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『One』How to register Metaverse

You can register in the official website registration, and you can register on the interface with the login option.
Metaverse game is a very free and classic fantasy world of wonder, the metaverse game is a very peculiar game play, in this game players can feel the unprecedented game experience, all kinds of cute and interesting gameplay , make the whole game more exciting, the mysterious game scene is waiting for you to explore the game experience feelings, the whole game pattern is fully opened, what are you waiting for, join the game and explore the mysterious world.
Extended Information
2021 is called “the first year of the super universe” by the industry. The concept of a hyperuniverse has been hot throughout the year. Domestic and foreign companies have begun to pursue metaverse related concepts, especially in metaverse games. Internet and technology giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, and ByteDance have begun to deploy through investment and self-research.
Analysts said that this metaverse game is a game supported by blockchain-based technology. It can combine VR, AR, 5G, and cloud computing to create a community ecology and promote economic activities and civilization. At present, metaverse games are still in the infancy stage of development, the establishment and popularization of related concepts have not yet formed a certain impact, and the industry’s understanding and cognition of metaverse games is relatively lacking.
VR and AR will be one of the common manifestations of the metaverse, improving the feeling of human-computer interaction through virtual reality and visual technology, enhancing the realism of virtual situations, and providing a deeper sense of immersion. However, VR is only a manifestation of metaverse games, and it also requires other underlying technical support, such as blockchain, 5G, AI, etc.
CITIC Securities research report pointed out that the most important difference between metaverse games and virtual reality games is that metaverse games build a community that combines the virtual world with the player community. Players are no longer simple experiencers, but members of the community. The deeper the immersion, the stronger the connection to the community. Metaverse games allow user groups to form stable communities. Each player is responsible for creating content for users. In these communities, different users form strong connections by producing content, consuming content, destroying content, and more. The behavior of users is no longer separated and independent, the community gives them social meaning, and players have the goal of building a community together.
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『細』What is the concept of the power of millions of stars

“Hundreds of stars” “The Power of Ten Thousand Stars” is the next-generation Internet in the next 20 years and the digital survival of mankind in the future. Following the acquisition of VR startup Pico by ByteDance for nearly 10 billion, Facebook announced that it would change its name to Meta to deploy the Metaverse and other domestic and foreign technology companies have deployed the Metaverse, which is another carnival.
1. When the “Metaverse” became a weapon for cutting leeks, the virtual real estate in the field of the Metaverse was speculated to millions, but the concept was unknown but still became a hot cake in the eyes of “gold diggers”.
2. It is understood that in the virtual world platform Decentraland, a piece of digital land with a high price of 2.43 million US dollars was sold, setting a new price record for virtual real estate. The “Honnverse”, which is respected by the world show, provides users with virtual houses and virtual items, allowing users to experience cultivation and immersive social interaction. The highest price of virtual houses is 999,900 yuan. It is undeniable that the current metaverse is still in the exploration stage, and substantive products and technologies have not yet appeared, so the current hotness of this industry is more about conceptual hype. Conceptually, the word Metaverse is composed of Meta and Verse, Meta means beyond, and Verse stands for universe, which together usually means the concept of “beyond the universe”: an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world. Technically, on the basis of the traditional Internet, the Metaverse has put forward higher requirements in terms of immersion, participation, sustainability, etc. Therefore, it will be supported by many independent tools, platforms, infrastructures, protocols, etc. run.
3. With the increasing maturity of AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing and other technologies, the Metaverse is expected to gradually move from concept to reality. The Metaverse went out of business, and many Metaverse concept stocks also gained large gains. Brokers have also paid attention to the investment opportunities of Metaverse, and many brokers have also released some in-depth research reports with dozens of pages or even more than 100 pages. However, unlike many securities companies who directly give investment targets, the investment advice given by CITIC Securities in the 163-page report is that there is still a long development path from the ultimate metaverse, and it also has a relatively long development path. Much uncertainty. At the close of trading on November 8, the Metaverse concept sector rose 2.44%, rising by 12.93% for 3 consecutive days, leading other concept sectors. Recently, some metaverse concept stocks such as Jiachuang Video, Yishang Display, Tianxiaxiu, etc. have risen by more than 30%, and Zhongqingbao has even doubled. metaverseThe continued popularity of concept stocks has also attracted the attention of exchanges.


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