Coin circle explosion

A. The currency circle collapsed collectively, and 220,000 people were liquidated. What happened?

The bloody storm! The currency circle collapsed collectively, and 220,000 people were liquidated! Bitcoin fell below the $39,000 mark, a 24-hour drop of more than 14% and a 40% drop from its all-time high set in April this year. In addition, Ethereum fell below the $2,900 mark, a drop of more than 17%; Binance Coin, Dogecoin, etc. all plummeted by about 22%. There has been a crash in virtual currencies in recent days.

Bitcoin is a self-described digital currency. However, most Bitcoin users use it as a tool for speculative investing, not a commodity. The fact that the public is increasingly concerned has led to an increase in demand for Bitcoin, while the amount of Bitcoin actually used to buy goods has remained the same. The trading graph shows that many Bitcoin users bought it as a speculative tool. So there is a risk of collapse.

B. The currency circle has been in shock for 100 days. What is the reason for the collapse of the currency circle?

So now the price of virtual currency has begun to plunge. But this does not mean that the virtual currency is now on the brink of extinction, mainly because the global digital currency has not yet developed. To a certain extent last year, money could not be replaced in a short period of time. Under such circumstances, the skyrocketing and plummeting of virtual currency is of course also related to the personal property of many people, so today we will discuss whether virtual currency will perish.

Third, the root cause of the demise of virtual currency.

So many people say that virtual currency is a direction of future development, representing true digitization. But to a certain extent, in order to achieve true digitalization, on the one hand, technological innovation is required, and on the other hand, changes in economic rules are required? Obviously, such conditions are not yet available, so virtual currency is only a simple investment channel to a certain extent, and it is still difficult to replace the current economic rules.

C. The collective collapse of the currency circle, what is the situation?

Recently, a news of “the collective collapse of the currency circle” has aroused the enthusiasm of the majority of netizens There is a lot of uproar on the Internet. So, why the collective collapse? I think the trigger for this incident was Musk. Because of Musk’s recent remarks, virtual currencies have skyrocketed and plummeted. Second, the main reason is that the three major associations have joined hands to rectify virtual currencies, began to cut off the trading channels of RMB and Tether, and began to ban mining companies. Third, this caused a bloodbath in the market, with more than 200,000 people liquidating their positions, evaporating tens of billions. So what is the specific situation? I’m here to share my opinion with you.

One. Fuse

The fuse of this time must belong to Musk. Musk’s influence on the market is really great. It’s not so much a virtual currency as it is a mark. Musk used his influence on the market to repeatedly bullish and bearish virtual currencies for free. This led to a sharp rise and a sharp fall. And this time, the three major associations began to rectify virtual currency for such behavior, which led to a plummet. Musk’s influence is really too great.

The above is my opinion on this issue, which is purely personal and for reference only. If you have any different views, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss together.

D. The currency circle collapses without sleep, 500,000 people have liquidated 40 billion, what should people who have coins in their hands do

Recently, a “currency circle collapsed” No sleep, 500,000 people exploded their positions of 40 billion.” The news aroused heated discussions among netizens, and there was a lot of uproar on the Internet. So, what should people with coins in their hands do when they encounter such a situation? First of all, if you bought the spot instead of the contract, then I suggest waiting for the rebound to wait until the high point to cash out. Second, if you are reluctant to cut the meat, you can also buy some short positions to hedge the risk, so that the money in your hand will not be reduced at least. Third, I suggest that if it can come out, it is to cash out as soon as possible. Because now banks are not allowing them to withdraw into RMB, and the money will be lost after full implementation. So what is the specific situation? I’m here to share my opinion with you.

1. Technical level

From a timely perspective, generally there will be a rebound after a big drop. If you are deeply stuck now, you can wait for the bottom-hunting funds to raise the stock price before you sell, so that you can reduce some of your own losses.

The above is my opinion on this issue, which is purely personal and for reference only. If you have any different views, you can leave a message in the comment area, and let’s discuss together.

E. The currency circle collectively collapsed, 220,000 people liquidated their positions, this is what happened

The currency circle collectively collapsed, 220,000 people liquidated their positions, and cryptocurrencies experienced a panic-like collapse across the board.


The sharp rise and fall of the Bitcoin price has created many speculators, which further increases the risk of Bitcoin. This price volatility and the severe deviation between the Bitcoin price and the price , causing Bitcoin holders to suffer huge losses when they encounter problems. Secondly, it will also be affected by policies. China Internet Finance Association, China Banking Association and China Payment and Clearing Association jointly issued a statement on preventing speculative risks in virtual currency transactions. The announcement emphasizes that financial institutions, payment institutions and other member units shall not use virtual currency to price products and services, and shall not directly or indirectly conduct business related to virtual currency. In fact, many central banks have previously tightened Bitcoin trading.

