In the document issued by the central bank in September last year, the token issuance financing was clearly defined as : “Essentially, it is an act of illegal public financing without approval. It is suspected of illegal sale of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities, illegal fundraising, financial fraud, pyramid selling and other illegal and criminal activities.” However, because of technical convenience, domestic The behavior of “virtual currency” investors buying and selling tokens still exists in large numbers, and even has an intensifying trend. Why is it so hot?

Mao Hongliang, Director of the Blockchain Research Office of the National Internet Financial Security Technical Expert Committee: After September, the online digital currency currency has been much richer than before, such as Huobi, OK and their online Currency, more than 100, this one is more abundant. Before September 2017, there were basically three, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The bubble is growing among the large number of new coins added. Li Xiaolai, known as “China’s No. 1 Bitcoiner”, admitted that it is impossible to completely avoid the “bubble” in the token market. The enthusiasm of investors has not diminished. Behind the endless emergence of token issuance and financing, tokens continue to break in the market, or even disappear directly.

Li Xiaolai, a virtual currency investor: There must have been some coins that had been invested and disappeared, disappeared, and became rotten. There must be, and the proportion is still quite large. I’m sorry for not telling you. Who is free to say you look at me so stupid. There is clearly a bubble, and there has always been a bubble, but no one knows where or how big this bubble is.

In the bubble, the most dangerous is the “air currency” that is completely unsupported by physical projects.

On January 15, 2018, Hero Chain, the world’s first gaming platform that supports digital cryptocurrencies, was “broken” when it was launched, and the issue price dropped from 0.6 yuan to 0.05 yuan.

On March 14, it was investigated by a county public security bureau in China on suspicion of fraud

January 2018, the space chain, which mainly focuses on “launching satellites” and building a space operating system concept ICO

On January 10th, the token SPC was issued to private investors,��The private placement of nearly 1 billion yuan in one day

On March 28, the Space Chain project and related proxy investment were suspected of fraud by the Yangzhou Public Security Bureau Development Zone Bureau.

2018 2 On January 1, ArtChain was suspected of false propaganda and fell into a coin refund storm. Later, the project party carried out a 1:1 repurchase. At present, the website is offline, and the founder is missing.

There is another important reason for the frequent occurrence of “air coins”. Different from other financing projects, the financing subject of token issuance financing does not need to be a real company, just a temporary “team” can become the financing subject. After the central bank banned token issuance and financing, the original domestic token projects have chosen to migrate their servers and financing entities to overseas. And the token financing project with “team” as the financing main body does not even need to relocate the registered place. Business as usual can continue to raise money.

Celebrity platforms ignore value and fall into capital money-making games

There is a logic behind the issuance of a large number of different types of tokens, that is, each token is based on a certain area The “virtual currency” of blockchain technology or applications. In theory, to be optimistic about this token is to be optimistic about the blockchain technology behind it. However, in the rounds of skyrocketing and falling market, even some air coins, that is, tokens without any real projects behind them, are still accepted by the market. what on earth is this kind of happenings?

The reporter found that for ordinary investors, in the current virtual currency pricing, even if it is a token that is really supported by a physical project, it is difficult to refer to the IPO project to price the valuation of the physical project. In the case of completely opaque information, the price of a virtual currency depends entirely on the packaging of the project, and even who is the platform for the project. Li Xiaolai has often appeared in the publicity of some projects and has become a platform person, including air projects.

Experts said that as long as the capital is willing, even if there is no project behind the air currency, the price may rise sharply. Because countries lack effective supervision, capital can easily circle the funds of small investors through the game of ups and downs. Such an operation is not difficult for a large number of newly issued tokens in the current market, or a small currency with a small total financing amount. Non-disclosure, opacity, uncertainty of project value, and investor expectations of getting rich amplify the risks of the “virtual currency” market.

Liu Xiaolei, Director of the Department of Finance, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Director of the Blockchain Lab: You have no value, but you can still make a lot of money. Now it is sold for ten yuan, and there are still people willing to buy it for the next twenty yuan. I am looking for a bigger fool to sell it to him.

『柒』How to make money in the new retail chain

How to make money in the new retail chain? We can go through four ways: team, circle, star coins, and product traders.
Path 1: As the leader of the team, we can earn points by recruiting new users, gain profits through team sales, and exchange points for constantly appreciating star coins;
Path 2: Establish a circle, In the circle, you can get points for posting, commenting, liking, doing live broadcasts, and writing professional knowledge. Circles that provide high-quality professional content can be set up as paid circles, such as makeup training, communication skills training, sales training, execution training, etc. ;
Method 3: Earn Star Coins, there are two ways to obtain Star Coins, the first is to exchange points for points, and the second is to buy from the platform or Star Coin holders. As the value of the new retail chain platform increases, the value of Starcoin will also increase accordingly. Owning Starcoin is to make money;
Method 4: Be the product trader of the new retail chain platform. It is very simple for the product trader of the new retail chain platform to make money. You only need to introduce merchants to the new retail chain platform, and help merchants do pre-sale, in-sale, after-sales service and product promotion, and then you can enjoy the sales distribution of the new retail chain platform. Through the above four methods, many users of the new retail chain can earn 3,000, 5,000, 8,000, and 10,000 per month, and some god-like celebrities can earn hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands per month.
Seeing this, do you also want to be a part of making money in the new retail chain? Don’t hesitate, download it now, because in the blockchain world, the sooner you join, the more you earn; the more you share, the more you earn; the more you contribute, the more you earn

『渌』 The “World Cup Blockchain” mentioned in the “Dialogue” column of CCTV 2 on the evening of June 3rd is which company is the star J Luo entering the blockchain or something

The company that J Luo cooperated with is called SelfSell, the world’s first personal asset-based platform. The founder is Yuan Li, and his name is likely to be a Chinese.
SelfSell has sold James Rodríguez’s token, James Rodríguez’s cryptocurrency is called JR10 Token, JR is hisThe initials of his name are shortened, and 10 is his jersey number. The cryptocurrency will be publicly sold on June 12 this year.
SelfSell token is SSC, now it can be traded on Okex, Lbank
More online, thank you

Why choose Binance will make you feel at ease

Although Binance is relatively online compared to other leading platforms, it is very serious and its attitude towards users is also very sincere. Every time it faces users’ questions and opinions, it can be humbly accepted, so occasionally a little bit Small problem, I won’t worry about it.


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