Check Out These Brand New Limited Edition Doodles NFT Sneakers

US-based footwear company Biion is getting ready to release some limited edition sneakers featuring the popular Doodles NFT collection. Significantly, the company will be releasing both NFT sneakers and physical shoes as part of the drop.

Biion Footwear is releasing the Doodles Sneakers as both NFTs and IRL shoes. Credit: Biion Footwear

Doodles Sneakers from Biion will come as IRL shoes and NFTs

Biion announced the exciting sneaker drop earlier today. As noted above, the drop features not just Doodles sneaker NFTs but also physical shoes with a similar design. What’s more, both the NFT and IRL sneakers feature Doodles #2753.

The owner of Doodles NFT #2753 goes by “PanPa”. To be sure, this drop is an interesting example of NFT commercial rights being put to good use.

To clarify, Doodles NFT owners do not get full commercial rights. However, they are free to license or use their Doodles as part of physical merchandise for up to $100,000. It is possible to exceed that, owners just have to first approve it with the Doodles team.

The Biion Trainer x Doodles #2753 Classic physical shoes go on sale at 10:22 am EST on April 18th. There are a limited number of shoes available and they are selling for $122. The shoes are also available for pre-order right now.

On the other hand are the Trainer NFT Doodles #2753 Paradise NFTs, which drop at 10:22 am EST on April 8th, 2022. Notably, there are only 222 NFT sneakers available for mint for $166. What’s more, minters will be able to purchase the NFTs using debit or credit cards, or crypto, from anywhere in the world. Finally, the Doodles NFT sneakers also come with a physical pair of Biion x Doodles sneakers.

Both sales will take place on the Biion website. All things considered, the Doodle NFT sneakers are an exciting piece of third-party Doodles merch.

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