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❶ Where can I check the price of stamps in real time

The current stamp price actually has three systems: spot market, online market, and electronic market. The same stamps can be found in these three systems. There are generally 3 different current prices in the market (place):
1. The current price of stamp spot transactions can be found in the stamp market, postal card market, and collectibles market;
2. The current price of stamp online transactions can be Go to various large-scale stamp trading websites with a large number of participants and active transactions;
3. For stamps that have been listed, the current price of the stamps can be viewed in the actual transaction of the exchanges where the stamps are listed.

❷ Commemorative coins already know what software to download

You can find the APP of “Post Coin Circle”
There are also transactions on the “Zhao Yong Online” APP. Shooting platform

❸ Can I postpone the exchange on the 14th of the Tiger Coin reservation?

Can I postpone the notice of the place I need to see, because it has recently been in the “Post Coin Circle” The much-anticipated “Two Tiger Coins” will be officially exchanged on (14th). However, every time the commemorative coins are exchanged, some areas will experience delays in payment due to the epidemic.
Since the central bank officially announced the upcoming “Two Tiger Coins”, it has instantly become the focus of the market with its advantages of “zodiac theme” and a circulation of 120 million pieces. This commemorative coin will also be officially redeemed on January 14, and many previous predictions and conjectures will also be converted into real money on January 14. However, since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, every time the central bank exchanges commemorative coins, some areas will delay payment due to the epidemic. I hope my answer is helpful to you, welcome to accept my answer, thank you.

❹ Is there any mobile phone software that can check the market quotations of the text exchange?

I use the post and currency circle, because I opened several text exchanges on the computer before. The website is very troublesome to read, so I found such a mobile phone software. It’s not bad to use. I usually visit the postal and coin circles of several cultural exchanges, and I can also choose collections.

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