Chain mining command adds mod pickaxe

Ⅰ How to add items in minecraft chain mining

First send the code, add the tutorial below:

Ore (part of it is in the void world)

Bloodstone Ore nevermine:oreBloodstone

Amethyst Ore nevermine:oreAmethyst

Sternal Fragment nevermine:oreChestFragments

Micro Crystal Ore nevermine:oreCrystallite

Emberstone Ore nevermine:oreEmberstone

Foot Bone Fragments nevermine:oreFootFragments

Emerald Ore nevermine:oreJade

Leg Fragments nevermine:oreLegFragments

Sulfurite nevermine:oreRosite

Limonite nevermine:oreLimonite

Sapphire ore nevermine:oreSapphire

Skull Fragments nevermine:oreSkullFragments

Mystical Ore nevermine:oreMystite

Steel Square nevermine:oreLyon

Spooky Ore nevermine:oreGhastly

Dread Ore nevermine:oreGhoulish

Magnesium Ore nevermine:oreVarsium

Titanium Ore nevermine:oreElecanium

Pyrite nevermine:oreBaronyte


Electromagnetic Uranium Ore nevermine:oreChargedRunium

Purple Crystal Ore nevermine:oreCrystalPurple

Blue Crystal Ore nevermine:oreCrystalBlue

Green Crystal Ore nevermine:or eCrystalGreen

Yellow crystal ore nevermine:oreCrystalYellow

Red crystal ore nevermine:oreCrystalRed

White crystal ore nevermine:oreCrystalWhite


Mine Pickaxe

Skull Pickaxe nevermine:grounderSkeletal

Amethyst Pickaxe nevermine:AmethystPickaxe

Limonium Pickaxe nevermine: LimonitePickaxe

Bronze Pickaxe nevermine:RositePickaxe

Sapphire Pickaxe nevermine:SapphirePickaxe

Emberstone Pickaxe nevermine:EmberstonePickaxe

Skull Pickaxe nevermine:SkeletalPickaxe

Ⅱ Minecraft 1.12.2 How to add hot manuscripts in chain mining

There are two methods.
The first is an in-game addition. Enter the archive, press F3 and H, open the backpack, move the mouse to the block you want to add, except for the block ID, there is a line of blue fonts at the bottom, write it down. Then enter the command you need below, where the module ID and block name are corresponding to the blue font. Note: Remember to save the configuration after adding a line, otherwise you will have to do it again after exiting and re-entering.
/veinminer change mode
Block add command: /veinminer blocklist (which tool to add to) add :
Block delete command: /veinminer blocklist (to which tool to add) remove :
Tool added command: /veinminer toollist (to which tool to add) add :
Tool removal command: /veinminer toollist (which tool to add to) remove :
Command to save the configuration file: /veinminer saveconfig
Types of tools that can be added 【Fill in “(which tool is added to)” here】
axe (axe)
hoe (hoe)
pickaxe (script)
shears (scissors)
shovel (shovel)
The second is to modify in the main interface.
Open the mod in the main interface of the game
Find and click the mod of Vein miner. Then click conflg
below to find the mining tool corresponding to the block you want to add, and press the Block list on the right.
In the upper dialog box (well, not a dialog box) enter minecraft: stone
(stone refers to stone, used for demonstration) and press Add!
Example: I want to add stone to the pickaxe
/veinminer blocklist pickaxe add minecraft:stone
Then save: /veinminer saveconfig
The same goes for adding tools. For example, I want to add a shovel to the axe tool:
/veinminer toollist axe add :
You can use the shovel to chop down trees
Note: item name It is in English
If it is useful, remember to adopt it

Ⅲ How to add tools in minecraft chain mining mod

Chain mining mod instructions:

The first step: enter the game with forge Api, in the main interface, you will see the word “Mods”, enter the single player

The second step: enter the mods Options, you will see a row of data on the left, this is the various mods you have installed, swipe down, find “Vein Miner” at the end, you can look forward from the end and you will find it. Once found, click on it, and right below the words “Vein Miner” you will see two buttons, “config” and “disable”, and “disable”; is grayed out and cannot be selected. Next, you can click “config” to enter the detailed settings of chain mining.

Step 3: After entering the setting options, I can’t explain in detail, just go to the picture above.

Then, click “Add” to add it.

[The same is true for adding minerals]

Ⅳ How to add all blocks and all tools (including empty hands) in minecraft chain mining mod

1. First turn on our computer, enter the computer desktop, find Minecraft on the computer desktop, and enter the Minecraft game.

Ⅳ How to add limonite pickaxe in minecraft 2 chain mining MOD

Set in the main interface, single player The second one below the game and multiplayer game: hads, which has a vein miner-block list where minerals can be added.

