Cloud Crown Islands Mining

① ff14 Where can I change the Commercial Survival Guide?

The Commercial Engineering Guide is a level 50 yellow ticket, and can only be used below 70. The revised version of the Engineering Guide can be used at level 80.
Traders in major cities can use 30 skillful yellow tickets to exchange, but after seeing it on the spot, I found that only 300 skillful yellow tickets can be exchanged.
Commercial is classified above 50.
The first one is the choice of two paths.
Background: I just started to practice production, and I practice collection with relatives and friends in the Cloud Crown Islands. Currently, gardening is level 54. The best experience bonus props are only the military survival guide. Volume two. I plan to train to at least level 70 to get the water snake’s jar, and it is better to train to 80. The current problem is that there is no revised survival guide, nor is there a commercial survival guide, only the ones whose effects have been halved. I plan to do a branch line with my relatives and friends, and get 3 commercial survival guides to continue practicing. But in the process, the branch line of collecting occupation task level 10 got stuck. I want ten high-quality marjorams, and one 3800 gold coins on the board. I feel sorry for the money. The average grade of my current equipment is only 10. I can’t get good quality.
Tianqiong Street leveling: benefits: directly train to 80, just buy 80 equipment directly, no need to change equipment many times, after 80 equipment skills are proficient, and the acquisition rate of high quality is easy to come up
ff14 Expert certificate: Find an NPC at the Ishgard airship to make an expert certificate. One person can only hold 3 expert certificates, and can only exchange 3 expert certificates a week.

②What bait is used for fishing in Yunguan Islands

Bran ​​wheat mixed with red worms is used as bait for fishing in Yunguan Islands. Because bran wheat mixed with red worms is easy to be hooked as bait fish. The looseness and stickiness of the bait depends on the degree of rubbing during stirring. The more rubbing, the greater the viscosity. A bait that is too sticky or too loose has a similar effect to being too hard or too soft, but it can be adjusted for softness and hardness.

When the bait is hard, rub it a few times less until the effect is similar to the normal bait. When the bait is soft, it can also be used as a normal bait with a few more rubs.

Cloud Crown Islands Fishing Strategy

The new version of Sky Island has a total of 7 fishing grounds, and each fishing ground has 4 kinds of white fish, among which the At full level, only white fish in 4 fishing grounds have skill point rewards and special weather-limited fish kings. Moreover, the fishing grounds of Cloud Island will not be displayed in the fishing notes, and all fish will not be recorded in the fishing notes.

And if you want to hit high scores in the most efficient way, you must prepare a large amount of cardiotonic, ordinary enough and at least level 65 to learn double pole. The special bait for Yundao can be purchased from the repair NPC at the door after entering the dungeon.

③ How to get to the ff14 Sky Island

The Sky Island is also known as the Cloud Crown Islands. How to enter the FF14 Sky Island: It requires miners, gardeners, and fishermen to reach level 10. Then talk to Oval (coordinates X:10.8 Y:14.0) on Sky Street to enter Cloudcrown Islands. Cloudcrown Islands is a dedicated quest for rebuilding Ishgard materials.

Even if you collect low-level props in the Cloud Crown Islands, the corresponding experience points will be given according to the current occupation level.

You can “check” the items by handing over the items collected in the Cloud Crown Islands to the NPC “Flopasan” in Tianqiong Street (X:10.8, Y:14.0).

According to the type and quantity of the props, the corresponding Tianqiong Street revitalization ticket can be obtained after the props inspection. In addition, the inspected props can be used as production materials and can also be sold in the market. Be sure to check out the props after exploring the Cloudcrown Islands.

ff14 Beginners Notes:

In 1 and ff14, when players are exploring Eorzea, they may find that at the most unexpected moment Others are in urgent need of armed support, and they encounter a life-threatening mission. If you want to accept the challenge of a life-threatening mission, you can enter the mission by directly participating in the battle.

2. In the process of helping the people of Eorzea, adventurers often receive particularly important tasks. Some missions are too dangerous for a single adventurer to complete, so the guild invites you to take part in small-scale operations, which are called guild orders.

3. The guild order spy captain can accept the guild order task by talking to him. After accepting the guild order, the squad members are immediately teleported to the battlefield. The battlefield is a dungeon area, so you can concentrate on executing guild orders without being affected by the outside world.

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