Chia Coin Official Mining Pool Storage Machine

Ⅰ The chia mining pool is easy to mine.

It’s not that hard to come by. The industry’s leading mining machine manufacturer, Chia Shensuan, can use mining P disks at the speed. There is basically no broadband fee,

Ⅱ Can I use Chia’s official software to cultivate land while Chia opens the hpool?

Hello, according to what I found Chia founder Bram said: Hpool mining pool has a high risk factor, Chia Chia officially does not support Hpool mining pool, because Hpool may steal the benefits of farmers! In addition, Chia officially launched its own mining pool soon. 【Abstract】
Can Chia’s official software be used to cultivate land while opening hpool? [Question]
Hello, I’m helping you find relevant information and will reply you immediately. 【Answer】
Hello, according to the information I found, Chia founder Bram said: Hpool mining pool is very dangerous, Chia Chia officially does not support Hpool mining pool, because Hpool may steal the benefits of farmers! In addition, Chia officially launched its own mining pool soon. [Answer]

III chia how to mine chia coins

The mainnet was launched on March 19th, and Chia officially announced that the transfer function will be opened 6 weeks after the launch. It is recommended to select only the head for mining, and others are not considered, such as Chi A Shensuan.

IV Does Chia mining still have benefits?

Consultation record · Answered on 2021-11-04

Ⅳ About the role of Chia in the payment field

One of Chia’s roles is international payment, especially in areas where the government or financial system is unstable. Companies and developers able to convert Chia into local currency in the short term, and in the long term, drive adoption of Chia to settle international invoices, and in Asia, storage manufacturers and cloud providers procuring hardware and components. More and more chia coins are needed to play a role. As the industry-leading chia mining machine provider, Chia Shensuan Mining Pool can make chia to the next level in the payment field

Ⅵ Can Chia coin still rise?

It is difficult
1. Chia coin is a cryptocurrency that completely relies on hard disk capacity to mine after the P disk, and once rushed to a high of nearly 2,000 US dollars , and also made miners rush to buy large-capacity hard drives for mining. Even high-capacity SSDs and HDDs were once sold out of stock and the price increased. The price of 2TB NVME SSDs once soared to more than 4,000 yuan, and mechanical hard drives above 10TB were also sold out of stock.
2. However, compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin, which are fairly stable in price, Chia is obviously not strong enough. Since its listing, the price of Chia has been declining, and now it has even slipped to around $400, which is almost a cut in half. What makes miners even more collapsed is that while the price is falling, the computing power of the entire Chia coin keeps rising. After all, hard disks are easy to buy, and everyone can use the spare hard disk space for mining. See how much free hard drive space there is, and it won’t put any burden on the warranty of the mechanical hard drive.
3. The result of the increase in computing power is that the mining speed of a single hard disk slows down, so that the price of Chia coins that have already declined, the mining speed slows down again, which greatly reduces the speed of miners returning to their original capital. . In the past few months, too many people have entered the pit of Chia, and the capacity of the entire mine has reached 24EiB. At the same time, because Chia has adjusted the algorithm, the speed of the P drive has also slowed down, even the fastest SSD, The efficiency of the past cannot be achieved.
4. It can be calculated simply. According to the current computing power of the entire mining pool, plus the adjustment of the algorithm P disk speed, according to the mining speed of each TB hard disk, it will cost 2700 to mine one Chia coin. time of day. Now the price of a chia coin is about 400 US dollars, so the daily income of a 1TB hard disk is less than 0.15 US dollars, that is, about 1 yuan a day. Of course, most miners will definitely not use only 1TB hard drives for mining, and it is not realistic to mine directly with SSDs. But this really shows how difficult it is for miners to make money back. If you are an ordinary miner and buy a 10TB hard drive, according to the current market, the cheapest 10TB enterprise hard drive is around 2,000 yuan. If you only earn 1 yuan per TB per day, then 10TB will earn 10 yuan per day, and you have to pay back the cost. You have to dig up 200 days 24 hours a day. If the cost of high-speed SSD, processor, memory, etc. for the P disk is included, the return time will be shortened.
5. If it is a large-scale mine owner, it will be even more unfortunate. The price of hard disks above 10TB will be higher. For example, the price of 12TB will reach 3600 yuan, and the price of 16TB will be close to 6000 yuan. The higher the cost, the faster the return. Slow, the larger the scale, the higher the investment, and it is estimated that the mine owner will shed more tears. Therefore, no matter from which perspective, due to the soaring price of large-capacity hard drives, the increase in the difficulty of mining Chia coins, and the continued decline in prices, mining Chia coins is a choice that outweighs the gains.
6. We expect the bubble of Chia will continue to burst, and the price ofIt is also possible to get below $400, but the threshold for mining Chia is really low. Anyone with a hard drive can mine, it’s just the difference between mining more and less, so this is why the mining pool of Chia is The computing power is still increasing. However, for miners who mine Chia coins professionally, too long payback period and too low profit may make them gradually lose interest in Chia coins.
7. At present, the price of solid-state hard disks has returned to the normal price. People who buy large-capacity hard disks of mechanical hard disks are not too many. Ordinary users buy one under 8TB, and the price is not exaggerated. So now there are users who just need to buy a hard drive, but they can take advantage of the recent e-commerce activities to start

Ⅶ Can the Chia coin plot file be transferred?


VIII Does Chia have a future?

No, Chia will be gone.

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IX How to update the Chia coin pool

How to buy X Chia coin

Currently, this function has not been developed and cannot be traded. As the industry-leading chia mining machine provider, Chia is also one of the few dedicated chia mining service providers in the early stage of the industry. There will be over-the-counter transactions in the later stage. It is expected that transfers will be opened six weeks after the mainnet goes online. You can freely buy Chia coins! . If you are satisfied with my answer, please accept


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