The player only needs to add the name of the limonite pickaxe, or use the command:

/veinminer blocklist pickaxe add nevermine:oreLimonite

If the player wants to add another Yes, it can also support adding tools, that is the tool list option.

(5) Chain Mining Command Adds Mod Pickaxe Extended Reading:

Netherworld Mineral Mod Command Code:

1. Axe: Mining Pickaxe

1, Skeleton Pickaxe nevermine:grounderSkeletal

2, Amethyst Pickaxe nevermine:AmethystPickaxe

3, Limonium Pickaxe nevermine: LimonitePickaxe

4, sulfur copper antimony pickaxe nevermine:RositePickaxe

5, sapphire pickaxe nevermine:SapphirePickaxe

6, ember pickaxe nevermine:EmberstonePickaxe

7. Skeletal Pickaxe nevermine:SkeletalPickaxe

2. Ore (part of the void world)

1. Bloodstone ore nevermine:oreBloodstone

2, Amethyst Ore nevermine:oreAmethyst

3, Sternum Fragments nevermine:oreChestFragments

4, Microcrystalline Ore nevermine:oreCrystallite

5, Ember Stone Ore nevermine:oreEmberstone

6. Foot bone fragments nevermine:oreFootFragments

7. Emerald ore nevermine:oreJade

8. Leg bone fragments nevermine:oreLegFragments

9, copper and antimony ore nevermine:oreRosite

10, limonite nevermine:oreLimonite

When you dig the following items, there is a certain chance to drop items:


Stone, Abyssal Stone, Iromine Stone, Precasian Stone, Deep Rock, Greckon Stone, Baron Stone).

There are also Barathos Hellstone, Mysterium Stone or Crystevia Rock.

As the skill level increases, the items dropped will also change. The main dropped items are various Essences.

Ⅵ Minecraft chain mining mod how to add the blazing pickaxe tool of the mysterious age

Enter the pickaxe you want to add The English ID is enough.

Ⅶ How to add all wood commands in minecraft chain mining MOD

  1. Press in the game “F3+H” (press at the same time), then you can display the detailed information of the item;

  2. Find the black text at the bottom of the item and copy it down (before the colon) is the name of the module, followed by the colon is the name of the item);

  3. Then put it in the chain mining module, and click ADD.

Ⅷ minecraft chain mining mod how to add x-ray pickaxe

this kind of problem is general There will be some posts in the original post of the mod.

You can find this post from major forums, and the corresponding solution is in it.

Please accept the problem, otherwise you can ask Or move to the professional question and answer area of ​​wheat cubes

The original post mcbbs wheat cubes (currently bbs does not seem to let you register if you don’t have an account, just look at the wheat cubes)

IX How to add mines in mod in minecraft chain mining

Detailed explanation of minecraft chain mining instructions

Let’s take a look first All the commands of chain mining: /veinminer and /veinminerc

First look at /veinminer , there are many downward commands from /veinminer

1.mode set chain mining Mode

Down is atuo (automatic), sneak (crouch), no_sneak (not squat) [basically useless, if you need to use /veinminerc to switch modes, we will skip it first]

2.toollist Add tools to the corresponding tool set

The tool set is:

axe axe

hoe hoe

pickaxe pickaxe

shears scissors

shovel shovel

Add tool ID after,

For example: /veinminer toollist pickaxe add / remove minecraft : wood_pickax

It means: tool list pickaxe (any tool) add or remove (tool ID PS : if a mod is attached, the green part needs to be mod’s ID cannot be omitted!!!)

3.blocklist Add blocks to �In the chainable blocks of the corresponding toolset

Example: /veinminer blocklist pickaxe add / remove minecraft : grass

Translation: block list pickaxe (any mining tool) Add or delete (block ID PS : if there is a mod, the green part must be the mod ID and cannot be omitted!!!)

4 . per_tike How many blocks are destroyed per tike PS: When the parameter is – 1 to close

5. blocklimit sets the maximum number of chains PS: the maximum is 2147483647, the minimum is -1, when the parameter is -1, it is infinite.

6. radius setting The maximum radius PS of chain mining: the maximum is 1000, the minimum is -1, when the parameter is -1, it is infinite.

7 . saveconfig save the configuration file to the local

8 . reloadconfig reads the locally saved configuration file

Next is the last and most important item. Help PS: If you learn to use this thing, As for the tutorial

The following is /veinminerc set mod mode

disabled disable chain mining

pressed enable chaining when pressing the client hotkey Mining

released Press the client hotkey to disable chain mining

sneak stealth mode, you must enter the stealth state to enable chain mining, ignore the client hotkey
br />
no_sneak disables stealth mode, no need to press hotkey or sneak, just turn it on, it will be disabled when sneaking


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