Chinese Excalibur Mining

⑴ Fengyun Excalibur 1.24 How to synthesize the sword of the four seasons

There is no exact sword of the four seasons, just hold the death + dark + life + red flame + bone treasure + king of the king Shi go to the pseudo-artifact 3 to synthesize the sword of the four seasons

2 Fengyun Excalibur 1.24 How to combine the sword of the four seasons in the dream

The land of the four seasons gathers life and red flames , Death, Dark Wind four swords and bone relics

And the king’s stone in the god-level blacksmith, there is a chance to fail

3 Fengyun Excalibur v1.24 How to get the Qi of Darkness and Evil Emperor

The Qi of Darkness is to go to the 4th dungeon to brush Zeus and Son of Zeus. After the abyss progress 10, there may be a treasure chest. Destroy the dark air. The Qi of the Evil Emperor is to kill the 5th dungeon BOSS, and randomly drop the Evil Emperor’s teleportation coupon. After using it, kill the evil emperor to drop the Qi of the Evil Emperor.

⑷ Excalibur and Demons

You go here
There are detailed strategies

⑸ How to send back the command of Warcraft single-machine Fengyun Excalibur, what is the command?

The order is to walk slowly without sending the eggs before the seal.

⑹ Excalibur’s Demonic Records Plot Raiders

My brother, looking at your 30 points, there are a lot of Excalibur The routine requires a lot of typing. For the sake of my brother’s hand, my brother decided to give up your question. . . . . .

⑺ How to choose the hidden heroes of Warcraft Excalibur Records

Map Name: [Produced by Demon Palace] Excalibur v2.4 Chinese New Year Edition
Map Type: Defense
Warcraft Version: 1.24e
Map Author: So
Number of Supporters: 1-3

Update: (Version 2.3-2.4 Lunar New Year Edition )
1. The whole map has been added, except for the monsters in the practice room, all the red envelopes will explode.
2. The leaves are hidden. Warm Air
3. A task publisher has been added next to the training room, which can accept tasks.
4. Fixed the bug that player 3 failed to purchase Thor’s engraved slate
5. Repaired the sword-casting pool Too stuck, easy to crash
6. The balance is less heroic skill damage and effect

⑻ How to get Warcraft 3 Fengyun Excalibur from the copy

The most direct way is to join the group directly Ask the author, because most maps now have groups created by the author (the test map is not counted)

⑼ How to synthesize the five elements, gossip and four images of the Warcraft map Fengyun Excalibur Langya Bang

Five elements and gossip are two different systems. Although they have the same root (he map), I don’t think the yin and yang in the five elements are exactly the same as the yin and yang in gossip. As you said above, “Li” is the Yang of Shaoyin and should belong to wood. Here you think that the Yang of Shaoyin and the Yang of Shaoyin belong to wood, which seems inappropriate.
“Sun (Yang of Yang) — Fire; Shaoyin (Yin of Yang) — Wood; Shaoyang (Yin of Yang) — Gold; Taiyin (Yin of Yin) — Water; The special state–earth”—this is the correspondence between the four images and the five elements, and the correspondence between the eight trigrams and the five elements will change (you can think about how to change).

⑽ Fengyun Divine Sword Record 2.6 How to convert Yushen and Fashen into

0· Yushen chapters Fighting monsters and fighting BOSS can be combined with Yushen’s skills to reduce the enemy’s armor and skills to increase your own armor to fight
1. Enter the game to select the hero first, if you want to use the VIP hero, please join the group 41980324, there is something you can’t think of! ! ! !
2. After selecting the difficulty, enter the special gift package (there are good things you can’t expect), newbies with friends can choose difficulty 2 to play with their friends, if you can pass the version when playing alone A chance to be in the Hall of Fame.
3. After selecting the hero and entering the first dungeon, you can first brush the mobs and brush the level book to level 75, and then hit the BOSS in the first level. After killing the BOSS, the hidden level items (visible gems) will be dropped. . The hidden level is next to the water element that just entered the level, and there will be a ghost who will kill the ghost and have a chance to get the hidden equipment of this level.
4. When you reach level 75, you can go to the teleportation array on the far left of the Imperial City to reincarnate in the land of reincarnation. There is an NPC in the middle of the land of reincarnation. You can lead the reincarnated BOSS to the vicinity of the NPC and use control skills. To control the burning he has been beside the NPC, just quote it a few times, and then get the reincarnation scroll and click Reincarnation. Reincarnated (Feather God, Sword God, Dharma God) , go in and you can see a barrel, you just need to break itThere is a chance to obtain the hidden equipment of this level.
6. Then start the third dungeon. When we go in, we can see the boss on the left and the mobs on the right Equipped stones, and then there is a big and a small above the boss, big and small are the hidden equipment of this level, maybe sometimes no one has the same luck, and some directly attack the big and you can get this level Hidden equipment If you don’t get hidden equipment when you hit Da, don’t be discouraged. You only need to attack Xiao Xiao and you will get a BUFF. Then if you attack Da, the hidden equipment in this level will explode, and then follow the hidden equipment in the first two levels. Equipping them will automatically synthesize a piece of equipment, and then brush out the red flame set of this level to go to the next dungeon (you can use Yu Shen’s R and medicine to play the red flame set).
7. In the fourth dungeon, if you feel that the level is too low, you can brush the level book in this level. The level book in this level increases by five levels at a time, and then every five times you kill a small boss or a big boss There will be a chance to appear in a box, and then the box will have a chance to explode the first upgrade item of the treasure, and then use the skill to play the Zeus set. At this time, you will find that the treasure cannot be upgraded.
8. At this time, you have to go to the teleportation array in the Imperial City to enter the land of the true gods. If you do not have a challenge book, you can go to the Panda Panda will explode the challenge book in the upper right corner. Two low-level ones are combined into one intermediate level and two. Intermediate level synthesis advanced, then you go to the big totem to play the boss of the first three levels, he will explode three treasures, then the three treasures will be automatically combined into one, and then you will combine with the previous treasure to synthesize a treasure, this is you You can add the stone you hit in Zeus to the king’s stone and go to the forging god in the imperial city to strengthen your treasure


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