Chain mining minecraft survival

(1) I beg my world 1.15.1 chain mining mod

1.15.1 does not have chain mining mods for the time being

㈡ I Minecraft 1.14, how to use chain mining

㈢ How to use chain mining in my world

Yard丨To Night City

4. My World Chain Mining

Mine Vein Miner mod, see the link below for details and download (web link)

Just press the ~ key (the key to the left of number 1) ), at the same time, mining can collect all adjacent minerals of the same species, and it seems that it can also be used to chop down trees. It is a high-level batch ~ please accept it~

㈤ How to add brown to mine chain mining Iron Ore

Haha, that’s bedrock, you are a novice = = Bedrock can only be broken in creative mode, there is a void under the bedrock, you will die if you fall, this thing is to prevent you from Runs out of game range in survival mode.

㈥ How to chain mining in minecraft

Oh, there is a module called chain mining, you can search it in the resource center and install it in the world.

㈦ Minecraft chain mining instructions. (complete)

1. Open the folder and you will see the Minecraft folder, as shown below.

㈧ How to use the chain mining mod in minecraft

First of all, make sure to download and install the chain mining mod. Search on the Internet or directly use the game box of Minecraft to search for “chain mining” to download.

The MOD of chain mining can be used after downloading and decompressing it and putting the file in the mods folder (API support is required).

Chain mining method:

1. The chain mining MOD can dig a bunch of minerals at once while mining, and also supports one-click tree cutting function;

(8) Chain mining Minecraft survival extended reading:

Three methods of mining in Minecraft

I. Fish Bone Mining

In the game “Minecraft”, players will have different mining methods. Some players like spiral mining, and some players like vertical mining. There are also players who use the fishbone mining method. This method saves time and effort, is convenient and fast, and also expands the scope of mining. This is an advanced method of mining in Minecraft, but it requires a lot of money. Digging tools can achieve the goal.

Second, tic-tac-toe mining

In the sandbox game “Minecraft”, the original version of the fishbone mining method mentioned above is the tic-tac-toe mining method . Although the mining method of tic tac-toe mining by players is not as large as that of fishbone mining, it is equally time-saving, labor-saving, convenient and fast, but it also requires players to spend a lot of tools, and the durability is used up all at once. It is also an advanced method of mining in minecraft, and beginners should use this method with caution.

Three, command mining

In the game “Minecraft”, command is a survival skill that players like to use most, it is very practical, and it is not at all. laborious. It is also an advanced method of mining in minecraft that players use commands to mine. Entering commands such as /gamemode 0 or /gamemode 1 can obtain a large amount of precious ores such as diamonds or emeralds.

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