F. The currency circle has been in shock for 100 days, what happened to those who became rich, plummeted, and liquidated their positions

Recently, the currency circle has experienced The ten-day liquidation has caused great turmoil in the currency market during the entire three months, which has really shocked the investors who have become rich and collapsed for a long time. As the currency circle continues to decline, some Investors have silently sold all cryptocurrencies, and then exited the currency circle.

Three, cryptocurrency plummets, where should investors go?

Cryptocurrencies have been around since May 19 At this time, many investors found that their accounts had been liquidated instantly. Among them, Ethereum fell below the $2,000 mark, and Dogecoin only remained at $0.3 per piece. So far, the currency circle is full of sorrow. , Investors felt the cruelty of the currency market for the first time. For this crash, there have been omens before. The market sentiment gradually declined after a week of Bitcoin price crash. After that, it quickly fell. What should investors do in the future? Some investors said they would no longer touch virtual currency, and some took a wait-and-see attitude, but no matter what, they must be fully prepared to withstand the currency circle. Shock again and again.

G. The currency circle collapsed and Bitcoin plummeted. What is the reason for this?

The reason why Bitcoin has plummeted recently is because Because for some institutional investors, they have withdrawn from the Bitcoin market one after another, so the withdrawal of a large number of funds has caused a huge decline in the entire Bitcoin market, and therefore some small investors have seen a certain degree of price decline. The fall has also caused a certain degree of panic, so it is said that Bitcoin has been sold, causing the price of Bitcoin to continue to fall.

H. How big is the risk behind virtual currency

The currency circle plummeted, and some people were in debt of 580,000 overnight. How big is the risk behind virtual currency? Now the entire virtual currency has begun to decline on a large scale, which is a very normal thing, because there is huge uncertainty behind them. Let me give you a detailed analysis, and friends can use it as a reference:

Third, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, any item will be re-priced, which also affects virtual currency:

After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the world’s economic system has been greatly damaged, resulting in many items that need to be re-priced. The virtual currency has developed too fast in recent years, so it needs to be priced again. In this context, they will naturally adjust comprehensively and exceed the expected value, which will naturally lead to the overall collapse of the virtual currency. This is also an important factor behind the decline of virtual currency, so everyone must avoid risks.

I. The currency circle collapsed collectively, and 220,000 people liquidated their positions. What is the reason for this?

The B circle collapsed collectively, and 220,000 people liquidated their positions, because Now the popularity of virtual currency has indeed declined. Due to the requirements of financial market supervision, it will decline. Now the popularity is too high, and it has reached the level of affecting normal financial market changes. Governments are gradually introducing some policies to restrict Virtual currency.

Because there are too many scams involved in virtual currency, if you really buy a virtual currency and buy it on a formal platform, you may only be affected by the rapid price fluctuations, and it may rise. Quickly, if you make money, it will not rise very fast or if it will fall very fast, you will lose money, but because of the rising popularity of virtual currency, the domestic scam about virtual currency has increased by more than 12 times, which has already affected The normal financial market is in order, so it is necessary to put forward certain supervision on this thing.

J. What is the real reason for the recent plunge in the currency circle

Recently, the emerging cryptocurrency – Dogecoin plungedIn this round of slumps caused by the cryptocurrency “big market” Bitcoin, Dogecoin continued to plummet all the way; it fell to a minimum of $0.4 a piece and was almost cut in half. Huichacha has some small insights on the reasons for the slump in the currency circle:

1, the demand for the currency circle has decreased.

Under the trend of the spread of the epidemic, the number of transactions in the world has decreased, people have become conservative, and the total social consumption has been greatly reduced. At this time, the transactions settled with Bitcoin and other settlements have been greatly reduced, the demand has decreased, and the price will increase. fall.

2. The risk of price crash is high.

Affected by capital speculation, the price of virtual currency rose and fell sharply, making it difficult for ordinary investors to predict, and it is very easy to cause liquidation losses. Historically, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply at the peak. It happened more than ten times. Behind the recent wild rise and then plunge of Dogecoin is a “leek cutting game” in which capital predators represented by “Musk” harvest ordinary investors.

3. Virtual currency has no intrinsic value and the risk is very high.

Virtual currency does not have the function of currency trading in essence, and it is not recognized by any country in the world. At present, the price of cryptocurrency has risen sharply, mainly due to speculation caused by market speculation. Once countries in the world explicitly deny these The value of virtual currency that is not controlled by the state, the virtual currency will become worthless in an instant, and the virtual currency held by the majority of investors will also be completely locked up.

Although Dogecoin is currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $68 billion; second only to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin. It may be the “asset” with the largest increase in “financial assets” in recent years. However, the reason why people can’t build their beliefs is because the market has not yet reached a certain consensus, and they don’t know what role this Dogecoin will play in the future. From an investment point of view, it is quite worrying to tell the truth about such cryptocurrencies that are not very practical and mainly rely on financial attributes to tell stories.

Cryptocurrencies are promising from an investment perspective, but please invest with caution. There will be no blind obedience or belief in Dogecoin; Dogecoin is, as Musk said, “it’s a fun collectible” or “joke”.


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